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Subject:WW1 draft registration cards part 2
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Forum:Rigsby Family Genealogy Forum
Forum URL: recently released a database of the WW1 draft
registration cards. Almost every male in the US who was
born between 1877 and 1900 filled out a card. Here are all
the Rigsby entries for Nebraska to West Virginia.


So far I have looked only at the index, not all the actual
cards. The cards contain additional information, such as
address, relatives' names, and usually a signature. If you
would like me to look up a particular one, just let me

With very few exceptions, I have kept the spelling on the
index. Don't forget to search for variations.

R-numbers shown here relate to my database. I have further
information on anyone with an R-number. If you know more
about anyone without an R-number, please contact me.

"B" after a date indicates Black or Colored.

Douglas Co NE
Roy Rigsby 1874-03-09

Elko Co NV
William Rigsby 1876-03-03 [R57.3.2.4]
Stanley Jr Rigsby 1889-04-07 NV [R57.3.2.4]

White Pine Co NV
Frank Leroy Rigsby 1882-05-14

Salem Co NJ
David Riggsbe 1882-05-03 B

New York Co NY
Robert Riggsby 1888-08-17 KY [R17.]

Alamance Co NC
James William Riggsbee 1898-12-26
Roy Wade Hampton Riggsbee 1893-12-06 NC

Buncombe Co NC
Jessey Joseph Rigsby 1876-08-11

Caswell Co NC
Lacy Cager Rigsbee 1900-12-08

Chatham Co NC
Alphonso Riggsbee 1879-01-11 B [R97.10]
Alvis J Riggsbee 1877-10-28 [R06.]
Charlie Albert Riggsbee 1881-08-02
Charlie O Riggsbee 1876-07-19 [R51.3.3.2]
Clyde Randel Rigsbee 1891-09-06 NC
Commie Riggsbee 1889-01-03 NC B [R97.3.5]
Connie Riggsbee 1895-06-30 NC B
Dolphus Rigsbee 1899-03-02 B [R99.5.3]
Donnie Rigsbee 1886-07-04 NC B
Edward Wesley Riggsbee 1874-08-25 [R51.5.2.1]
Eugene Rigsbee 1882-07-02 B
Farnie Rigsbee 1894-08-xx NC B
Foy Riggsbee 1900-07-xx B
Fred Riggsbee 1896-06-05 NC B
Frederick Riggsbee 1888-08-22 NC [R06.]
Gertie Rigsbee 1893-01-06 NC B
Grady Rigsbee 1899-04-26 B [R97.3.9, I think]
Harris N Riggsbee 1883-07-16
Hasie Rigsbee 1888-05-22 NC B
Haywood Rigsbee 1894-06-18 NC B [R97.1.5]
Jay Hugh Rigsbee 1894-02-xx NC B
Joseph Talton Riggsbee 1887-02-13 NC [R06.6.5.4]
Luther Malcom Riggsbee 1876-09-03 [R06.]
Manion Judson Rigsbee 1890-04-11 NC
Ralph Mason Riggsbee 1879-06-06 [R06.]
Thomas Riggsbee 1896-06-xx NC B
Thomas Vernon Riggsbee 1877-09-11 [R51.5.2.2]
Tommie Y Riggsbee 1879-08-23 [R51.3.3.3]
Wescott Rigsbee 1888-11-23 NC

