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Subject:Re: Good News: William Curle, son of Jeremiah Curle
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Hi Sandy: We share many of the same ancestors. However, I am not convinced that the William mentioned here is our William.

The reason is two fold.

First, It is fairly well thought by many historical researcher, that our William Curl was born in England. Later, the thinking changed to Virginia. So..... there really isn't proof that this is OUR William.

Next, It is generally thought that William's parents were Jeremiah and Mary McGeary Curl.

I know that neither of these are conclusive evidence to support either of our claims.

Name: Jeremiah Curle
Given Name: Jeremiah
Surname: Curle
Birth: 1730 in Virginia
Marriage 1 Mary McCreery b: 1730 in Virginia
Married: 1753 in New Market, VA
1. William Curl b: SEP 1754 in Blisshand Parish, New Kent, VA

Name: William Curl
Given Name: William
Surname: Curl
Birth: SEP 1754 in Blisshand Parish, New Kent, VA
Death: 19 JAN 1841 in Degraff, Logan Co, Ohio
Father: Jeremiah Curle b: 1730 in Virginia
Mother: Mary McCreery b: 1730 in Virginia
Marriage 1 Sarah Brown b: 3 FEB 1758 in Virginia
Married: 1776 in Virginia
1. Mary Curl b: 30 OCT 1776 in Hampshire Co., VA
2. Jeremiah Curl b: 14 JAN 1780 in Hampshire Co., VA
3. Rachel Curl b: 25 SEP 1781 in Hampshire Co., VA
4. Elizabeth Curl b: 26 MAY 1783 in Hampshire Co., VA
5. Nancy Curl b: 6 OCT 1787 in Hampshire Co., VA
6. Sarah Curl b: 18 OCT 1790 in Hampshire Co., VA
7. William Curl b: 14 SEP 1793 in Hampshire Co., VA
8. Charity Curl b: 13 NOV 1795 in Virginia
9. Isaac Curl b: 27 APR 1798 in Hampshire Co., VA
10. John Curl b: 18 APR 1802 in Hampshire Co., V

Name: Thomas Brown
Given Name: Thomas
Surname: Brown
Birth: 27 MAY 1730 in Cardiganshire, Wales
Death: 27 SEP 1818 in Bethel, Clermont Co., Ohio

Marriage 1 Mary Osborn Ball b: 12 FEB 1734 in Philadelphia, PA
Birth: 12 FEB 1734 in Philadelphia, PA
Death: 24 JAN 1816 in Bethel, Clermont Co., Ohio
Married: 1754 in Welshneck, PA
1. Sarah Brown b: 3 FEB 1758 in Virginia
Death: 28 AUG 1828 in Clark Co., OH

The above is the usual accepted line of our William.

I have other information telling me that our William is the son of a William who was raised by wolves!!
I have another that says he is the son of a William that was raised by indians.

It is hard to know who to believe. However. I have found 6 different Jeremiah Curles and 13 Williams listed in or Near Virginia.

Many researchers claim that our Williams ancestors came directly from England to Virginia. I have seen records that say that he first arrived in Philadelphia and went around Maryland and here and there.

It truly is hard to know which is the right one.

I have gone through the extensive documentation that I have from many sources and can not find the name of Tyree.

ALSO: and more importantly.... there is a line in the article you referred to that is copied and pasted below.

"In 1767 a coffin was provided by the Church for Jemima Curle's child (?William). "

I do not know if this was indeed William or not. It is implied in a paragraph ahead of that the Jemima's child William had to be "kept" and "dressed". Does that mean that he was ill? It may mean that he was only 4 years old and had to have someone other than his mother pay for his food and clothing.

It does mention further down in the article under Jeremiah and Jemima that this William was infirmed.

Please don't think that I am trying to make you feel bad. I know that you want the correct information as much as anyone.

I do not have proof as to whom our William's parents are.... my guess is still Jeremiah and Mary McGeary, but I have only "historical evidence" of other researchers and none of my own.

I guess until we see documentation somewhere, if it exists, that everything is speculation.

I hope that anyone reading this who might have a different opinion will address it hear. Let's see if there are other opinions different from mine.

Please don't think I am trying to discredit you either. Sandy, I am not. But, since this was published for all to read, I wanted all to hear my thoughts too.

Are there any experts on William Curl who married Sarah Ball Brown out there? Sure would like some real documentation.

Thanks Carol Marston