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I have a little more to add to the above - if anyone is intersted - coming from two letters my Grandmother wrote to my aunt during the war. My Grandmother's handwriting has presented some difficulties so I am not absolutely certain of some spellings. I have taken out the most recent names.

" Grandfather Ewer’s name was Henry, my Grand Mother’s name was Pauline. They had 2 children: Susan Sturgis Ewer and Chas. Cary Ewer (my father). My Grand Mother Ewer died and my Grand father married again. They had 4 children, one named after my Grand father’s first wife Pauline Crowell. She married a Mr. Ed Brailey and they had 3 children: Grace, Maude and Edna. Mr. Ed Brailey we (Aunt Maidee and I) called Uncle Ed and I remember him coming to my Grand Mother’s in Washington. He stopped by on business trips and always brought us something. He gave Aunt Maidee the opera glasses and she could not have been more than 7. To me he brought a dear little brush, comb and mirror set in a pretty case.

In case you should ever hear from a Mrs. Pratt in N. Y. City, that is Grace. She wants me to write once in a while to keep up the family connection. The only thing I recall about Uncle Ed was the joyous Greeting he always brought. Every body was happy.”

A later addition?
“…to add something I forgot to tell you about. When I was a young girl, Grandpa [Hubert Schutter] took Aunt Maidee and me to Boston by water. While there we went to see some of my father’s relatives – Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Ryder. They had 2 children, one Frank Ryder, the other Harriet. I remember she was quite small [think she means young].

That is the only time I saw them, but Aunt Maidee and Ma saw them when they used to go to Orr’s Island, Maine for the summer – before I was married. Well, Aunt Maidee wrote me she had a call on the phone and it was Harriet Littlefield, which meant nothing to her until she told her she was Harriet Ryder. Her husband is Frank Littlefield, President of a bank in Roxbury, Massachusetts. They live in Milton, Mass. She came to Washington to see her daughter... who is a WAC Stationed in Martinsburg, W Va on 24 hour leave.

Aunt Maidee invited them to have lunch with her at Woodward and Lothrop [a well known Department store in Washington D.C.]. She said they were both lovely.

The WAC is very nice, has red hair. That is the way she knew how to meet them. Aunt Maidee says Harriet is very pretty, brown eyes and hair just ?. Harriet also has a the Navy on West Coast. She wanted our address [in California] so he could come to see us, if possible and, as Aunt Maidee told Harriet you were in Honolulu, she also wrote your address, as he expected to go to Honolulu soon he thought.

His great grand father, Frank Ryder and your great grandmother were brother and sister. Harriet also has another daughter..."