Durham Co NC
Allen J Rigsbee 1890-07-02 NC [R33.5.2.1]
Arthur Rigsbee 1895-04-01 NC B
Arthur Clyde Rigsbee 1897-07-28 NC [R70.7.4.1]
Arthur Wescott Rigsbee 1878-12-11 [R06.]
Barley Aiken Rigsbee 1876-04-11 [R70.7.4]
Charles Weldon Rigsbee 1886-05-27
Clarence Dixon Rigsbee 1879-12-18 [R20.4.7.1]
Commie Winton Rigsbee 1880-06-21 [R06.]
Egar Gustave Rigsbee 1884-04-06 [R06., I think]
Hubert Rigsbee 1894-10-01 NC [R51.3.4.8]
James E Rigsbee 1897-07-05 NC [R33.5.2.3]
James Maben Rigsbee 1890-05-10 NC
John Atlas Rigsbee 1892-03-15 NC B
Joseph Albert Riggsbee 1888-05-29 NC [R06.]
Joseph Martin Rigsbee 1880-09-25 [R68.1.1]
Lonnie Sidney Rigsbee 1877-12-03
Luther Jackson Rigsbee 1848-01-01 [R06.1.9.8; date wrong]
Percey Rigsbe 1896-08-08 NC B
Robert Rigsbee 1884-04-28
Thomas Herbert Rigsbee 1875-12-18
Thomas William Rigsbee 1887-03-15 NC [R20.4.6.4]
Waren Rigsbee 1896-12-14 NC B
William Edgar Rigsbee 1887-12-17 NC
Willie Rigsbee 1892-05-09 NC

Hoke Co NC
Dewey Almer Riggsby 1899-03-26

Lee Co NC
Harrison Cleveland Riggsbee 1885-09-28
Stanley Ellwood Riggsbee 1887-10-02 NC

Madison Co NC
Bob Rigsby 1877-05-12
Charlie Rigsby 1897-04-19 NC
Fred Rigsby 1899-01-16
Henry Rigsby 1876-06-12
Loyd Rigsby 1900-05-14
Thomas Rigsby 1883-06-12

Orange Co NC
Herbert Cree Riggsbee 1898-04-12 [R06.]
James Edward Riggsbee 1877-12-30 [R06.]
Jessie John Riggsbee 1880-05-16 [R06.6.2.2]
Joseph William Riggsbee 1889-02-27 NC [R51.3.3.6]
Lonnie Riggsbee 1890-07-15 NC B
Lucian Eric Riggsbee 1891-01-01 NC [R51.3.4.7]
Nenme Winston Riggsbee no date NC [R06.]
S Everet Riggsbee 1888-07-22 NC
Walter Gaston Riggsbee 1884-12-28 [R06.]
Walter Milton Riggsbee 1881-09-24
Willie Alvis Riggsbee 1889-08-31 NC

Pamlico Co NC
William Isaac Rigsbee 1887-12-26 NC

Wake Co NC
Acie Bryan Rigsbee 1899-06-21
Adolphus Benjamin Riggsbee 1881-02-14
Alonzo Dallas Riggsbee 1895-10-29 NC
Arthur Eugene Riggsbee 1881-03-14 [R06.1.9.9]
Claud Riggsbee 1883-01-15 [R20.]
Ernest Washington Rigsbee 1878-10-xx
James Ivey Riggsbee 1889-08-10 NC
Lee William Rigsbee 1893-04-04 NC
Nommie C Rigsby 1892-04-28 NC
Thomas Wrenn Rigsbee 1875-07-22 [R06.]
Willaim Earley Riggsbee 1900-03-24
Wilson Syon Rigsbee 1878-10-17

Cuyahoga Co OH
William Herman Rigsby 1887-10-08 TN [R14.]

Franklin Co OH
William Quincy Rigsby 1885-12-19 [R14.5.(5).2.4]

Hamilton Co OH
Ed Arold Rigsby 1881-11-27
Bert Rigsby TN
Brooks Rigsby c1896 IN
Frank Rigsby 1888-07-19 IL

Madison Co OH
Thurman Rigsby 1892-03-05 KY [R17.]

Pickaway Co OH
Alonzo Oliver Riggsby 1880-02-29
Leander Franklin Rigsby 1889-04-23 KY [R17.]

Scioto Co OH
Alonzo Roscoe Rigsby 1884-01-01 [R17.]
Alva Bryan Rigsby 1896-08-10 KY [R17.]
Hubert Rigsby 1891-11-12 KY [R17.]
Lon Rigsby 1894-11-12 KY [R17.]

Cherokee Co OK
John Rigsby 1892-06-10 MO

Coal Co OK
Erasmus William Rigsby 1874-10-31 [R05.]

Comanche Co OK
Charlie Cleavland Rigsby 1884-06-27

Creek Co OK
Dallas Lock Rigsbee 1880-11-17 [R02.]

