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WARNING: I can't guarantee that all the information here
is correct.


Louisa County, Va. Probate Records

Book: 4, Page: 134, William Rigsby, Type: Will, Date: 28-May-1800
Wilson Adams one of the exors of William Rigsby's will dated 28 May 1800.

[must be R13]


William C Rigsby of Goochland Co VA
+ 1776-02-22 Susannah Adams d/o George Adams (+ Aggie Harris?)

William and Susannah had the following children:

ii.William (Billie) RIGSBY was born in
Goochland CO Virginia in 1781 and on 24
JUN 1801 married Lucy ADAMS. They moved
to Garrard County, Kentucky to live and raise
their family. William is believed died in the 1860's.
iii.Samuel RIGSBY married twice, first 28 DEC
1803 to Susanna MURRER and second to
Ann THOMAS on 24 DEC 1805.
iv.David RIGSBY
v.Susanna RIGSBY married 25 AUG 1810 to
Meriwether J. THOMAS [c1790 VA d c1860 Goochland Co VA]


Louisa County Historical Society

Index To Volumes 1 - 30

Rigsby, Esther Leigh --- V27:71 [R13.]
Rigsby, Eugene --- V27:71
Rigsby, Eugene Dwight --- V27:71
Rigsby, G. S. --- V19:47 [R13.3.4.4 George]
Rigsby, George E. --- V27:72
Rigsby, George Edward --- V27:71
Rigsby, Harvy D. --- V27:71
Rigsby, Leslie P. --- V21-1:75
Rigsby, Margaret --- V27:71, 74
Rigsby, Nancy --- Census 2/1/42
Rigsby, Noel --- V27:74
Rigsby, Noel O. --- V27:71
Rigsby, Noel Oscar --- V27:71, 74
Rigsby, Robert Edward --- V27:71, 72
Rigsby, Susannah --- Census 4/44
Rigsby House, --- V27:71-75
Rigsbys, --- V16:78
Rigsbys, --- V27:74

[All the Rigsbys in Louisa Co are descended from William]


ii William above
+ 1801-06-24 Lucy Adams 1778-06-04 d/o John Adams + Susannah Parrish

1. Martha RIGSBY b: 1806 [married an Adams]
2. Susan RIGSBY b: 1810 in Ky
3. William H. RIGSBY b: 1815 in Ky d 1896-04-10 Garrard Co KY [married Margaret Kennedy]
4. Mary A. RIGSBY b: 1819/1820 in Garrard Co, Ky
5. David RIGSBY b: 1824 in Ky m [1849-12-18] Mary Polly Kennedy [1817-01-21 Garrard Co TN d/o Wells David II Kennedy + Margaret Faulkner]
6. John RIGSBY
7. Margaret RIGSBY m 1831-09-28 James B Johnson
8. Robert RIGSBY 1797 [married Lydia Kirkendoll] [is he really s/o William?]

They moved to Garrard Co KY.


Mary Kennedy who m ii.5 David above
first + Jeremiah Dollins

1 Margaret Elizabeth Dollins 1839 d 1860


ii.8 Robert above
+ 1826-06-15 Lydia Kirkendoll

1.James RIGSBY born 1829
2.Mary Jane RIGSBY born 1832 married 7 AUG 1860 Greenberry SPOONAMORE.
3.Sarah Ann RIGSBY born1835.
4.Robert Thomas RIGSBY born 1838 [1835-02-xx?]
5.Lydia RIGSBY born 1840.
6.Elvira RIGSBY born 1841.
7.Richard RIGSBY born 28 Aug 1846 died 1982 married Virgina Jane Murray, LEWIS.

ii.8.1 James
+ Sarah STARNS 1866

1.Mary Ann RIGSBY born 1848.
2.Elizabeth Jane RIGSBY born 1850.
3.James RIGSBY.
4.Sarah E. RIGSBY believed married 29 APR 1885 to Henry PEARCE.
5.Lydia Margaret RIGSBY born 14 JAN 1858 married 13 April 1878 James PRUITT.
6.Lauretta Alice RIGSBY born 1862.
7.Nancy RIGSBY born 1864.
8.Martha Susan RIGSBY born 1867.
9.John R. RIGSBY born 1874.

ii.8.4 Robert
+ 11 APR 1859 Elizabeth MURRAY [1837-11-xx KY] d/o William Murray + Louisa M Eads

