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In your earlier posting you mention Thomas Rigsby in Dekalb county, Tennessee. Do you
have any further iformation on Thomas Rigsby Born ca. 1760. My indications are that he is
my John Rigsby's (born ca.1799) father. Any information is apprecieated. I
know nothing of Thomas except a family sheet prepared by a Mr. Webb some years back.

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Thomas Rigsby b 1750/60 lived in Micklanburg Co., NC in 1790. He had a son James
b. 1803
Thomas' son Canady had a son James A, b. bet 1810 and 1820.
The Rigsby, Warford and Barclay families lived in Rowan Co.,NC., then some moved
to KY, TN and AR. They were in and around Smith and DeKalb Co., in TN.
James A is listed as 12 in the 1850 census.
Thomas Rigsby moved to Warren Co., TN in 1830.
Source of this inf. is Thomas G. Webb, Smithville,TN for the family of Thomas and
Ruth England, Spartan, TN a descendant of Canada Rigsby.

"Washington Co Tennesseeans before 1800"

[R14, I think]

Thomas S Rigsby -- 1796 tax list, Longmire's Company


Sarah Ann Rigsby 1828-09-19 d Warren Co TN
+ Edd L Jones

[prob granddaughter of R14 Thomas]



Thomas Rigsby
+ (unknown)

1. Almon Rigsby b: Abt 1795
2. John (K.) Rigsby b: Abt 1799 in North Carolina
3. Thomas Rigsby b: Aft 1799
4. Canada (Canaday) Rigsby [c1780]
5. Warren Rigsby
6. Paul Rigsby
7. James Rigsby
8. Henry Rigsby

2 John + c1822 Kizziah Lewis c1807 TN d/o William Lewis + Sarah Reed

2.1. William Hiram Rigsby 1823-04-25 Smith Co TN d 1904-01-23 Garland Co AR
2.2. Elizabeth Rigsby b: Abt 1825 in Smith Co.,TN
2.3. Sarah Ann Rigsby 1825-12-21 Smith Co TN d 1850-10-01 Saline Co AR + George E Crowder 1828
2.4. John Doad Rigsby 1830-07-16 Smith Co TN d 1899-10-04 Keltonburg, DeKalb Co TN
2.5. Benjamin Franklin Rigsby 1834-06-xx DeKalb Co TN d >1900 AR + Dorcas Warford
2.6. George W. Rigsby c1836 DeKalb Co TN d 1863-08-04
2.7. James Acey Rigsby 1837-02-14 DeKalb Co TN d 1904-11-12 Garland Co TX
2.8. Kizziah Rigsby c1840 DeKalb Co TN

2.1 William + Jane Jence Warford 1825-09-28 TN d 1907-01-07 Garland CO AR d/o John C II Warford + Susannah Williams

2.1.1. Mary Elizabeth Rigsby 1843
2.1.2. Sarah Caroline Rigsby 1844-04-07 TN d 1889-10-01 AR
2.1.3. William F. M. Rigsby 1847-03-13 AR d 1847-06-28 AR
2.1.4. Lucinda Jane Rigsby 1848
2.1.5. John Henry Rigsby 1851-04-27 AR d 1928-03-07 Garland Co AR
2.1.6. Louisa Rigsby 1853-03-05 AR d 1934-01-07 AR
2.1.7. Susan K[eziah] Rigsby 1855 AR
2.1.8. James Uriah Rigsby 1858 AR d 1916-11-20 Garland Co AR
2.1.9. Robert Willet Rigsby 1860-05-02 AR d 1862-03-18 AR
2.1.10. Cynthia Adeline Rigsby 1862-05-24 AR d 1906-02-23 AR
2.1.11. Benjamin Hiram Rigsby 1867-11-22 AR d 1938-02-13 Garland Co AR

2.1.4 Lucinda + 1867 James Hendrix 1847 GA William H Hendrix 1868-12-10 AR d 1925-06-28 William + 1893-07-27 Mary Lucy Short 1874-12-17 Garland Co AR d 1954-02-16 Hot Springs, Garland Co AR d/o Robert Short + Cynthia Ann Brown Frank HENDRIX 1895-05-30 d 1917-10-02 Annie Pearl HENDRIX 1897-01-25 d 1897-01-26 John Austin HENDRIX 1898-01 AR Evie HENDRIX 1899-09 AR Robert "Bob" William HENDRIX 1902 d 1967 Daisy HENDRIX c1903