Hughes Co OK
Edward Johnson Rigsby 1877-10-01

Jackson Co OK
Boone Rigsby 1896-11-04 TX
James Halon Rigsby 1882-01-25 [maybe R11.6.8.3]
John Phillip Rigsby 1899-03-26
William Roland Rigsby 1892-11-13 TX [Irish]

McClain Co OK
Harlan Glaze Rigsby 1880-03-21

Muskogee Co OK
Frank Rigsby 1875-11-03 [R56.1.2.4. I think]
Harold Homer Rigsby 1898-10-12

Oklahoma Co OK
Harry Everett Rigsby xxxx-10-10
James F Rigsby 1897-10-30

Osage Co OK
Grover Rigsby 1889-03-15 KS

Payne Co OK
Sylvester V Rigsby 1881-01-08 [R05.]

Pittsburg Co OK
Hilliard Rigsby 1892-12-23 AR B

Pottawatomie Co OK
Cecil D Rigsby 1888-03-19 KY
Sat William Rigsby 1879-03-08

Sequoyah Co OK
Cam S Rigsby 1887-11-04 AR [R05.]
Earnest Rigsby 1885-01-31 [R05.]
Harry Rigsby 1892-10-24 AR [R05.]
Joe Rigsby 1872-09-23 [R05.]

Tulsa Co OK
Oscar R Rigsbee 1885-10-27 [R02.]
Walter Rigsby 1890-06-07 KS

Douglas Co OR
Wallace Louis Rigsby 1875-06-15 [R26.7.10]

Allegheny Co PA
Ambrose H Rigsby 1885-02-10 [R74.9.6]
John Petter Rigsby 1878-05-14

Fayette Co PA
George Franklin Rigsbee 1881-11-27 B

Bledsoe Co TN
Alford Rigsby 1880-08-29 [R14.]
Cecil Bancroft Rigsby 1893-04-12 TN [R14.]
Herman Barnett Rigsby no date [R14.]
John Franklin Rigsby 1897-03-22 TN [R14.]
Levi Homer Rigsby 1891-09-06 TN [R14.]
Loyd Roy Rigsby 1894-01-22 TN
William Farley Rigsby 1887-07-23 TN [R14.]

Blount Co TN
John Thomas Rigsby 1889-06-05 TN

Cannon Co TN
George Rigsby 1872-09-12 [R14.11.4.5]
Hushel B Rigsby 1893-10-19 TN [R14.]

Carroll Co TN
Andrew Tolbert Rigsbey 1873-12-24
Charlie Hensley Rigsbey 1877-11-18
Earlie Hugh Rigsby 1892-04-28 TN
Frances Emett Rigsby 1894-10-29 TN
L Roscoe Rigsby 1884-12-05
Loy Rigsby 1897-05-21 TN

Coffee Co TN
Claud Allmon Rigsby 1881-07-13 [R14.7.12.3]

Crockett Co TN
Thomas Riggsbee 1884-09-26

Davidson Co TN
Floyd Willett Rigsby 1898-01-24
Henry Clay Riggsbee 1873-10-15 [R06.7.7.6, I think]
John Rigsby 1900-10-17

DeKalb Co TN
Meryen Loss Rigsbey 1880-08-09 [R02.]
Isaac S Rigsby 1877-01-31 [R14.]
Jame D Rigsby 1897-06-27 TN
Lawrence Rigsby 1891-03-22 TN
Samuel Bethel Rigsby 1883-11-24 [R02.]
William Wade Rigsby 1885-01-01

Dyer Co TN
Ollie Rigsby 1889-03-02 TN

Hamilton Co TN
James Bass Rigsby 1887-07-05 TN [R14.]
Charley Mitchell Rigsby 1890-06-26 GA [R14.]

Henry Co TN
Arzo Rigsby 1890-10-06 TN [R14.]
Dossie Roy Rigsby 1897-02-16 TN [R14.]

Knox Co TN
Austin E Rigsby 1889-10-12 TX
Luther Clyde Rigsby 1891-11-09 TN

Lawrence Co TN
A Payton Rigsby 1878-09-04 [R14.]
Dock Rigsby 1888-06-09 TN [R14.]
Ferd Alexander Rigsby 1886-03-30 [R14.]
James Monroe Rigsby 1880-02-12 [R14.]
Samuel Turney Rigsby 1880-05-08 [R14.]
Thady C Rigsby 1890-02-08 TN [R14.]