[children born Rockcastle Co KY]

1.Sarah Catherine RIGSBY born 1861 [1860-08-27] died 17 JAN 1929 buried Wm Hysinger Cem.
2.William Robert RIGSBY born 1864-07 d 1903 Rockcastle Co KY
3.Thomas Riley RIGSBY born 1868 married 24 July 1889 Sarah E HURST.
4.Louisa RIGSBY born 1871 married 13 Jan 1887 Albert ROBERTS.
5.Lydia RIGSBY 1873.
6.Lucy RIGSBY born 23 NOV 1874.
7.Mary RIGSBY born 13 JAN 1878.
8.Tannie RIGSBY born 4 OCT 1880 died 18 FEB 1960 buried Oak Hill Cem
Rockcastle Co KY. married Albert ROBERTS.

ii.8.4.1 Sarah
+ 1878-07-10 John M. LEAR 1858-10-10 s/o Wesley Lear + Polly Cook

1.Virginia (Jenny) LEAR born 16 SEPT 1881 Rockcastle Co died 1 MAY
1915 Rockcastle Co KY. married 22 DEC 1897 Henry Green LOVINGS.
2.Elizabeth LEAR born 1 APR 1884 Rockcastle Co KY. died 14 MAR 1946
Rockcastle Co Ky. married 1 NOV 1901 Charles Thomas SPOONAMORE.
3.Victor LEAR born July 30. 1887, Rockcastle Co Ky died Nov 12, 1916
Rockcastle Co Ky. married Sept 22 1914 Rockcastle Co Ky Euna BOYD.
Victor LEAR and Euna BOYD.

+ 1898-02-06 William George CAPPS 1842-10-10 Rockcastle Co KY d 1924-04-11 Edgar Co IL s/o William Capps + Margaret Owens

4 Joseph Capps 1898-11-xx Rockcastle Co KY
5 Maggie Capps [c1901 KY]

ii.8.4.2 William Robert + 1885-05-07 Sarah Belle RAINWATER d/o Thomas H Rainwater + Mary Hyatt

1.William Franklin RIGSBY b. 11 Jun 1888 in Rockcastle Co., KY d 1964-05-02 Boyle Co KY
2.Bert George RIGSBY b. 30 Apr 1892 in Rockcastle Co., KY d 1957-02-07 Rockcastle Co KY
3.John Hardy RIGSBY b. 6 Jun 1894 in Rockcastle Co., KY d 1965-06-07 Rockcastle Co KY
4.Bettie RIGSBY b. Apr-1898 in Rockcastle Co., KY

ii.8.4.3 Thomas + 1889-07-24 Sarah Elizabeth Hurst c1870 KY d c1895 KY d/o John M Hurst + Louisa Evans

ii. George Rigsby 1885-08-02 Rockcastle Co KY d 1968-12-xx Paris IL
ii. Lou Rigsby (f) 1891-04-01 Rockcastle Co KY d 1979 Clinton IN

Thomas + 1896-12-28 Elizabeth Caine 1873-02-12 Rockcastle Co KY d 1951-10-01 Paris IL

ii. Thomas Rigsby 1896-04-29 d 1981-08-xx
ii. Carrie Rigsby 1898-12-03
ii. Ann Rigsby 1900-07-27 d 1977-01-13
ii. Charles [W] Rigsby 1905-01-20 d 1969-09-xx Chrisman IL
ii. Theodore Rigsby 1907-07-28 d 1972-08-xx Caveinrock IL
ii. Living Rigsby
ii. Abraham Rigsby 1909-12-06 d 1975-10-20
ii. Howard Rigsby 1911-02-11 d 1961-05-30
ii. Samuel Edward Rigsby 1917-03-30 d 1990-05-20 Clinton IN

ii.8.4.4 Louisa + 1887-01-13 Albert O Roberts 1861-10-xx Rockcastle Co KY d 1909 Rockcastle Co KY

1.Annie ROBERTS b. Mar-1887 in Rockcastle Co., KY
2.David ROBERTS b. Jan-1891 in Rockcastle Co., KY
3.Bertha ROBERTS b. Apr-1895 in Rockcastle Co., KY
4.Gertrude ROBERTS b. May-1897 in Rockcastle Co., KY
5.James G. ROBERTS b. Feb-1900 in Rockcastle Co., KY

ii.8.4.5 Lydia + 1893-09-16 John A Lovings 1869-10-17 d 1898-03-19 Rockcastle Co KY

