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Hi, Susanne and Bill: thanks so much for your input. Unfortunately, Wilfred is one of my collateral branches of which I know little. Hence my query to this board. Much of what I do know about him is anecdotal and comes from his neice(most recently) or from my recollections via queries of my mother and grandmother. I know a great deal of his lineage but he has always been a bit of a puzzle. I don't know when or where Wilfed married Ina but apparently they were divorced by 1930 since he appears so in the census record for Toledao, Lucas County, Ohio. He is listed as "Milfred" Holtzman. I believe that Ina's family was from Adele, Iowa so possibly they married there. In the same census, Ina was living in Ithaca, Tompkins County, NY along with her two children by Wilfred: Wifred and Barbara. According to this record, Barbara was born about 1918 and son Wilfred born about 1923. Also living in the household was Ina's mother, who I believe was named Ida, a widow. At that time, Ina owned a clothing store in Ithica. I have no clue as to what became of Barbara but I believe that the son, Wilfred Straight Holtzman, ended up in California where he died in 1959 (Cafifornia Death Index and/or SS Death index). Sometime back, I located some info dealing with his WW II draft registration but I don't believe it had much in the way of details. I don't know if he ever married, had issue, etc.

I always heard that the divorce was quite a scandal and that Wilfred didn't tell his parents about it for years. I guess eventually he couldn't avoid it, particularly since he took a second wife, Rose (Unknown). My aunt recently told me that she THOUGHT he died in California of cancer. However, she may be confusing Wilfred with his son. She also said that she thought Wilfred and Rose had two children but don't take that to the bank. Family lore has it that Wilfred and Ina divorced over a religious issue but this is pure talk so I can't back it up with proof. The story goes that little Wilfred came down with a serious ear infection and that Ina would not allow him to be seen by a doctor since she was a follower of the Christian Scientist church (I don't the official name). Wilfred became furious at his son's suffering and call a doctor in, despite Ina's protestations. This was supposedly the final straw and things went downhill from there. Of course, they might have been on a rocky road prior to this incident but I don't know.

Insofar as Rose is concerned, I can offer little. I only met her one time and for only a brief few minutes. She was traveling through New Orleans and I happened to be home when she visited. My memory of her is vague, and I can only guess that I was in the 10-13 year old range. This would have been sometime in probably the mid-to-late 1950s, I guess. The one thing that did strike me is that I thought she dressed strangely. Don't ask me why that struck me, it just did. Anyway, I always heard that Rose wan not well accepted by her inlaws and have heard her described as "peculiar" or "eccentric". I have been told that she too died in California and I do recall finding a Rose Holtzman in the CA Death Index or SS Index who fits the bill, age wise. However, I'm going to have to recheck that source.

I have always heard that Wilfred was an architect and did a lot of work for a Catholic order of nuns but never knew any details. I did find a record of his being licensed, I think in either Iowa or Ohio but I'll have to dig for that note. I've often wondered how he came to do work for a Catholic order. Neither Wilfred's parents nor his siblings were Catholic, they were all Episcopalians. I will check out the cemetery link which Bill so kindly furnished.

Sorry this response is so wordy but it's kinda everything in a nutshell. Mainly what I seek is: Wilfred's burial place, projects which he worked on and filling in what happended to any issue. I appreciate the information which you two have provided, every bit of data helps me. Regards, Rick