Lincoln Co TN
Marshall Rigsby 1890-06-26 AL [R35.]

Marshall Co TN
William Tildon Rigsby 1878-11-27 [R14.]

Maury Co TN
Roy Franklin Rigsby 1881-08-21

Putnam Co TN
Enock Frances Riggsby 1874-07-10 [R14.]

Rhea Co TN
Charlie Harrison Rigsby 1892-02-29 TN [R14.]
Nelson Monroe Rigsby 1888-11-11 TN
Walter Harold Rigsby 1897-09-19 [R14.]
Weel Walker Rigsby 1883-10-18

Robertson Co TN
Clarence Clem Riggsbee 1896-03-26 TN
Herschel Warren Rigsbee 1892-01-22 TN
James William Rigsbee 1889-12-17 TN
John Rigsby c1883 [R86.3.2]
Lonnie Bourbon Rigsbee 1876-04-08
Ollie Rigsbee 1896-07-19 TN
Walter Morris Riggsbee 1890-03-03 TN

Rutherford Co TN
Balum Andrew Rigsby 1875-09-23 [R14.11.4.6]
Floyd Tilford Rigsby 1900-04-30 [R14.]
Thomas Cosby Rigsby 1900-03-01 [R14.]

Scott Co TN
Delta Barstow Rigsby 1894-12-06 TN [R14.5.(5).1.3]
John William Rigsby 1890-06-01 TN [R14.]

Sequatchie Co TN
Fred Dillard Rigsby 1884-11-18
John Hammond Rigsby 1884-06-17 [R14.5.(5).1.2]
Sam Rigsby 1891-10-20 TN [R14.6.4.2]

Shelby Co TN
Clarence Herbert Rigsby 1883-03-09 [R05.]
Carzie Edmons Rigsby 1890-10-04 TN
Elbert Losson Rigsby 1876-12-16

Smith Co TN
Cordell Hull Rigsby 1900-02-15
David Rigsby 1891-03-03 TN
Hughey Rigsby 1887-06-11 TN [R14.]
James Rigsby 1884-05-08 [R14.]
Monroe James Rigsby 1894-09-01 TN
Sam Rigsby 1886-05-24 [R14.]
Stanley Alexander Rigsby 1887-10-03 TN [R05.]

Sumner Co TN
Guy Vernon Riggsby 1890-08-31 TN [R06.7.7.9]
Virgil Jones Riggsbee 1880-07-06 [R06.7.8.4]

Warren Co TN
George Haskell Rigsby 1891-10-16 TN [R14.7.12.6]
John R Rigsby 1886-06-15 TN [R14.7.12.4]
Will Lawson Rigsby 1882-03-13
William Rigsby 1879-08-13

Washington Co TN
Charles Rigsby 1899-03-05
Willaim Marnard Rigsby 1881-04-27

White Co TN
Esquire Loise Rigsby 1874-03-08 [R14.]
John Henry Rigsby 1876-06-09 [R14.]
John Taylor Rigsby 1900-06-11
Levi Rigsby 1896-11-13 TN [R14.]
Thomas Rigsby 1891-10-01 TN [R14.]

Bell Co TX
George Rigsby 1891-11-13 TX [Ethiopian]

Cass Co TX
William Thomas Rigsby 1880-05-30

Cherokee Co TX
Henry Rigsby 1887-10-17

Clay Co TX
George Eartle Rigsby 1889-12-09 IN
William Clarkson Rigsby 1880-03-06

Collin Co TX
Glea Arthur Rigsby 1898-06-01 [R35.]
Henry Blaine Rigsby 1884-10-10 [R14.]
R R Rigsby 1896-06-16 TX [R35. Raymond]
Vernon Rigsby 1900-07-28 [R35.]