2.1.5 John + 1869-02-22 Malvina Boran 1849 AR d/o John A Boran + Martha (unknown) Belle Rigsby Martha G Rigsby 1870-05-xx AR

John + c1881 Laura M Bewly [Humphries?] 1849-02-15 d 1898-10-14 Oscar Lee Rigsby 1882-10-xx AR Arthur Hiram Rigsby 1885-06-xx AR d 1957 TX

2.1.7 Susan + c1873 Joseph H Richardson 1852-09-xx AR William H. RICHARDSON 1878-02-xx AR Joseph E. RICHARDSON 1880-02-xx Marvin H. RICHARDSON 1884-07-xx Alice L. RICHARDSON 1885-07-xx Rosa RICHARDSON 1889-08-xx AR

2.1.8 James + 1888-04-05 Mary Lee Edds 1872-09-05 Independence Co AR d 1900 AR d/o Asa Franklin Edds + Martha Ann Elizabeth Brightwell William Asa Rigsby 1890-09-01 Garland Co AR d 1963-02-21 Garland Co AR Lena Rigsby 1894 Elmer Rigsby 1894-10-08 Lonsdale AR d 1962-03-13 Little Rock AR Henry Rigsby

2.1.10 Cynthia + 1885 William Jefferson Edds 1861-05-30 Independence Co AR d 1941-02-01 Garland Co AR s/o Asa Franklin Edds + Martha Ann Elizabeth Brightwell Roie EDDS 1887-07-11 AR d 1933-01-08 Clemmie EDDS (f) 1889-04-xx AR Jesse M EDDS 1894-08-xx AR Robert F EDDS 1897-02-xx AR Laura E EDDS 1900-09-10 d 1955-08-06 near Lonsdale AR

2.1.11 Benjamin + Martha Miller Lloyd 1867-07-27 AL d 1938-10-13 Garland Co AR Lee RIGSBY Emily L. RIGSBY 1891-11-xx AR Robert Fornia RIGSBY 1893-02-11 d 1962-01-11 Garland Co AR George R. RIGSBY 1895-03-xx AR Maudie RIGSBY 1898-10-xx AR d 1974-03-10 Hiram RIGSBY c1902 AR Cleamon C. "Coot" RIGSBY 1905-04-01 Lonsdale AR d 1978-01-23 Hot Springs, Garland Co AR Rupert Kelly RIGSBY 1911-05-16 AR d 1997-07-19

2.4 John + 1850-09-19 Mary Ann Tippeth 1834-12-10 d Keltonburg, DeKalb Co TN d/o Lovell Tippeth + Malinda Parrish Fact

2.4.1. Malinda Rigsby b: Abt 1853 in Arkansas d 1920-02-17 DeKalb Co TN
2.4.2. Nancy D. Rigsby b: Abt 1855 in DeKalb County,TN
2.4.3. Harriet Rigsby b: Abt 1858 in DeKalb County,TN + 1878-07-18 John W Meador
2.4.4. Melissa C. Rigsby b: Abt 1858 in DeKalb County,TN
2.4.5. John K. Rigsby b: Abt 1860 in DeKalb County,TN
2.4.6. James A. Rigsby b: JUL 1863 in Tennessee d 1941-11-23 Keltonburg, DeKalb Co TN
2.4.7. Isabella Rigsby b: 2 OCT 1869 in DeKalb County,TN d 1948-10-18 DeKalb Co TN
2.4.8. Resi Rigsby

2.4.5 John + Fannie (unknown) Fred Rigsby Dibrell Rigsby Luther Rigsby

2.4.6 James + Octavia Gannon 1857-03-xx Warren Co TN d/o George Washington Gannon + Ellen R Vance John Doc Rigsby b: FEB 1886 John + 1903-05-02 Margaret Basham 1885-08-30 Woodbury, Cannon Co TN d/o Alvis Basham + Sarah A Wilson Lockie Jane Rigsby b: 21 DEC 1890 in DeKalb County,TN d 1983-11-xx Viola, Warren Co TN Roy Rigsby b: 18 JAN 1907 in AL d 1986-07-15

2.4.7 Isabella + 1886-01-14 Anderson Young 1864-06-04 DeKalb Co TN d 1918-01-31 DeKalb Co TN Webb YOUNG 1886-04-xx Dekalb Co TN John D. YOUNG 1893-03-02 Dekalb Co TN d 1954-05-12 Infant YOUNG 1898-12-27 Dekalb Co TN d 1898-12-30 DeKalb Co TN Christopher C. YOUNG 1900-09-17 Hortence YOUNG 1914-08-07 Dekalb Co TN d 1916-06-03 DeKalb Co TN

