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Subject:Allan W.Lightner of Oregon
Post Date:August 17, 2004 at 07:45:17
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Dear Miss & Mr

Five years ago,I adopted the grave of a soldier dead for our freedom, in the American Ardenne Cemetery of Belgium.

I learned that I had to apply to you in order to get information about the adopted Soldier.
My little daughters,aged 6,7, and 9,often ask me why I regularly lay flowers on this grave,as I never knew the Soldier.
Itís difficult for me to answer them.All what I can tell them is that it is a recognition in order not to forget his sacrifice,and it is for his family who lives too far to be able to do it.

They asked me if we could get a picture of him. This is certainly not possible,I suppose.
But couldnít we know more about this man,about his life and how he died ?.
It is important to answer them. It is the only way to give the future generations the opportunity to remember the price that some people have paid for our freedom.That is why we have to transmit as much information as possible about these heroes.

I also ask myself these questions,what my parent didnít do,fearing to remember their life conditions during the war.

I do it and want to answer my daughters.Each time I lay flowers on this grave,I thing of his family.I would like to know whether he still has one and if they still think of him.

Could you send me, if it is possible, information about this Soldier?

Here are the only information I have at my disposal:
Nam:Alan W Lightner
Caporal:( cpl)
276 infantry 70 division
dead:January 12/1945

You can transmit it,with my name and address to the Soldier Alan W Lightnerís family,if they wish it so that they know he is not fead for nothing and at the other side of the Atlantic ocean,some people still remember the courage and bravery of all these Soldiers, dead for us.
Hoping to get an answer from you, I thank you very much
Your faithfully
Mr schobben jean
Rue des Eglantiers nį7
Grace-hollogne 4460
Liege Belgium