Posted By:Robert Chancey
Subject:Needing male Chancey - Chauncey DNA for genealogy
Post Date:September 05, 2006 at 09:34:19
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Several of us South Georgia Chancey's have become involved with using DNA to help us around the stone wall many of us are at.

This DNA group of Chancey's and Chauncey's is not limited to the southern clans...somewhere..there is a bloodline match for all of us, but we must have that Y-DNA (male) sample to compare with our growing Chancey/Chauncey DNA database.

We have so far proven that the 3 main SE Georgia Chancey's are related by bloodline, and the common ancestor is at some period in the 1700s.

We have also proven that we South Georgia Chancey's are not connected by bloodline to the New England Chauncey's, other Chancey branches may very well connect.

We could certainly use some of the other southern (primarily) Chancey's of North Carolina who migrated to SW Georgia and Alabama and beyond in the 1800s.

There are Chancey branches in TN, VA, KY and Westward that could very well tie all of us together.

For additional information how this is accomplished, costs..etc. Please write me at Please put DNA genealogy in the subject line, so that it is not accidentally deleted as spam. I get around 25 to 40 spam mails at Hotmail daily because that is my genealogy contact address..and is posted all over the genealogy forums.

Please try to help our group to grow if you can. Its exciting, and we have already proven much.

Regards, Robert