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Subject:Alexander Cunningham & Easter Mary Michaux
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I'm trying to sort out the relationships between the Cunningham family, the Carter family, and the Waddill family and it's making me dizzy. I hope someone here will recognize some of these name and help identify what is correct and what is incorrect.

I have the 1909 book "GILES CARTER of Virginia" by General William Giles Harding Carter, United States Army. The book is now out of copyright and can be downloaded for free here:

The author of the book was a great-grandson of John Carter of Halifax County, Virginia. John Carter was a son of Theodorick Carter, Jr. and wife Anne Waddill. John's wife was named Mary. Some researchers say her original surname was Bigger or Biggers but other researchers say her original surname was Cunningham. Since one of John and Mary's sons named a son John Cunningham Carter, I am inclined to believe she was a Cunningham.

John Carter's brother, Theodorick Carter, 3rd, was married to Judith Cunningham. Some researchers say Judith Cunningham was first married to John and Theoderick's brother William Carter before she married Theoderick Carter. I don't know if that is true or not.

Some researchers say Mary Cunningham-Carter and Judith Cunningham-Carter were daughters of Alexander Cunningham and his wife Easter Mary Michaux. This is what I have found for a list of the children of Alexander Cunningham. I don't know if this list is correct or not. I don't know why there are two entries for Nathaniel Cunningham. It may have been a transcription error or maybe the first one died.

Alexander Cunningham

Easter Mary Michaux


Jacob Cunningham
Josiah Cunningham
Judith Cunningham
Mary Cunningham
William Cunningham
Elizabeth Cunningham
Nathaniel Cunningham
Susannah Cunningham
John Cunningham
Paul Michaux Cunningham
Nathaniel Cunningham

Page 51 of the 1909 Carter book has the following:

"Richard and James Carter and their sister Anne Waddill went to Alabama, as did their kinsmen John and Michaux Cunningham."

I believe Anne Carter-Waddill was the wife of William Waddill, son of Noel Waddill, Sr. of Pittsylvania County, Virginia. I think Noel Waddill, Sr. was a brother of Anne Waddill-Carter. If this is correct then her granddaughter married her nephew.

1 William Waddill
..+ Sarah Dennis
....2 Noel Waddill, Sr.
......+ Martha Osborne
........3 William Waddill
..........+ Anne Carter
....2 Anne Waddill
......+ Theodorick Carter, Jr.
........3 William Carter
........3 John Carter
..........+ Mary Cunningham
............4 Anne Carter
..............+ William Waddill
............4 Francis Watkins Carter
..............+ Sarah Holcomb Anderson
................5 John Cunningham Carter
........3 Theodorick Carter, 3rd
..........+ Judith Cunningham

Who were "their kinsmen John and Michaux Cunningham"? Were they grandsons of Alexander Cunningham? Did they really go to Alabama? Does anyone know what really happened to these people?

Thank you.