1 Thomas Lovings 1895-04-xx Rockcastle Co KY

ii.8.4.8 Tannie + 18950-08-08 Albert H Roberts 1865-07-04 Rockcastle Co KY d 1948-08-21 Rockcastle Co KY

ii. Joseph Roberts b: 1897-06-xx Rockcastle Co KY
ii. Addie Roberts 1900-03-xx Rockcastle Co KY



James Rigsby c1829 KY
+ Sarah Starnes c1825 KY

1. Mary Ann Rigsby c1848 KY
2. Eliza Jane Rigsby 1850-02-xx KY
3. James F. Rigsby c1852 KY
4. Sarah E. Rigsby c1856 KY
5. Lydia Margaret Rigsby 1859-04-xx KY
6. Lauretta A. Rigsby c1862 KY
7. Nancy J. Rigsby c1864 KY
8. Martha S. Rigsby c1867 KY

1 Mary + (unknown) Todd

1.1. Mary E. Todd c1868 KY
1.2. Kitty B. Todd 1870-02-xx KY

Mary + William Asa Bryant

1.3. William Asa II Bryant 1884-05-06 Mt Vernon, Rockcastle Co KY d 1966-01-30 Mt Vernon, Rockcastle Co KY

5 Lydia + 1878-04-13 James S Prewitt 1850-10-17 KY d 1924-03-05 Rockcastle Co KY s/o John Jack Pruitt + Almina Murray

1. Fannie Pruitt 1880-10-13 Mt Vernon, Rockcastle Co KY d 1937-08-30 Mt Vernon, Rockcastley Co KY
2. Henry Lee Pruitt 1882-09-xx KY
3. Stephen Walker Pruitt 1883-08-xx KY
4. James S. Pruitt 1886-12-xx KY
5. Cleo Pruitt 1889-05-xx KY
6. Winnie Pruitt 1891-02-xx KY
7. Clevie Pruitt 1892-05-xx KY
8. Ida Pruitt 1895-02-xx KY
9. Lou Ann Pruitt 1896-09-xx KY
10. Jacob H. Pruitt 1899-03-xx KY
11. Sallie Pruitt c1900 KY
12. Lizzie Pruitt c1904 KY



Lincoln Co KY 1891-06-10 John Rigsby + Ida Bell


[wives of R13.2.1.4 Robert and R13.2.1.7 Richard]

note 121

1870 Federal Census Voting Dist 2, German? Sulphur P.O., Rockcastle, KY, 29 July 1870, p.
49, image 97 183/182, Murry, William 73 M W farmer Tennessee; Murry, Louisa 63
F W keeping house Virginia; Murry, William 15 M W works on farm KY. [they live near daughters
Elizabeth Rigsby and Jane Rigsby].

Rockcastle Co KY maillist


William G. Capps (1842-1924)-
married third to
Sarah Catherine Rigsby Lear and had probably 3 known
children. William G. Capps come to settle in Illinois &
Indiana & died in Illinois.

Capps genforum message 2675


I'm most interested in the Capps line that married into the Rigsby
family. Sarah Catherine (Rigsby) Lear born 1837 daughter of Robert
Thomas Rigsby and Elizabeth Catherine Murray married George W.
Capps 2/6/1898 in Rockcastle, county KY. They had a son Joseph
Capps. Joseph Capps may have lived out his life in or near Mecca,
Indiana. Sarah Catherine Rigsby Lear Capps had children from a
previous marriage to John M. Lear 7/10/1878: they are: Virginia
Lear married Henry Green Lovings, Elizabeth Lear married Charles
Thomas Spoonamore, Victor Lear married Euna Boyd.



