Posted By:Paul Hathcoat
Subject:Hathcoat/Hathcock/Heathcox Surname DNA Project
Post Date:November 28, 2002 at 12:26:44
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I would like to let everyone know that we have just started the Hathcoat/ Hathcock/ Heathcote Surname DNA Project. This exciting new genealogy technology may answer many questions for us that there seems no other way to determine today.

As new as this field is, we are not the first to use it. There are currently over 500 surname DNA projects underway. The tests are easy. NO Blood. The tests are secure. Fully blind confidentiality is assured. The tests reveal NO medical information.

The purpose of the project is first to determine the dominant genetic line that we can then all try to link to. And second to determine the relatedness of the Hathcoat/ Hathcock/ Heathcote surname and 20 plus variant spellings found to date. We believe that many of us, (in the US), are descended from Thomas of England who emigrated to America in 1635. We hope to better determine where these lines diverged, the migration paths, and to better trace the spelling variations where the paper trails have become murky. With adequate future participants we may even be able to discover related family still in Europe.

We share such a statistically rare name root in the USA and UK that given enough participation we may be able to really determine how the lines really fit together.

For more information about the project and how you may participate, please visit the project website at:

When there you may be surprised at the variations we have found in the name spellings. Be sure to click on the Surname Frequency link to see how rare we really are.

Please join us in the fun and see what we can learn.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Paul Hathcoat
Coordinator Hathcoat/Hathcock/Heathcote Surname DNA Project