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Hi, I tried to send you the below message, but it came back address unknown, so I stopped by here to check yor address.

TAM 8MAR2001

As I was working on the programme for my web page, I realized that I had said that I knew that Francis Jaycocks Sr. of Stratford-upon-Avon had a son, Joshua. Actually, the only evidence in that regard is the appearance of a Joshua in Hempstead in the 1600’s, and an entry in the IGI which I suspect. Actually, it is more likely that the Joshua who appears in Hempstead is either a son of William or Thomas (whom I can feel comfortable in saying are brothers, and sons of Francis.) Sorry about that.
Below is a letter from Lois J. Links (I hope I got that right.) Guess what the J. stands for. She abstracts a couple of wills which might be useful.
Oh! I might mention that “Desobry” might be Disbrow (usual spelling) or Disborough. That surname suffered a lot of variations at the hands of clerks. Since the executor is John Disbrow, and one of the witnesses is James Disbrow, this is more likely. Judging by the naming customs of the time, Benjamin Desobry Jacocks might be named for a maternal grandfather (i.e., Benjamin Disbrow.) Or for paternal grandfather (Benjamin) and mother’s maiden name.


Hi thanks for the information this morning.

THOMAS JACOCKS of New York; Will dated February 9, 1817, Probated April 8, 1817
Son, William and his wife, Maria and their son Benjamin Desobry Jacocks;
Gitty, wife of brother, Benjamin;
children of son, James L. Jacocks, deceased, Mary, William, Samuel and Thomas;
Mrs. Christine Brown, wife of Benjamin Brown of Mount Pleasant;
Mrs. Henderson, widow;
brother, Benjamin. (Mentions late wife as Jemima.)
Executor: John Disbrow.
Witness; Sam Littlefield, J.B. Hutching, Charles Dickimson, Junr. and James Disbrow.,
Thomas Jacocks d. @ age 55 (NY Weekly Museum, July 15, 1817 b ca 1761/62. ??

William Jacocks of New York, Builder. Will dated February 20, 1817. Probated March 27, 1817.
wife, Maria;
son, B. Desobry Jacocks;
William Jacocks, son of John Jacocks of Poughkeepsie;
Sarah M. Hoisted, Edward and William, children of Widow Hacker of New York;
William Henry Schoomaker, brother of wife.

Thought this information might be of some interest to you. Also am going through a will of William Jaycoks of Poughkeepsie dated 1777 April 29th. Its hard on the eyes looking at that old handwriting. The will I'm doing now, this Wm. is the father of William (Eldest Son) and Thomas I possibly will have two more generations. of course I have to do more investigating as I have to get everything in order for when I go to Dutchess Cty. as that is where my Benjamin was born. The first will of Thomas, also states that he has a brother Benjamin and that who I have to find next as I don't have any Thomas' in my family and that last will dated 1777 their isn't any Benj just William I really need some church records. what you think I too am closer to Hempstead.