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John Macrander, b. 1819 in Wetzlar, Rhineland Province, Kingdom of Prussia. He was a subject of the King of Prussia, therefore a Prussian. He and his immedeate family in that time period spoke the German language, and were by nationality at that time considered to be Prussians. The Holy Roman Empire had an Imperial Court in the Imperial city of Wetzlar. (equivalent to a high court or much like the Supreme Court we have in the U.S. today). The ancestors of the parents of the two Macrander brothers who first moved to Wetzlar and nearby Giessen lived in the Countship of Waldeck and were known as Waldekishers'. All these smaller Dukedoms, Countships, Principalities, Kingdoms and the Holy Roman Empire eventually came under the nation of Germany. You may wish to focus your historical research in the areas of Early Modern and the Reformation periods of Western European History. Focus on Waldeck, Hessen-Kassel, Hessen-Darmstadt, and Hessen-Nassau for regional interest.
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