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Subject:Richard,Hugh is the link!!!
Post Date:January 17, 2000 at 14:56:11
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Dear Richard,
I took the information your mother sent to Ian's Aunt Jeannie.She was able to give me the connection. William your great grandfather was the son of Robert McGimpsey who was the only son of Hugh McGimpsey to his 1st wife. Hugh also had a daughter ,a sister to Robert called Susan. Apparently she went to Scotland from what Jeannie can recall hearing. Hugh remarried after his 1st wife died. Ian's connection is through Samuel who would have been a step brother to Robert. I think that would mean Hugh would have been your great great great grandfather and he would have been Ian's great great grandfather. Aunt Jeannie reckons Hugh must have been born late in the 18th century. As we cannot find a grave for Hugh as yet, we are beginning to think that he must be buried in the monument that your grandfather erected in memory of the unnamed graves. Apparently it is the biggest monument in Movilla Cemetery so I am looking forward to seeing it. Also Julius is said to have had a replica made and transported it to Omarau Cemetery in New Zealand.
Jeannie remembers William Bostons shop in Newtownards. There is now a petrol station situated where it used to be, but unfortunately there are no remains of the cottage.
There are also memories of William (your g.grandfather) visiting here and having tea in the parlour and calling Samuels wife Aunt Jane so there was no family fall out at that time. I imagine Robert would have been a good deal older than Samuel his step brother and that would account for the difference in the generations.
Could you ask your mum if she remembers a Terry McGimpsey who died in the circuit of Ireland rally about 40 years ago, Jeannie believes he would have either been her cousin or 2nd cousin. Another Aunt thinks Terry was a son of Julius but that would mean he would have been your mums brother and she made no mention of this in her information so perhaps Jeannie is closer in her thinking.
I hope you can understand the above as I am not great at explaining things even though I do seem to have it all sorted out in my own mind.
Yours 'til the next instalment. Annie