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Subject:Re: Moren family name origin ??
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My wife's fifth great-grandfather was named John Bombardour. He was a French soldier (b1739) who immigrated to Sweden, where he and his brother Carl took the name "Morén" because it "sounded Swedish." (Apparently othere Swedes were names "Morén" at the time).

John Morén had a son, Jakob Morén (b1776, d1789). Jakob Morén then had five children: Anna Morén (b abt 1800), Karl Morén (b abt 1801), Erik Morén (b1807), Lisa Morén (b 1813), and Clara Morén (b 1815).

Karl Morén then had three children: Anna Morén, (b 1828), Eva Morén (b1831), and Johannes Morén (b 1833). Also, Erik Morén had five children: Johan Morén (b 1830), Erika Morén (b 1832), Karl Morén (b 1835), Albert Morén (b 1838), and Johanna Morén (b 1844).

Erik Morén's son Johan Morén had four children: Carl and Emma Morén (twins, born 02 May 1860), Erik Morén (b 10 Dec 1861), and Franz Morén (b 29 Oct 1865).

Franz Morén then had eleven children: Emil Morén (b 1907), Greta Morén (b 1909), Erik Morén (b 1911), Inga Morén, Tora Morén (b 1914), Thure Morén, Alf Rune Morén (b 1917), Vivan Morén, Henry Morén (b 1921), Alva Morén, Karl Runar Morén (b 1920).

Greta Morén had one son: Roger Peterson (b 1937), and he is the father of my wife, Kathrin Peterson (b 1971).

I would love to know of anyone who fits into this family tree somehow!