2.7 James + 1852-07-27 Paralee Parmelia Cantrell 1832 TN [wrong]

2.7.1. John Franklin Rigsby 1861-02-23 d 1932-03-21

2.7.1 John + 1881-02-xx Rachel Carolyn Warford 1861-12-25 Saline Co AR d 1931-11-08 AR d/o Francis Barclay Warford + Rachel Jane White Elitia Tennessee RIGSBY Nettie Emmaline RIGSBY Lodie Esteel RIGSBY


[d/o R14 Thomas, I think]

Christina Jain Rigsby c1790 TN d 1874 d/o Thomas Acy Rigsby
+ 1807 John J II Tittle 1780 d 1831-03-07 Washington Co TN

1.John Tittle b. 1808
2.Allen Tittle b. 1810 in Tennessee
3.Jonathan Russell, Sr Tittle b. 1812 in Tennessee
4.George Tittle b. 1814
5.Mary Tittle b. 1818
6.Catherine (Katy) Tittle b. 1820 in Erwin, Tennessee
7.Elizabeth Tittle b. 1823 in Erwin, Unicoi Co, Tennessee
8.Ephraim Tittle b. 1825 in Erwin, Unicoi Co, Tennessee
9.Lucretia Lucinda "Creasey" Tittle b. 1827



Index for Warren County, Tennessee Plat Records

Rigsby, 43
Almwood, 49 [R14.7 Almon]
James, 118 [R14.3, I think]
John, 43, 120 [R14.10 or R14.7.1]
Paul, 28, 48, 126 [R14.8]
Thomas, 49, 118, 119 [R14 or R14.11]


Mercy Tilson, b. in St. Clair, Va.; m. James Rigsbey.

[Mercy d/o Peleg Tilson 1765 + c1790 Rachel Dungan]
[James d in Erwin, Unicoi Co TN]

[I believe this is R14.3, but his wife is generally given as
Mapy Gittson.]
[Rachel Dungan is a granddaughter of my ancestor George Dungan.]

Northwestern AR history


Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church, of the Fayetteville Association, became
a separate society on May 11, 1879, by the agreement of the following
members: Elder Joab and Sarah Caviness, Elder Mathias and M. A. Spyres,
Joseph and Polly York, Peleg Rigsbee and daughter, Winifred, and Mahlon and
Rhoda A. E. Spyres. The society previous to 1881 held their worship under a
brush arbor in summer, and in private houses in winter. During the latter
year, however, they erected a hewn log house, 20�24 feet, located on Lee's
Creek, four and one-half miles southwest of Woosley. They have plans afoot
at present for the erection of a frame church, 26�35 feet. Under the
administration of the following pastors the membership has reached sixty
persons: Rev. Elder Joab Caviness, Elder M. Spyres, Elder Keggel, Elder J.
D. Woolsey and Elder M. H. Spyres. Their present officers are Deacons, A. T.
Hopkins and Mahlon Spyres, and clerk, Henry Spyres.



Peleg Rigsby 1809 TN d 1880-1900
+ 1833-08-02 Elizabeth Hampton 1807 NC d Washington Co AR

1. Margaret Rigsby b: 1835 in Washington County,Tennessee
2. Saraphina Rigsby b: 1836 in Washington County,Tennessee
3. Winifred Rigsby 1837 Washington Co TN
4. James H Rigsby 1838 Washington Co TN
5. Thomas D. Rigsbee 1840-05-27 Washington Co TN d 1921-02-09 Armada, Crawford Co AR
6. Albert Rigsby 1843 Washington Co TN
7. Emaline Rigsby 1849 Washington Co TN

5 Thomas + 1866-07-30 Martha Jane York 1850-04-xx KY

5.1. Elizabeth Rigsbee b: ABT 1867
5.2. W P Rigsbee b: ABT 1871
5.3. Etta Rigsbee b: APR 1875 in Washington Co., TN d 1905-02-26 Blackburn, Washington Co AR
5.4. John A Rigsbee 1876 Washington Co AR
5.5. Christopher D Rigsbee 1879 Washington Co AR
5.6. Moses M Rigsbee 1880-07-18 Blackburn, Washington Co., AR d 1955-12-26 Chester, Crawford Co AR
5.7. Jona Rigsbee 1885-06-09 Blackburn, Washington Co AR d 1968-08-29 Susanville, Lassen Co CA
5.8. Tiny Rigsbee