Bert Rigsby 1892-04-30 Rockcastle Co KY d 1957-02-07 Rockcastle Co KY
+ Sarah Jane Ramsey 1897-03-11 Rockcastle Co KY d 1970-03-13 Rockcastle Co KY d/o William Ramsey + Fluary J Smith



Rigsby, John H.
Birth : 6 JAN 1894 Rockcastle Co., Ky
Death : 7 JUN 1965 Johnetta, Ky.
Gender: Male

+ 1914 BARNETT, Lillian B.
Birth : 28 AUG 1898 Wolf Creek Rd., Rockcastle Co., KY
Death : 31 MAR 1964 Johnetta Cem., Rockcastle Co., Ky
Gender: Female

Father: Barnett, James W.
Mother: CHASTEEN, Mary Eliza

Rigsby, Edd
Rigsby, Ethel
Rigsby, Reccie
Rigsby, Monroe
Rigsby, Lorene
Birth : 29 NOV 1926 Wolf Creek Rd., Rockcastle Co., Ky.
Death : 1928 Barnett Cem. Wolf Creek Rd., Rockcastle Co., Ky
Gender: Female
Rigsby, Marvin Ellis
Rigsby, Irene

Moore genforum message 11776

I'm searching for info on my great grandmother Manerva Moore. She married Frank
Cain & at one time lived in Kenton Co. Kentucky. Manerva died in the 1880's. Her
children were:
John Cain
Laura Cain - married George Reams
Rose Cain
Mary Cain- married Thomas "Tince" Rigsby
Loulie Cain widow of Hunter
Lissie Cain marries - Pat Riley.


Virginia genforum message 10183


We are searching for family of my grandmother Mary Elizabeth Caine born 2-12-1872
we think in Virginia. She married Thomas Riley Louis Rigsby. Thomas Riley Louis
Rigsby's real name does not include "Riley" that was an old Kentucky census

genforum message 191


Looking for pre family of Thomas L. Rigsby born 8-13-1858 in Crab
Orchard,KY & Mary Elizabeth Caine Rigbsy born 2-12-1873 in Brush
Creek,KY married 2-27-1894. Thomas Rigsby's first wife was possibly
Elizabeth Hurst they had two children George & Lou.

Rockcastle Co KY genforum message 157


Looking for information on Sarah Elizabeth Hurst she was the first wife of my
grandfather Thomas Louis Rigsby born in KY Married: on July 24, 1889 their
children are:
George Born: 8-2-1885 Died Dec.1968 Paris, Illinois and Lou Born: 4-1-1891 Died:
Clinton, Indiana 1979 Buried at Spangler Cemetery. Would love to have a photo of
Sarah Elizabeth Hurst.
Have pictures of Thomas George and Lou to share.

Rockcastle Co KY genforum message 159

2) Father Thomas L. Rigsby Marriage Date: July 24, 1989 Rockcastle
County KY
1) George and Lou Rigsby
2) Mother: Sarah Elizabeth HURST
3) Sarah's Father: Father: John Marion HURST
3) Sarah's mother: Louisa EVANS

Rockcastle Co KY genforum message 161

Sarah's second marriage was to Thomas L. RIGSBY, they had two
children: George Rigsby August 2, 1888 and Lou Rigsby Keltz April
1, 1891 - 1979



MARY ELIZABETH CAIN, b. February 12, 1873 d: October 11, 1951 - Lived in
Paris, IL in 1927; m. TINCE RIGSBY. �Tince� is a nick name of Thomas L.
Rigbsy - Mary Elizabeth Cain married on 2-28-1896 Thomas Louis Rigsby (30)
married. Elizabeth Cain (22) on 2/28 Feb 1896 (book 10 p. 344 and 345)
Rockcastle County, Kentucky. The wedding location was "Wildie, Kentucky".
Surety was W. F. Lambert. Witnesses were S. P. Durham and P. J. Pawley. H. H.
Wood married them in Rockcastle County KY - Mary is the daughter of Frank
Cain and Minirva Vastine Lindsey. Mary Elizabeth died 10-1-1951 in Paris,
Illinois. Cause of death: Cerebral hemorrhage - vessel unknown, hypertension,

Virginia genforum message 19630


Searching for information on Pur Andrew Rigsby (October 9, 1870 - May 3, 1969) was
a very well-known man in Rockcastle County Kentucky during his lifetime. He was
born and grew up on his parent's farm which was located in the Brindle Ridge section
of the county. He was the son of Richard "Dick" Rigsby and Virginia Jane Murray
Lewis. Virginia Jane Murray Lewis was the daughter of William & Louisa Murray.
Virginia Jane Murray Lewis
had a brother named Charles that we know of that later lived in Illinois. Have a few
old pictures to share.



