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Some of the first LeBoeufs arriving in Louisiana were the brothers Francois Dominique LeBoeuf and
Charles Hyacinthe LeBoeuf from Canada. Francois Dominique shows up first in a 1748 church
Little Red Church (St. John Parish) records
       29 July 1748 Marriage of Schmit, Magdelaine vve Andere, Antoin Joseph et LeBoeuf,
Dominique fils de Pierre Leboeuf et Marie Anne LeBlane.
       Magdelaine Schmit had four children by Andere:(see N.O. Genesis, Vol. 8, p.28)
              Antoine Joseph Andere, Jr.
              Marie Ann Andere m. Michael Arceneaux, Jr.
              Marie Madeleine Andere m. Jean Rommel
              Jeanne Andere m. Pierre Andre Millet
       Magdelaine Schmit Andere had four children by Francois Dominique LeBeouf::
              Francois Pierre Charles m. Madeleine Hymelle
              Jean Francois m. (1) Marie Madeleine Frederick (2) Marie Reine Matherne
              Charlotte Louise
              Charles m. Marie Anne Frederick
Charles Hyacinthe LeBoeuf also shows up first in church records:
Little Red Church records
       18 Feb 1749 Charles Hyacinthe LeBoeuf (Native of Moren) married Margueritte
1749 Census of German Coast showed 66 people, among whom:
              Le Beuf (must be Francois Dominique, see next entry)
              Charles, brother of above Le Beuf
Little Red Church records:
       14 Feb 1751 death of Marguerite Galois LeBoeuf
       8 Mar 1751 baptism of Margueritte (Charles Hyacinthe and Marguerite Golois)
godparents Francois LeBoeuf, frere du pere and Marie Apolonie Friderick, spouse de Sr.
       4 Jan 1752 Hyacinthe Charles LeBoeuf, veuf Golois, Marguerite, married Marie Anne
Marx, dau of Balthazar Marx and Marie Ursule Edinger (see below for their children).
1763 Treaty of Paris ends 7 years war. All French holdings east of Mississippi River to Britain,
all French holding West of Mississippi River to Spain. East Florida ceded by Spain to Britain.
These arrangements not announced in Louisiana until late 1760s. Many of the French,
Canadian, and German settlers opposed the takeover of Louisiana by Spain and forcefully
resisted Spanish rule. The revolt (about 1768) of the citizens of Louisiana against Spain was
mostly against the prohibition of trade with France. Initially Louisiana residents drove the new
Spanish out but O'Reilly (a Spanish General) arrived 24 Jul 1769 with large forces. Hung six of
the rebellious leaders. About this time (1770-71), Charles Hyacinthe LeBoeuf, who had been
associated with many of the rebels along the river above New Orleans, decided to sell out in
South Louisiana and move to the northern part of Louisiana. Another incentive might have been
that his father-in-law, Balthasard Marx, had died and his widowed mother-in-law had remarried.
St James Parish Legal Records:
       29 Feb 1772. Charles Yacinte LeBoeuf "formerly resident of St. John Parish and
presently a hunter" approves action of Francois LeBoeuf in matter of sale of his effects.
In early 1770s, fearful that the Indian traders (mostly French) would incite the tribes to rebel
against Spain, the Spanish Governor decreed that all traders with Indians must return to
1773        Commandant at Natchitoches, Althanase de Mezieres, was ordered to clear out the
vagabonds living along the Ouachita. The "vagabonds" were the Frenchmen who declined to
return to "civilization.
24 Mar 1774 De Mezieres wrote a report of his clearing out operations to Governor Unzaga:
"Your lordship having ordered try to clear the Ouachita River of the vagabonds who
were living on it, I have effected this removal through the Cadadoches Indians, and have
arrested the persons named Andrew Oliven, his wife and daughter; Antonio La Montagne;
Francisco Postillion; Pedro Champignole and Andrew Coureur, who at once obeyed your
lordship's orders, and are waiting until spring, hunting in this vicinity. Likewise the person named
Galier has left in a cart for Pointe Coupee to take many things which he owes (sic) there, whose
transportation was impossible by water. With respect to persons named Joseph Etier, Baudry
and Jacinto (probably a Spanish rendering of Hyacinthe) le Boeuf, with his wife and family, I
have to report that they have fled with the inteniton, it is said, of going to the English shore..."
(the east bank of the Mississippi.)" Note: Since these names subsequently appear frequently in
the archives of the Ouachita parish court house, it indicates that these "vagabonds" returned to
the area or had numberous relatives with the same names. In the case of Hyacinthe LeBoeuf,
many of his offspring are later identified in this area:
       Marie Anne Jeanette
2 Feb 1777 St. John Parish, La. married to Leonard Webb.
1783 Andre LeBoeuf married Geneveva Fogle in Baton Rouge. They were not in 1790 census
of Ouachita post. Andre bought land north of Monroe about 1790. There is a second marriage
record of this union in 1795 repeated by Filhiol performed at Ouachita Post: Andres LeBoeuf,
legimate son of Charles LeBoeuf and Marianne Marks of the German Coast, Parish of Bonnet
Carre, married to Genevieve Foquel, legitimate daughter of Balthazar Foquel and Francoise
Bouton of the German Coast.
1787 Carlos LeBoeuf married Juana Foguel, sister of the Geneveva Fogle who married Andre
20 Dec 1789 in St. John Parish: Francois LeBoeuf married Genevieve Dubier. Proof that this is
son of Charles Hyacinthe LeBoeuf comes 20 Sep 1795 at Natchitoches Post baptism of Eugene
(son of Francois LeBeouf & Genevieve Dubies, residents of Fort of Ouachita), where it states
that the Godparent was the child's Uncle Simon LeBoeuf (whom we know was son of Charles
Hyacinthe and Marianne Marks).
1789 Luis Dechene (legitimate son of Guilhaume Deschene and Madeleine Soucy married
Magdalene LeBoeuf, Widow of Francois Goulet, and legitimate daughter of Charles LeBoeuf
and Marianne Balthasard at Ouachita Post. (One record shows this marriage in Pointe Coupee
parish 27 May 1793.)
7 Jun 1796 Simon LeBoeuf son of Charles leBoeuf and Marianne Marlks married Francoise
Claire Chavron, daughter of Pierre Chavron and Magdelaine Piboto (daughter of Andre
Olivan.???) Among witnesses at wedding were Louis Deschenes "groom's brother-in-law"
(husband of Magdalene, above).
Charles Hyacinthe LeBoeuf and Marie Ann Marx probably had other children. The following
births are recorded at Pointe Coupee as children of mother Marie Ann Paltz or Paltser or
Balthazar, no father shown:
              Jeanne LeBoeuf b. 3 Mar 1760
              Perinne LeBoeuf b. 7 Nov 1770
              Marie LeBoeuf b. 7 Nov 1770
              Theresa LeBoeuf b. 13 Nov 1771.