Cooke Co TX
Gus Rigsby 1900-03-26
Phillip Rigsby 1889 TX

Dallas Co TX
Andrew Ralph Rigsby 1885-05-27 [R06.1.9.11]
Tom Rigsby 1880-06-xx B

Falls Co TX
John Rigsby 1889-12-25 TX [Ethiopian]

Fannin Co TX
Charlie E Rigsby 1886-06-19 TX [R05.]
Claude Elbridge Rigsby 1883-10-21 [R05.]
Walter Linzy Rigsby 1884-10-13 [R05.]

Galveston Co TX
Elias Rigsby 1884-08-01 B
Manuel Gasprin Rigsby 1900-02-05 B
Sylvester Jones Rigsby 1879-09-25 B
Thomas Henry Rigsby 1881-11-17 B
Zack Scott Rigsby 1882-12-29 B

Grayson Co TX
William Mose Rigsby 1897-06-12 TN [R14.]

Grimes Co TX
Sob Rigsby 1896-02-10 TX B
Tobe Rigsby 1891-02-15 TX [really Rigby]

Hall Co TX
William Louis Rigsby 1873-05-06 [R35.3.5.1]

Hood Co TX
Joseph Arvil Rigsby 1896-09-12 KY

Jasper Co TX
Frank Tucker Rigsby 1892-08-10 TX [R35.3.5.10]

Jefferson Co TX
Charlie Samuel Rigsby 1881-11-05 [R35.3.8.2]
Wiley Thomas Rigsby 1880-11-10 [R35.3.8.1]
Earle S Rigsby 1895-01-21 TX

Johnson Co TX
Frank Alexander Rigsbay 1873-02-22
James Edward Rigsbay 1900-01-08

Limestone Co TX
Clyde Rigsby 1894-12-25 TX B
George Olis Rigsby 1894-01-06 TX [R02.]
Jim Rigsby 1893-10-xx TX B
John Calhoun Rigsby 1881-07-30 [R02.]

Madison Co TX
Jesse Lee Rigsby 1898-05-24 B
Rufus Rigsby 1894-01-13 TX B
Sam Rigsby 1892-01-02 TX B

Nacogdoches Co TX
Calvin Rigsby 1889-07-20 AL [R11.6.8.7]

Navarro Co TX
Elmer H Rigsby 1897-06-16 TX [R02.]
James William Rigsby 1879-11-17

Palo Pinto Co TX
Archie Arnold Rigsby 1885-04-23 [R05.]
James Ira Rigsby 1887-10-30 KY
Lonnie A Rigsby 1886-01-25
Thomas Eurrah Rigsby 1893-11-20 TX [R05.]

Pecos Co TX
James Edward Rigsbee 1893-09-05 TX [R02.]

Rockwall Co TX
Dink Walker Rigsby 1878-05-11
Jiney Rigsby 1886-12-22 TX B

San Augustine Co TX
Lewis Rigsby 1895-10-02 TX [R35.]
Virgil Rigsby 1893-01-03 TX [R35.]

Smith Co TX
Prentice Rigsby 1888-05-11 TX [R35.]

Tarrant Co TX
Van Rigsbay 1885-02-15 [R56.1.2.8]

Tyler Co TX
Charlie Alexander Rigsby 1891-09-22 TX B
Dan Rigsby 1882-01-22 B
Eugene Rigsby 1883-03-12 B
Floid Rigsby 1900-04-02 B
Johnie Calvin Rigsby 1893-12-22 TX B
William Rigsby 1896-08-04 TX

Wichita Co TX
Isah C Rigsbay 1878-11-04 [R56.1.2.6]
Forrest Earl Rigsby 1887-04-15 IN
Grover Davol Rigsby 1884-12-01

Campbell Co VA
Malachi Cephus Riggsbee 1875-07-10 [R51.3.4.2]

Dickenson Co VA
William Alfred Riggsby 1886-10-29 VA

Dinwiddie Co VA
Matthew Monroe Rigsbee 1891-09-26 NC [R06.]