Brindle Ridge: The Rigsby Connection 1903

Submitted by without prejudice Kate Cain Rigbsy Bynum

Purr Andrew Rigsby, along with his first cousin William Robert Rigsby nicknamed �Jack�, son of
Robert Thomas Rigbsy and Elizabeth Catherine �Cat� Murray, had become involved in an
argument with three men while visiting Winstead�s Camp in Mount Vernon, Kentucky (see
photo in Photos section). The three men left before Purr and Jack, so they could lie in ambush along
the road. When they come by, Greeley Lear fired his gun and instantly killed Jack. Purr jumped
from his horse to the ground so he could return the deadly gunfire. Purr killed one man. The others
ran down the road with Purr chasing them. Soon, Armp Roland fell dead, a twenty-one year old
victim to Purr�s smoking gun. Soon, a trail followed. My great grandfather Watt Rigbsy said his
mother and father (Purr and Lucy Rigbsy) hitched up the horses and wagon to go to the trial each
day for several weeks.

Purr never served a jail sentence, for he was judged innocent on self-defense.

Greeley Lear. On the other hand, served nearly seven years for murdering William Robert �Jack�
Rigsby . He swore that he would kill Purr when he got out of jail. (Greeley Lear & Purr Rigbsy
was both around thirty years old.)

At this time, Mrs. Maggie Lear�s home was the community post office and barber shop. As
Greeley was released from jail, he spread word that he still had a grudge against Purr to settle.

Days later, Purr went to the post office, got his mail, and chatted with the postmaster. He�d been
seen by Greeley, who was getting his hair cut. It is said that he jumped up from the barbers chair
and grabbed his gun, and said, �I�m going to kill Purr Rigsby.� Running into the post office part of
the building where Purr was talking, Greeley yelled �Purr, turn around�! When he did, Greeley
shot Purr in the chest. Purr then ripped open his coat, pulled out a gun he�d hidden there, and shot
Greeley in the bowels. Greeley was taken home by some friends as Purr rode home on his horse
and went to bed.

With little advancement in medicine in the rural areas, surgery could not be preformed. The local
doctor merely shook his head and said both men would die. Some reason�s given to support this
was the hot, dry weather which usually caused wounds to become rotten. The old doc was half
right; Greeley Lear did die and was buried near Armp Roland. Purr, however, survived and
carried Greeley�s bullet in one of his lungs until he died, nearing his ninety-ninth birthday.

Purr Rigsby is buried at the Brodhead Christian Church Cemetery in Brodhead, Kentucky
Paris Greeley Lear is buried at John Moss Cemetery in Hiatt area of Brindle Ridge, Kentucky

Written By: a Great Great Grandson of Purr Rigbsy

Kate Cain-Rigbsy-Bynum�s note: Article appeared in the Mt Vernon Signal Ky., newspaper
October 8, 1897. Man being charged with William Robert �Jack� Rigsby's murder was Greeley
Lear.Armp Rowland was a cousin to Greeley Lear, and they were both raised by their
grandmother. Greeley Lear�s tombstone says he died March 17, 1903. This might have been a
"family" type feud since so many Lear's married with Rigsby's. There is rumor now that the
argument might have started over a 'dog."



5. James J STIGALL (b.1848;d.1929) s/o James Jefferson Stigall + Almira Fish
sp: Mary Susan RIGSBY


ii.4 Mary above
+ 1850-02-02 William W Miller 1807 Garrard Co KY d 1894-01-xx Garrard Co KY s/o Daniel Miller + Margaret Devise

ii.4.1. Malinda S. MILLER 1842
ii.4.2. Zerilda MILLER 1843 d 1910-02-12
ii.4.3. Daniel M. MILLER 1844
ii.4.4. Mary S. MILLER 1848
ii.4.5. John T. MILLER 1852 Garrard Co Ky d 1926
ii.4.6. James Franklin MILLER 1853-12-13 Drakes Creek, Garrard Co Ky d 1933-03-09
ii.4.7. Nancy E. MILLER 1855-08-27 Drakes Creek, Garrard Co Ky d 1898-11-29
ii.4.8. Elizabeth A. MILLER 1857-07-14 Garrard Co Ky
ii.4.9. George W. MILLER 1860-03-xx Garrard Co Ky d 1930-12-15


ii.3 William above
+ 1847-11-04 Margaret Kennedy 1826-11-20 Garrard Co KY d 1880 Garrard Co KY d/o David Wells II Kennedy + Margaret Faulkner

b. July 18, 1848; d. March 16, 1922. [m 1868 Frederick Green Shaw]

ii. ELIZA Jane RIGSBY, b. 1850-06-18 d 1924-04-14; m. 1871-03-14 SIDNEY BOON CONN.


