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Subject:ORIGIN OF BRAYTONS (in relation to Breton)
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I coppied this information from and I don't know if it applies but if it helps but please reply if it does.
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Brayton Surname
The following [copy of a copy] was included in the Miles Family Papers. It is unsigned and undated.
Following a geaneology that included Francis, Thomas, and William Brayton is a statement regarding the history of the Brayton surname.
"The name Brayton is not to be found in any city directory of England, Ireland, or Scotland. The name there is Breton, the German, Brereton is also the Irish. In New York, the Directory men have spelled the name Brayton, though the German and and Irish families in writing to their friends sign their name Brereton. There is no connection between the family of Breton and that of Brereton. Bretons are of French origin of Norman extraction. The Breton families came into England with William the Conquerer in 1060, as is found in an early genealogy of the Bretons in 1197, this is the first date therein and there are four gererations at the beginning of the genealogy previous to the date of 1197. The name of Breton is derived from the name of an ancient province in France, called Bretagne. The "Armorial Bearings" are the same in France as in England, and the name in France: Le Breton. Burkes "Armorial Bearings" has the coat o arms, with the name Brayton which is the only English work I can find with the name spelled Brayton. In the same book of Arms under Bretons, is practically the same coat of arms and crest as Brayton. This is the best proof that can be had of the origin of the family name; that Brayton was Breton, and that the family is of French origin, Norman extraction. Tere are at the present day many persons in France who are descendants of the old family of Le Breton, and who by the Heraldry of France, have the same arms. Baker's history of Northhamptonshire, in Astor's Library in New York City, page 220, has a very long genealogy of the Breton families running back four gererations before the first date 1197, showing that the Bretons were in England as early as 1060. The genealogy seems to have been prepared from papers of the family of William Le Breton in 1197."
There apperas to have been another page but it was copied backwards and is illegible. A hand written note on this same page says:
"This is C. B. Brayton's Singer Building, New York City, Executive Offices."
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I just thought it would be of interest to anyone who was a Brayton to know this information. It was your message that roused my interest in the word breTON.