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I suggest to those interested in Thomas Bullitt
last military days to delve into General Lee's papers. As I understand, Bullitt's last campaign was with Lee.
Bullitt, returned via north road to join George Washington's Army----but,not meeting
with the reception OR PROMOTION from WASHINTON which he thought himself entitled
from his LONG SERVICE- he RESIGNED his
command AND RETURNED TO HIS HOME IN FAUQUIER COUNTY,VIRGINIA. There he died died in Feb. 1778 at age 48 years.
Those interested, might also want to research
into the surveying of the western lands
that Washington and others had an interest. Washington, had a "great" plan to establish
"Vandalia". Here possibliby lies some problem between B&W. As for Bullitt's connection to Lord Dunmore's plans--make your own conclusion.
Bullitt,from all accounts was patriotic;
eager to defend what in that era he believe
to be correct. Much like his forefather Harrison. Thomas,spent most of his life in the military. After many battles and later the surveying through the area that now includes Kentucky took its toll on him and those who returned with him.
He had a journal-----where is it today?
His life and contributions to our colonial
history is an important part of our nation's
history. As his direct descendant, I hope
other find his life meanful as I .
Doris Hunt