Elija Rigsby, born 1849 and she
married Sidney Boone Conn. Source
noted 10 children.

iii. MARGARET A RIGSBY, b. April 11, 1851; d. March 16, 1922; m. 1871-06-10 BENJAMIN T. LUNSFORD.


Margaret Rigsby, born April 11th,
1851 and died march 16th, 1922.
She married Ben T. Lunsford. Mr.
Lunsford was born November 13th,
1850 and died July 27th, 1933. They
are buried in Preacherville
Cemetery. Source showed 11


Burial: Preacherville Cem.

iv. AMELIA JANE RIGSBY, b. November 14, 1852 KY; d. September 09, 1936;
m. 1873-10-16 DAVID GORDON II ROSS.


Amelia Rigsby, born November
14th, 1852 and died September 9th,
1936. She married Dave G. Ross
who was born October 10th, 1843
and died September 8th, 1902. They
had 11 children.

v. MOLLY RIGSBY, b. 1854.


Molly Rigsby, born 1854 (Molly
shows on the Census but I think this
is actually Mary Elizabeth Rigsby
since Molly is a nickname for the
name Mary.)

[note from Ken: Mary and Molly are listed separately on the census]

vi. JOHN WILLIAM RIGSBY, b. 1854 KY d 1932 Chesterfield IL;
m. 1877-01-31 ANNA ELIZA CONN.

vii. HARRIET E. RIGSBY, b. December 10, 1856 KY; d. February 28, 1929;
m. 1877-02-22 JAMES GENTRY HAWLEY.


She married Gentry Hawley and the
source shows they had 6 children.

viii. LUCY FRANCES RIGSBY, b. February 26, 1858, Garrard Co, KY; d. June 01, 1940 Callahan Co TX;
m. JAMES SAMUEL ANDERSON, September 30, 1880, Garrard Co., KY.

Notes for LUCY F. RIGSBY:

They had 9 Children

ix. DAVID JOSEPH RIGSBY, b. 1860-09-10 KY d 1935-01-09;

x. JAMES THOMAS RIGSBY, b. 1863-04-23 Preachersville KY d 1929-08-26 Chesterfield IL;
m. 1880-05-13 CARRIE C ADAMS.
m2 1900 Anne Daisy Snidle


They had 6 children

xi. ROBERT H RIGSBY, b. 1866 KY d 1946-01-10 Chesterfield IL;


They lived in Illinois and source
shows No Children

xii. ANDREW (ANDY) SAMUEL RIGSBY, b. 1868 KY d 1928 IL;


Andrew S. rigsby (Andy), born 1868
married Janie Likens, a sister to the
wife of David joseph Rigsby above.
They show to have had 4 children.
Andy's second wife was Allie Barron
and source shows they had 5-6

-- board message 115


I believe my great grandmother`s name was Lisa Jane Conn who married John
William Rigsby in Louisville, Kentucky. My grandmother, Alice Snidle maried
Henry Clay Rigsby {L.J.Conn`s son} on January 1. 1900 in Illinois.


ii.3.viii Lucy Frances Rigsby above
+ 1880-09-20 James Samuel Anderson 1860-11-20 Garrard Co KY [d 1957-08-23 near Anson TX s/o William Edward Anderson + Margaret A Cummins]

1 David William Anderson 1881-07-22 Garrard Co KY d 1940-06-01
2 Bessie L Anderson 1883-12-12 Garrard Co KY
3 Henry C Anderson 1885-10-08 Garrard Co KY d 1942-10-05 Clyde TX
4 Irene Anderson 1888-05-17 d 1888-06-18
5 Eugene Anderson 1888-05-17 d 1888-06-18
6 Mary Frances Anderson 1890-04-21 Mitchell Co TX
7 John Luther Anderson 1894-06-13 Mitchell Co TX d 1980-11-24

[more at]



Chicago: S.J. Clarke Publishing Company

Page 154
JAMES T. RIGSBEY. There is no record which the American citizen holds in higher honor
than that of the man whose strength of character, determination of purpose and
indefatigable energy have enabled him to work his way upward from a humble position to
one of affluence and who through his business career has followed a straightforward,
honorable course, that neither seeks nor requires disguise. Such has been the history
of James T. Rigsbey who from a poor boy has worked his way up in the business world
until he is one of the most substantial and affluent men of Macoupin county.

