Posted By:Israel Thomas Jacobs
Subject:Looking back
Post Date:September 07, 2001 at 10:18:10
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In 1990 I was living in Chico California and I came across a wonderful girl named Lisa Radtke (that may be Radke, it has been so long). Lisa at the time was an aerobics instuctor at The Body Shop, a local fitness center, as well as a student at Butte College. I went to school at Butte from 1990 to 1991 and I also was a member at the fitness center, my name is Thomas. One night at a party our paths crossed. I introduced myself formally and if she hadn't at least seen me at school or at the gym,(I was 19 and unable to keep my eyes off of her, nothing disrespectful), I made sure that I was going to at least talk to her before I finished that school year. All I believe I said was that I had seen her at school as well as at the fitness center and that without being to forward I mentioned that I thought she was really quite beautiful (at that time my words may have not been so eloquent)and that if she would consider it I wanted to take her out to dinner because I wanted to get to know each other. Lisa said yes! I never called her, even though I knew her number was in the phone book (not sure if she told me that or if I obsessed a little at that time), quite simply I couldn't believe she would like to have had dinner with me. At that time I wasn't the most confident guy on the planet, but I wasn't hard to look at. I finished the following semester and have only been back to Chico once, I love the town for so much more that just it's reputation, but I really only miss taking Lisa to dinner. I've never tried to contact her, but since I've had a computer the last few years I have always wanted to see if I could find her, if for nothing else to say that by saying yes to dinner you made me the most excited I had ever been. So much so that I panicked and never spoke to you again. I hope your life has been wonderful since way back then and that your goals have become reality, I'd still like to take you to dinner but I'm well aware that my opportunity has passed and if you ever did read this, I rather you know that I'm not trying to get some kind of second chance,(I'd love to talk to you in person but that is beside the point of this posting), instead I would just like to share with you that ten years ago I met the most beautiful young woman I had ever seen, and that beyond your physical beauty, I just knew that you had a beautiful heart to match.