The children of Charles Hyacinthe LeBoeuf and their descendents were among the earliest
settlers along the Ouachita River in North Louisiana (1770s) and to South Arkansas in
1790s/1800s. We do not find any records of the father, Charles Hyacinthe LeBoeuf and his
second wife, Marie Ann Marx, after they were driven from the area of the Ouachita River in
early 1770s. They may have remained on the English (east) shore of the Mississippi River.
About the time they supposedly went there the turbulence of the American Revolution erupted
about 1776. I have not found any records of them after 1773. The children were prolific and
travelled extensively. Their primary base was at French Port in Ouachita County up to the
1860s.. But they would marry in Bradley, Calhoun, Clark, Cleveland, Dallas, and Union
Counties...never far from the Ouachita River. The good folks in Arkansas usually spelled their
name "LABEFF".

Charles Hyacinthe LeBoeuf's co-immigrant brother did leave a final record in South Louisiana:
2 Nov 1796 Francisco Domingo LeBeuf burried St. James Church of Santiago de Cabanoce.

Some of this research derives from the work of Miss Merle Ganier of Ft. Worth, Tx, a careful
genealogist. She retained a professional genealogist to do some of the research into records in
Canada and France.

Mr. Julius Charles Arceneaux has published a booklet (From Where We Came 1614-1996)
tracing his ancestor, Francois Dominique LeBoeuf back to Canada and to France. This
information, which corresponds in general with the findings of Miss Ganier, is also posted on the
internet by Mr. Ray Arcement at:

RAY THOMPSON           
Bossier City, La