He was born on the 23d of April, 1863, in Garrett county, Kentucky, a son of William
and Margaret (Kennedy) Rigsbey. The father was born in the same county in 1843, and
his parents were also natives of the Blue Grass state, both passing away, however,
prior to the birth of their grandson. The mother, who in her maidenhood was Margaret
Kennedy, was born in 1845, a daughter of David and Margaret (Faulkner) Kennedy, also
natives of Garrett county, Kentucky, where they died when about ninety years of age.
The Kennedy and Faulkner families have long been residents of that county, where
representatives of the name have been very prominent both socially and politically.

The family of William and Margaret (Kennedy) Rigsbey consisted of eleven children, as
follows: Mary, the widow of Frederick Shaw, of Garrett county; Eliza, the widow of B.
Conn, also of that county; Margaret, who married Benjamin Lunsford, of Garrett county;
John William, of Macoupin county, Illinois; Parmelia, the widow of David Ross, of
Garrett county, Kentucky; Harriet, who married James J. Hawley, of Garrett county;
David, also of that county; Lucy, the wife of James Anderson, of the state of Texas;
James T., of this review; and Robert H. and Andrew, both of this county.

In the public schools of his native state James T. Rigsbey acquired his education and
his father's farm in Kentucky was the training ground upon which he received his
preparation for life's practical duties. He was but seventeen years of age at the time
of his marriage, after which he came to Illinois, locating at Chesterfield, Macoupin
county. He was but a lad in years and was in very straitened circumstances, but he
possessed a determined spirit and resolute will and at once set about earning a
livelihood. He secured employment as a farm hand, working by the month, and was thus
engaged for about a year. His ambition, however, urged him onward toward the goal of
independence, and he took up his residence upon a farm of eighty acres, which he
operated as a renter for ten years. This period was fraught with unceasing toil and a
perseverance that never faltered, and at its expiration he had saved sufficient money
with which to purchase land. Consequently he invested in a tract to which he added as
his success continued, until at one time he was the owner of ten hundred and eighty
acres. In addition to the cultivation of the soil he became interested in the grain
and stock business, buying at Chesterfield, his operations amounting to fifty thousand
dollars the first year. In 1906 he discontinued his farming to devote his entire
attention to his grain and stock business, which he has greatly developed until today
his sales amount to practically a half million dollars per year. He is an extensive
cattle feeder and is a large landowner, possessing some of the finest and best
equipped farms in Macoupin county.

On the 13th of May, 1880, Mr. Rigsbey was united in marriage to Miss Carrie C. Adams,
a daughter of John Quincy Adams, of Garrett county, Kentucky, of which state her
grandparents were also natives. By this union were born seven children, as follows:
Ora Lee, the wife of H. G. Loper, of Macoupin county; Arthur, who passed away at the
age of seventeen years; Will Q., residing in Macoupin county; Ida May, deceased; Edna,
who married T. I. Dowland, of this county; and Edward and Alvena, both at home. The
wife and mother passed away in October, 1899, and in 1900 Mr. Rigsbey was again
married, his second union being with Miss Annie D. Snidle, who was born March 6, 1878,
a daughter of James and Emma (Coatney) Snidle, of Macoupin county. The father was born
in Yorkshire, England, a son of Edward and Nancy Snidle, who came to America a few
years after the arrival of their son in Macoupin county, Illinois. The maternal
grandparents of Mrs. Rigsbey were born in this county. By the second marriage of Mr.
Rigsbey there were five children, as follows: Cleo, who died at the age of ten years;
and Vivian, James T., Jr., Clarence and Anne May, all yet at home.

