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Subject:HELP!!! Batholomew Coclough - Married Elizabeth Madely 30/06/1567 STAFFS
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A rather nice lady has sent me the following email to help with my Colclough Family History. She says I am descended from Mathew Colclough whos mum was daughter of Sir John Draycotte of Paynesley (apparently!?) Now there lies the problem. Although there are a few pages on that show Mathew having a son (Bartholomew c1563) with Mary/Maria Warner - from whom Im descended. I have been on a lot of rather detailed Colclough history sites that show Mathew did not have a son called Bartholomew!? Just wondered if anyone had a definitive answer on this? Below is a copy of the email I recieved from the lady helping me with my tree. All the info has been verified on Familysearch, but Im just a bit worried why it differs from the ones on all the websites!?

Also some sites say John didnt have a daughter (or any children!?) Again Ive verified the info on Familysearch and its there, but Im a bit jittery now as to how accurate it is! I want to get excited about my family tree!! but till these questions are sorted I darent!

Can anyone check my info against theres?

Many Thanks,

Mike JOhnson

Sarah Hill was christened 11/11/1686 in Kingsley and her parents were John Hill and Margery Colclough (1647 in Wolstanton). Her sibs were John 1680, Henry 1682 and Dorothy 1683. Sarah was married before to George Thinger on 06/11/1712.

Margery Coulclough's parents were John Colclough and Mary. She had two brothers John 1639 and Thomas 1642, she also had a sister Catherine who died in 1653.

John Colclough (1618) was born to George Colclough and Elizabeth Keeling (1585 Newcastle Under Lyme to Thomas Keeling) in Trentham and his sibs were Reginald 1605, Anne 1608, Bartholomew 1612 - 06/06/1613, Adam 1613, Jane 1615, Thomas 1620, George 1622, Richard 1624, Elizabeth 1626, Reynold 1628, William 1634 & Michael 1635.

George Colclough was born in 1577 in Blurton to Bartholomew Colclough and Elizabeth Madeley (married 30/06/1567 in Rocester, Staffs) and died in 1638.

George's sibs: John 1568, Elizabeth 1571 & Thomas 1573 - 18/05/1574.

Bartholomew's father was Matthew Colclough (a Draper in London) and his mother Maria/Mary Warner (from London). Matthew was married three times with Maria being the 2nd wife. Katherine Dalton of Calais was his first wife and Margaret Bennet of Calais his third. He had 13 kids from these three marriages.