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HI KAREN, I have been seeing your postings in various forums on the internet.
I am interested in this family because they had a son ULYSSES W. ROURK
(Various spellings of first and last name). Ulysses was probablly born about 1806 in Brunswick County, NC - about the right time after father William and mother Mary married in about 1805.

My interest is in trying to find the parents of Hanson Kelly Ruark
born about 1808-1812 in North Carolina (according to a lot of census records).who was also listed as Hanson Rowark (along with other Rowarks.

No one has been successful in finding the parents or siblings of Hanson Kelly Ruark of Smithville (now Southport), NC. He married Rebecca Woodside
and they lived in Southport area. H.K.Ruark was H.K.Ruark, Sr. and had many children (son Hanson Kelly Ruark, Jr. also). We cannot find out his burial place either...tho' Rebecca became a member of the Baptist Church in "Smithville" and is buried in the Old Smithville Cemetery in the downtown area of the are a lot of other Ruarks.
We do know that a John Ruark (various spellings) lived and purchased land in Horry County, SC. There is also a Ruark/Rheuark Landing there - probably on the Waccamaw River - in order to send goods out to larger shipping towns and Charleston.

Some researchers of this Ruark family say the family came "up" from South Carolina - so we are wondering if William Rourk - sometimes seen as Ruark -
or John Ruark (in the mid-to-late 1700's in SC) could be kin of some kind - maybe an Uncle or Cousin or even brother. Maybe Ulyssses was kin?
H.K.Ruark was a River Pilot and also a lighthouse keeper at Prices Creek Lighthouse during the Civil War...his daughther Mary Catherine Ruark
saw the Battle of Ft. Fisher across the Cape Fear River when a young child, and told her grandson, my husband , about it. The Federal Govt. deactivated the local lighthouses as "rebels" were cooperating with the South.

I have searched high and low for some connection to Ruarks in MD, SC, GA,
NC and VA with no success. We do think that Hanson Kelly Ruark, sr. may have been named after Hanson KELLY who married Susannah (Susan) Cook(e)
and lived in Wilmington, NC during the same time period. Hanson KELLY
had land in New Hanover County (Wilmington) and also in Smithville (Southport) New Brunswick County, NC - there are a lot of "Hanson" first names in settlers around those parts - so it is possible he was "Godfather"
on many occasions and a benevolent person. Hanson KELLY eventually moved with the family to Pensacola, Escambia, Florida and was a pioneer there...his son becoming quite prominent in the history of Pensacola.
Hanson KELLY was living in Wilmington, NC in @ 1814. He died @ 1855 in Pensacola, FL, as did his wife. Supposedly he was born in Bladen County, NC about 1774. I have no proof of anything about Hanson KELLY.

So, I am sending out this information in the hopes that someone out there
will read it and make some connections.
William Rourk is listed in the 1820 US Census of Brunswick County, NC

Some misc marriages in Brunswick County, NC
David S. ROACK + Susan Lancaster in 1859
Peter ROURK to Catherine Wescott (Wescoat) in 1860
Robert RUARK + Mary Tharp in 1866
William T. RUARK + Sarah J. bell 1885
William ROURK + Betty Clariday 1891

So the name was spelling various ways (probably some due to poor writing!)
and was known in the Brunswick County area.

Clarry Rourk + John R. Chadwick about 1855 marriage
Sophia Rouck (note spelling) + John Conekin in 1839

ULYSSESS ROURK may have married Sophia Hemingway - that seems to be correct from some sources. Ulysses (various spellings) seems to have died before 1860. He was born about 1805 NC. He is in the 1850 US Census of Brunswick County, NC. He was married about 1830 at Lockwood Folly, Brunswick, NC according to some sources.

In another source: William ROURK of Wilmington, NC paid for
slave insurance for slave named WASHINGTON - called a Laborer in the document.
Source: Genealogy Trails - "North Carolina"
This was under Illinois Division of Insurance, Aetna Life Insurance Company
and was SLAVE INSURANCE RECORDS- how they became involved, I do not know... This probably was William Rourk of Shalotte, Brunswick, NC who married Mary Lock(e).

All of this interests me as I strain to find siblings and parents of Hanson Kelly Ruark, Sr. - I have all of his children and many facts about them, but
nothing back beyond about 1808 when he supposedly was born.