Mr. Rigsbey is a faithful member of the Methodist church and fraternally he is
identified with the Modern Woodmen of America. Although he gives his support to the
democratic party at the polls, he is liberal in his political views and public-spirited
in his citizenship. He has never had time nor inclination for participating actively in
the public life of the community, for his extensive business interests have demanded
his entire attention. Few men of Macoupin county more richly deserve the proud American
title of a self-made man, for, on the strength of his own resources, through the
constant application of perseverance, coupled with hard work and careful management, he
has been able to rise in the business world from comparative penury and obscurity to a
position of prominence among the most successful and representative citizens of this
county, and his prosperity is all the more creditable from the fact that it has been
honorably won, his methods ever being fair and aboveboard.

(web page has picture of James T and wife)

"History of Macoupin Co IL" by Elizabeth Pegram Lumpkin


Ora Rigsby + Horace G Loper s/o A W Loper + Virginia Carr [father sb Gideon Blackburn Loper]



William Rigsbey was born 1 on 13 Sep 1885. He died 2 in Mar 1976 in Chesterfield, Macoupin
County, IL. He was buried in Mar 1976 in IL.

Other marriages:

Marko, Marie Maud

He had the following children:

M i Floyd Rigsbey

Marie Maud Marko [Parents] was born 1 on 16 Jan 1898 in Carlinville, Macoupin County, IL. She
died on 4 Jun 1969 in Carlinville, Macoupin County, IL. She was buried on 7 Jun 1969 in Mayfield
Memorial Cemetery, Carlinville, Macoupin County, IL. She married Clarence Emil Kasten on 22 Apr
1925 in Carlinville, Macoupin County, IL.

[d/o Albert William Marko + Ida Viola Smith]



Both Clinton E. ROSS and Rosa Ann RIGSBEY were listed as being from Chesterfield,
(Macoupin Co.) Illinois and being married on October 04, 1911 in Springfield, (Sangamon Co.)

Rosa 1894 d 1917

[Rosa is niece of R13.2.7.11 Robert, but I don't show a daughter Rosa
for any of his brothers.]



Irenia/Arrhenia Rigsby
+ 1851-12-30 William N Parrish s/o John N Parrish + Sarah Windle


[R13. George Washington]

+ Amanda (unknown)

1 Estel Rigsby (m) 1891 d 1925



was born January 1894. She married (1) ESTEL RIGSBY June 22, 1912 in
Goochland, VA, son of Walter Rigsby and Amanda ?. She married (2) WALTER
PARRISH February 18, 1926, son of Luther Parrish and Emma ?.

Child of Elizabeth Mahanes and Estel Rigsby is:


[Walter sb R13. Washington]
[Elizabeth d/o Henry Brockman Mahanes + Emma Winston Smith]



Husband: Estel Rigsby
---- Born: 1891 at:
Married: 22 JUN 1912 at: Goochland Co., VA
Died: 1925 at:
Other Spouses:
---- Wife: Elizabeth Mahanes
---- Born: JAN 1894 at:
Died: at:
Father:Henry Brockman Mahanes
Mother:Emma Winston Smith
Other Spouses: Walter Parrish
---- Name: Douglas Rigsby
Born: at:
Married: at:
Died: at:

Pace genforum message 1911


Julian Pace. He
may have been born in Goochland Co., Va.
He married Cora Lee Rigsby of Goochland and
they had three children - Harry, Morton and
Cora Alice. Apparently, he died around 1890's and she remarried - a Mr.


[R13., I think]

Elizabeth Roberta Rigsby
+ Walter Lee Parrish s/o Nepperson Pinkerton Parrish + Lenora Jane Long



William Samuel Rigsby
+ 1899-04-12 Blanche Estelle Parrish 1876 d/o Nepperson Pinkerton Parrish + Lenora Jane Long

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Susanna Rigsby
+ 1810-08-25 Meriweather J Thomas [c1790 VA d c1860 Goochland Co VA]

1 David Meriweather Thomas c1813 d 1869-08-27
[2 Margaret Thomas]

1 David + 1836-12-07 Catherine B Leake d 1900-04-16 Goochland Co VA

Thomas genforum message 12146


Am looking for info on Meriweather Thomas b ca 1790 Va d ca 1860
in Goochland County Virginia. He married Susanna Rigsby 25 Aug
1810 in Louisa County Va. His father is possibly Charles Thomas.

Meriweather possibly has a sister by the name of Ann who married
Samuel Rigsby which is the brother of Susanna. They are the
children of William C. Rigsby and Susannah Adams.