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Ancient MacAuslan- Buchanan – Gilbert Genealogy
This history comes the ancient great books written at the end of the first
millenium, "The Saltairs of Tara and Cashel", "The Book of Conquests and
Invasions", "The White Book", and "The History of Kings". This was compiled by
the MacAuslan Clan in their "Ancient Origins".

Noah - of the great flood.
Japheth - son of Noah.
Gomer - son of Japheth.
Gaildhal Glas - (Pronounced Gall Glass) descendant of Gomer, and the father of
the ancient Celtic people, who’s language is known as Gaelic.
Niul - grandson of Gaildhal Glas, who married the daughter of the Egyptian
Miledh - son of Niul, who married Scota, the daughter of Ramsees II. Ramsees II
was the Pharaoh in Egypt, when Moses led the Israelites to the Promised Land.
The ancient Irish people, who descended from the Celtic king, were called
“Scots” in ancient Roman History, because they were descended from this Egyptian
princess named Scota. Many years later, the Irish would invade the Highlands,
and conquered it from the original inhabitants called “Picts” - this is how it
came to be known as “Scotland”.
Eremon - son of Miledh. This is the Celtic king, who conquered what is now
Ireland from the original inhabitants, called “DeDannans” around 1,000 B.C.
Iral - grandson of Eremon (High King of Ireland).
Tighernmas - 7th in descent from Iral (also High King of Ireland).
Eochaid - High King of Ireland.
Ollam Foola - 21st High King of Ireland.
Aod Raud - High King of Ireland.
Ugani Nor - High King of Ireland; father of all the leading families of Ireland,
except the province of Munster.
Iaegaire Lorc - High King of Ireland; killed by his brother for the throne.
Labraid Loingsech - High King of Ireland; grandson of Iaegaire Lorc.
Conaire Mor - High King of Ireland; about the time of Christ.
Crimthann Naid Nair - High King of Ireland.
Eochaid Feidlech - High King of Ireland.
Fiacha - High King of Ireland; 6th in descent from Eochiad Feidlech.
Tuthal Fechtmar - High King of Ireland.
Feidlimid - High King of Ireland.
Conn - High King of Ireland; was a great warrior king, who was known as “Conn of
the Hundred Battles”.
Conaire - High King of Ireland.
Caori Riada - established the ancient kingdom of Dalrida, encompassing parts of
Northern Ireland and Western Scotland.
Carbri - High King of Ireland.
Ficha - High King of Ireland.
Muirdeach Tireach - High King of Ireland; son of Ficha.
Eochaid Muigh Medon - High King of Ireland.
Niall - son of Eochaid Muigh Medon; High King of Ireland. A great warrior king,
who invaded ancient England on many occasions. The High Kings of Ireland, for
over 400 years, were his direct descedents. He died in 404 A.D.
Eogan - (Pronounced: Owen), son of Naill, and King of Tir-Owen.
Muirethaigh - (Pronounced: Murry), King of Tir-Owen.
Muirethaigh - son of Muirethaigh; High King of Ireland.
Downnaill - (Pronounced: Donnal); King of Tir-Owen.
Aedha - (Pronounced: Hay); King of Tir-Owen.
Maile - King of Tir-Owen.
Maile Duin - King of Tir-Owen.
Gergail - King of Tir-Owen.
Concoghair - (Pronounced: Conner); son of Gergail. Established his own kingdon
of Keenaught.
Drugain - son of Condoghair, and King of Keenaught.
Cathan - (Pronounced: Kane); son of Drugain. Father of the clan that bares his
name, the O’Cahan’s.
Cathusaigh O’Cahan - King of Keenaught.
Diermada O’Cahan - King of Keenaught.
Concionaegh O’Cahan - King of Keenaught; son of Diermada O’Cahan.
Auslan O’Cahan - Youngest of King Concionaegh O’ Cahan. He fled to Scotland in
1016 A.D., because of a price put on his head by the Viking kings in Dublin, for
the part he played in slaying many of the Viking royal family. He rendered his
service as a warrior to Malcom II, King of Scotland. He exhibited great bravery
and skill in fighting the Danes, and was given lands on the east shore of Loch-
Lomond as payment. His descedants were, for a long time, known as MacAuslans.
The MacAuslans later became known as the Buchanans
John MacAuslan - son of Auslan O’Cahan; 1st chief of Clan MacAuslan.
Auslan MacAuslan - 2nd chief of Clan MacAuslan.
Walter MacAuslan - 3rd chief of Clan MacAuslan.
Girald MacAuslan - 4th chief of Clan MacAuslan.
Macbeath MacAuslan - 5th chief of Clan MacAuslan.
Auslan MacAuslan - 6th chief of Clan MacAuslan.
Gilbert MacAuslan - 7th chief of Clan MacAuslan; changed surname to Buchanan.
From the second son of this chief, descended the families, who adopted the
surnames of Gilbert, Gilbertson, Gibb, Gibbs, and Gibson.
The Gibson’s, MacAuslan, Buchanan, along with many other descendants of Auslan O’Cahan, returned to
their ancient homeland of Northern Ireland in the early 1600’s. Their
descendants were there for over 100 years, when they began the great migration
to America in the early 1700’s. The first wave started in 1717, and lasted about
60 years.

I hope this helps to connect some of our Ancestors. Please note the change of my email address. Also you might want to do a search on Clan Buchanan as it is the more recent times name for Clan MacAuslan.