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Subject:Descendants of Antonio Aragon and Ana Maria Adelaida Chavez
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Hello All:
My name is Robert O. Blea from Albuquerque,New Mexico.
My father was Bernie(Bernabe'II)Blea,son of Manuel and Isabel Blea.My mother is Tonnie(Antonia)Aragon,daughter of Ovidio and Mercedes Aragon.
This posting pertains to the parents of my grandfather,Ovidio,who were Antonio Aragon and Ana Maria Adelaida Chavez.
These as follows are the descendants of Antonio Aragon and Ana Maria Adelaida Chavez as best as my mom can recall.

1.Amadeo Aragon.Married Librada Aragon.
2.Timoteo Aragon.Married Sinforosa ?
3.Alfredo Aragon.Married Melecita Chavez.
4.Ovidio(Obidio)Toribio Aragon.Married Mercedes Aragon,daughter of Jose Gregorio Aragon and Elvira Otero.
5.Matilde(or Clotilde)Aragon.Married Antonio Baca.
6.Antonia Aragon.Married Abelecio(or Abelicio)Pena.
7.Santiago Aragon.Married Frances Aragon.

Children of Amadeo and Librada Aragon:
1.Amadeo Aragon Jr.Married ?
2.Antonio Aragon.
3.Eloy Aragon.Married Rose Salazar.
4.Crescencio(Victor)Aragon.Married Priscilla Leyba.
5.Jose Aragon.Married ?
6.Rosalia Aragon.Married Benito Gallegos.

Children of Timoteo Aragon and Sinforosa ?:
1.Timoteo Aragon Jr.Married Catalina(Kati)Ono.
2.Jose Aragon.Married Lugardita(Lugie)Gurule.
3.Maria Eugenia Aragon.Married Chester Nephew.
4.Lydia Aragon.Married Bennie Tapia.
5.Sinforosa Aragon.Married Johnny Apodaca.

Children of Alfredo Aragon and Melecia Chavez:
1.Manuel Aragon.Married first to Irma ? Married second to ?
2.Gilbert Aragon.Married first to Dorothy ?.Married second to ?
3.Felix Aragon.Married Bessie Torrez.
4.Wilfred Aragon.Married Linda ?
5.Socorro Aragon.
6.Colfita Aragon.Married Melquiades(Mickey)Sanchez.
7.Rita Aragon.

Children of Ovidio and Mercedes Aragon:
1.Anita Aragon.Married Melquiades Trujillo.
2.Lorencita(Lorrie)Aragon.Married Carlos Garcia.
3.Antonia(Tonnie)Aragon.Married Bernie(Bernabe'II)Blea.
4.Prescilla Aragon.Married Federico(Freddie)Blea Chavez.
5.Rosalita(Rose)Aragon.Married Bruce Porta.

Children of Santiago and Frances Aragon:
1.Antonio Aragon.Married Criselda Gallegos.
2.Luisa Aragon.Married Clyde Milligan.
3.Prescilla Aragon.Married Johnny Gallegos.

Children of Anita Aragon and Melquiades Trujillo:
1.Steven Girard Trujillo.Married Molly ?
2.Sam Manuel Trujillo.Married Karen ? Divorced.

Children of Lorencita(Lorrie)Aragon and Carlos Garcia:
1.Richard Garcia.Married Norma Jojola.
2.Johnny Garcia.Married Shirley Chavez.Divorced.
3.LeRoy Garcia.Married Lily ?
4.Mercedes(Mercy)Garcia.Married Jimmy Jojola.
5.Alex Garcia.

Children of Antonia(Tonnie)Aragon and Bernie(Bernabe'II)Blea:
1.Robert Orlando Blea.
2.Francisco(Frankie)Ernesto Alejandro Blea.Married first to Luisa Delgado,daughter of Nasario(Nash)Delgado and Margarita(Maggie)Chavez.Married second to Carrie ?
3.Daniel Randy Blea.Married to Peggy Proctor.

Children of Priscilla Aragon and Federico(Freddie)Blea Chavez:
1.Freddie Joseph Chavez.
2.(John)Raymond Chavez.
3.Michael Chavez.

Child of Rosalita(Rose)Aragon;adopted by Bruce Porta:
1.Linda Aragon Porta.

I hope this information proves at least interesting if not useful to someone out there.I also hope that someone out there might be able to fill in the blanks which I am not able to fill in myself.
Thank You very much for your time and attention.
Robert O. Blea