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I am past middle age, and was not born until my MacDermid grandparents were quite old, so I do not have much information. We, you and I, are, likely, distant relatives. I was told all MacDermids, & McDermids are the same family (even the Irish ones). My grandfather (James, maybe...I think) was born on the isle of Isla, Scotland, --had brothers, one was John, one Malcom, one Neil (I think), and sister Katherine (Kate). He immigrated to (Canada, first, I think) then to the US in the mid or late 1800s landed on the east coast of the U.S. , met an Irish girl named Blanche Elizabeth... not sure about her maiden name-- then traveled west, farmed in Michigan, joined Blanche's family (father & mother) in the state of Washington,
on Puget Sound, where he stayed (off and on--disappearing occasionally for long periods) for 11 years or so. He fathered 9 children, lots of boys--names were Henry (My father), Neil, John (known as Jack), then Eva, David, Jean, & Irma.

My grandmothercooked in logging camps, raised her children, and the children of her deceased sister who was a Kennealy. Part of the family stayed in Washington, and my Grandfather Henry MacDermid, and Grandmother Blanche (who used her middle name--Elizabeth) came back to Michigan where their younger children grew up. None of the boys married, except my father. He had 3 girls--so the surname from this branch stops here.

I think we may be cousins because families often use the same names over and over through generations. I have a second cousin "John,"in Belleville, MI. not far from me.

There are lots of MacDermids in Toronto, Canada & vicinity, and alarge number of MacDermids buried there in a churchyard --and they are my half-aunts and half uncles, ... because when my grandfather was missing all those times--he married a second wife in Canada (Yes, Bigamy), and fathered a lot of children there too. My poor Grandmother discovered this in her senior years and divorced him after 60+ years of marriage. Sadly, that branch of the family is too embarassed, or has reasons, not to to seek contact. I ran into some of them accidentally on a trip to Canada. They were polite, but may not have known this history, and at that time neither did I,--so it was "Hmmm, Ahemmm, yes, we might be related," as it was the family secret. With the thought that we cannot help what out ancestors did, I just posted this in the hope the family might get to know a little about those who have gone before us.

Here are traits you might see in your branch of the family. We are artists, writers, engineers, teachers, photographers, musicians, craftspeople, and lovers of the land--farming was a passion for my father.-- We are bright, articulate, readers, lovers of logic, and truth. And with the exception of Grandpa, we are loyal. -- Our branch has a (sometimes) genetic illness, Mastocytosis--it has hit quite a number of us, and some have associated. bleeding disorders.

This was long--but like ships that pass in the night, we may not find our way back here again-- Good-night!