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It was in later generations that the family of Gen. Sylvester Churchill accepted that "Joseph Churchill,a London merchant,was the father of the three branches of New England Churchills" - John of PLy, Josiah of Ct. and William of Manhattan.
That notion came from an article written for the Boston Post by Nathaniel Wiley Churchill in 1902.
Not only the Churchills but many researches and genealogical sources accepted the words of NWC, one of the chief chroniclers of the most quoted source of Churchill history, CFA or "Churchill Family in America".
NW died in 1903 and CFA didn't publish until 1904, but CFA did not confirm Wiley's statement of seeming fact - eluding to the London Joseph story as "conjecture".
It turns out,NW (who never backed up his claim with proving data) was at least partially wrong: Results of a Churchill DNA study indicated although the three New England branches have a common English ancestor, they can't be brothers. There is apparently, a seperation of more than a generation or so between the New Englanders.
So, although it cannot be ruled out that Joseph of London, still, could be the father of one of the New Englanders, it likely isn't Sylvester. Recent research by the DNA coordinator, WG (Bill) Churchill, seems to indicate Sylvester's English link is Devon, not the Dorsetshire enclaves of the Marlborough's from whose roots Winston
Churchill derives. Sylvester's roots are positively linked to John Churchill and Hannah Pontus, progenitors of the Plymouth branch, and possibly to that Devon Churchill.
However, it stands today that no data has been released to name a positive English link for any of the New England Churchills.