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The name guerrero comes from the Teutonic word for war Werra. It is a name of occupation. The Guerreros were Knights and held estates in Spain and portiguel In Spain they lived in the area known as Saragosa which is a coruption of the latin for ceasar Agustus In the 1500s they may have come on one of Columbus's expeditions They may have established plantations in Cuba as Cortez did In 1510 Gonzalo guerrero was shippedwrecked on Cozumal later he escaped hostile indians that killed the survivors and along with an other spaniard Aguilar lived with the Mayans He married a mayan noble woman and had three sons by her Cortez got into hot water in Cuba(he was a lawyer) so of he went to Mexico in 1521 tried to recruit Gonzalo Who refused because of his wife and children and the native tatoos he had on his body marking him as a Mayan war chief He fought the Spaniards and was killed in battle. His Father and 2 other brothers were involved in the conquest of Mexico. They were skilled in shipbuilding and built the smaller ships that Cortez used in the assult on Mexico city I have seen two coats of arms The very ornate one from Spain and a simpler one that may have been confered on one of the sons The simple one has a diagonel stripe with two dragons facing each other With the words Ave Maria Grata Plena I'm sorry I not going to proof the letter If you want to pass on this information Thankyou If you have other questions I may be able to answer feel free to contact me. A Guerrero fron California Raul