Fluvanna Co VA
Ivanhoe Rigsby 1880-05-17
Laster Rigsby 1895-05-18 VA
Richard Fleming Rigsby 1880-09-22

Goochland Co VA
Earlie Austin Rigsby 1895-05-04 VA [R13.]
Jennie Elmer Rigsby 1886-11-19 VA [R13.]
Leslie Clyde Rigsby 1893-03-19 VA [R13.]
Norvell Jackson Rigsby 1887-01-10 VA [R13.]
Ray Dewey Rigsby 1899-08-17 [R13.]
Robert Lee Rigsby 1899-03-22 [R13.]
Roye Clinton Rigsby 1890-03-07 VA [R13.]

Lee Co VA
Charles Orben Rigsby 1881-03-15 [R26.3.6.4]
George Basil Rigsby xxxx-03-22 VA [maybe R26.3.6.10]
John Henry Rigsby 1887-03-12 VA [R26.3.6.7]

Louisa Co VA
Charles Samel Rigsby 1877-01-26 [R13.]
Clarence Wesley Rigsby 1891-08-07 VA [R13.]
Noel O Rigsby 1882-05-31
Ollie Coleman Rigsby 1878-09-25 [R13.]
Samuel Walter Rigsby 1885-09-09 [R13.]

Norfolk Co VA
James Romey Rigsby 1899-07-20
Joseph H Rigsby 1886-10-08 NC
Robert Lee Riggsby 1893-11-28 NC
William Arthur Rigsby 1884-02-20

Powhatan Co VA
Everette Jackson Rigsby 1899-09-08 [R13.]
Thomas Jackson Rigsby 1876-03-20 [R13.]

Richmond Co VA
Elton John Rigsby 1898-03-28 [R06.]
Felix Rigsbee 1900-08-05 [R06.]

Smyth Co VA
Howard Rigsby 1896-04-20 VA
Thomas Jess Rigsby 1899-03-13

Warwick Co VA
Earnest Hugh Riggsbee 1882-09-22 [R06.1.9.10]

Wise Co VA
Lee Rigsby 1892-02-15 VA
Lewis H Rigsbee 1895-12-22 NC [R06.]
Edgar T Rigsby 1888-06-01 VA [R13.]
Herndon E Rigsby 1891-03-11 VA [R13.]
Harvie Lee Rigsbee 1893-03-27 VA
John Wesley Rigsbee 1895-01-07 NC [R97.3.7]
Lonnie May Rigsbee 1892-05-01 NC
Walter B Rigsbee 1890-12-27 NC

King Co WA
Horace Lawson Rigsby 1879-03-11 [R14.5.(5).4.2]

Spokane Co WA
James Walter Rigsby 1878-12-04 [R05.5.7.1]

Walla Walla Co WA
McKinley Fox Rigsby 1894-07-30 TN B
Raney Dan Rigsby 1895-12-30 TN B

Whitman Co WA
Charley Wyckleff Rigsby 1884-10-19 [R05.5.9.6]

Greenbrier Co WV
Henry H Rigsby 1878-05-18 [R26.7.2.1]
James Rigsby 1881-02-26 [R26.7.2.2]
John Rigsby 1894-04-08 VA [R26.7.2.7]
William S Rigsby 1891-09-13 VA [R26.7.2.6]

Logan Co WV
James Franklin Rigsby 1892-12-16 NC
Rufus Riggsby 1878-02-16 [R17.]

McDowell Co WV
William Rigsby 1878-07-12 [R20.4.4.6, I think]

Mingo Co WV
Frank Rigsby 1882-03-07 B

Nicholas Co WV
Basil Duke Rigsby 1882-12-15 [R26.7.3.2]
Joseph Lake Rigsby 1885-12-30 [R26.7.3.3, I think]
Summers Beverly Rigsby 1880-01-21 [R26.7.12]
William Henry Rigsby 1873-02-17 [R26.7.9]

Ohio Co WV
Robert James Rigsby 1881-08-16

Pocahontas Co WV
Alexander Rigsby 1884-03-23 [R26.7.2.3]

Wayne Co WV
Ossie Rigsby 1887-06-12 KY

Webster Co WV
David Willington Rigsby 1877-11-05 [R26.7.4.2]
Erastus Brown Rigsby 1879-04-03 [R26.7.4.3]
Frederick Earl Rigsby 1887-03-12 WV [R26.7.4.6]