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Dear Eldred,
Thank you for your quick reply. I found the meager amount of notes that I have from my sister (now deceased). She had tried to work on genealogy for a few years, but made only a little progress on the Hopp family. However, she did collect the following information:
My grandfather Otto Hopp (born June 9, 1876-& died June 24, 1947) was born to Edward Hopp from Possen, Germany. He was married to Sophia Ahnm (I don't have the date yet). Otto was one of 12 children. In the order of their birth (I am pretty sure but don't have the exact dates either) they were: Julius (married to Alice) & lived in St. Paul.
Emil Hopp (ma. Hilda) and lived in Sleepy Eye, MN. (your Relative!)
Otto (ma. Anna) and lived in Micollet,Mn. Buried in Morton,MN cemetary.
Herman (ma. Holda) lived in Nicollet.
Ed (ma. Emma) lived in Mankato, MN
Louie (ma Elma) lived in Nicollet
Arthur (ma. Hilda) lived ???
Fred (ma. Elvina) lived in Nicollet
Mandie (ma. August Struck) lived in Cleveland (MN?)
Bertha (ma. Emil Mages) lived in St. Paul, MN
Guste (ma. August Stolt) but lived many years at St. Peter State Hospital. One of my cousins remembers her and explained the situation to me.
Elsie (ma. Albert Struck) and I think they lived somewhere around Fairfax or Franklin, but I am not positive.
So it appears that we are cousins of some sort. I can never keep all the second or third rankings straight. We had so many cousins, that no one really kept track of anything more than first cousins.
In the last e mail I sent you, I said that the very tall man in the photo I have was Emil. I was wrong. It was Louie.
I talked to my brother (who lives in Ohio) and he said that there is someone in Hector who married a Cheryl Hopp (probably around 1966, I suppose) and he has done extensive research on the Hopp family. My brother couldn't remember his name, but I think that when my brother comes to visit at Christmas, we may be able to figure out who it is by looking at my old high school yearbooks. He still lives at Hector, we are pretty sure. So we may be able to get you in touch with him at a later date, if you are interested.
Hope you now have some new information that is helpful. This stuff is quite interesting to me. Wish I had more time to pursue it. Maybe when I am able to retire. By the way, I live in Seattle. WA. What part of the country do you call home?
Hope to hear back from you when you find any more info. Thank you.
Elaine Colvin