5.3 Etta + 1889 John Robert Danner 1870-02-13 Davis Co MO d 1943-05-19 Jackson, El Dorado Co CA s/o Andrew Danner + Margaret Ann Milligan

1. THOMAS A. DANNER b: NOV 1890 in AR d 1976-07 Lexington, Cleveland Co OK
2. CHRISTINA JANE (Tiny) DANNER b: 28 MAR 1892 in Lees Creek, Crawford Co., AR d 1974-08-23 Ft Smith AR
3. BESSIE DANNER b: 3 AUG 1900 in Lees Creek, Crawford Co., AR
4. MOSE DANNER b: 11 DEC 1895 in Lees Creek, Crawford Co., AR d 1976-06-22 Susanville, Lassen Co CA
5. HARVE COUNSEL DANNER b: 8 SEP 1898 in Lees Creek, Crawford Co., AR d 1991-06-25 Fresno CA
6. ROSCOE DANNER b: 26 FEB 1905 in Lees Creek, Crawford Co., AR d 1974-11-19 Mulberry AR

5.6 Moses + 1900-08-26 Viola Poor 1881-10-22 Crawford Co AR d 1959-11-21 Chester, Crawford Co AR d/o Andrew Jackson Poor + Martha E Maxwell

5.6.1. Vinnie Rigsbee 1902 Crawford Co AR
5.6.2. Logan Rigsbee 1918-04-22 Crawford Co AR d 1986-06-21 Rogers, Benton Co AR


Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Spouse

RIGSBY Albert abt 1846 [R14.3.1.6]
RIGSBY Emaline abt 1848 [R14.3.1.7]
RIGSBY George abt 1859 Amanda UNKNOWN
RIGSBY Hattie Leander Preston OUSLEY
RIGSBY James H. abt 1841 Lucy Jane NEIL [R14.3.1.4]
RIGSBY Louisa abt 1879
RIGSBY Margaret abt 1836 [R14.3.1.1]
RIGSBY Martha Crawford HOLT
RIGSBY Nancy Emeline abt 1848 James Aaron THOMPSON Jr [R14.3.1.7]
RIGSBY Peleg abt 1817 [R14.3.1]
RIGSBY Thomas abt 1844 Martha YORK [R14.3.1.5]
RIGSBY Unknown Liadema GILBERT
RIGSBY Winney abt 1839 [R14.3.1.3]

[The others are probably related to Peleg, but I don't know how.]



Washington Co TN

1852-06-19 George M. HOLLIEFIELD married Margaret RIGSBY

genforum message 306


My gggrandfather Thomas D. Rigsbee was born May 1842 in
Washington Co., TN. Can anyone help as to mother, father, siblings?
In 1866 he married Martha Jane York in Claiborn, Co., TN. He
enlisted in the civil war in 1862 in Flat Lick, Kentucky. Had the
following children: Elizzabeth, W.P. Eta (my great-grandmother),
John D., Moses, Christopher, Jona, Tiny. They were born in
Tennesee. Thomas died in Crawford Co., AR in 1921.

genforum message 331 [followup to 306]

I received Thomas's death certificate today. His Father is listed as
Peleg nothing for his Mother. All from Tenn.



Thomas G Rigsbee d Blackburn, Washington Co AR
+ Martha York

1. ETTA RIGSBEE 1875-04-xx KY d 1905-02-26 Blackburn, Washington Co AR
2. MOSE RIGSBEE 1881-07-18 d 1956-12-26 Van Buren AR
3. JONAS RIGSBEE 1885-06-09 Blackburn, Washington Co AR d 1968-08-29 Susanville, Lassen Co CA
4. WALTER HOLROYD RIGSBEE 1888-07-04 Blackburn, Washington Co AR d 1952-07-22 Susanville, Lassen Co CA

[Walter not on 1900 census]

1 Etta + 1889-03 John Robert Danner 1870-02-13 Davis Co MO d 1943-05-19 Jackson, El Dorado Co CA s/o Andrew Danner + Margaret Ann Milligan

1. THOMAS A. DANNER 1890-11 AR
2. CHRISTINA JANE (Tiny) DANNER 1893-04-xx AR
3. MOSE DANNER 1895-12-11 Lees Creek, Crawford Co AR d 1976-06-22 Susanville, Lassen Co CA
4. HARVE COUNSEL DANNER 1898-09-08 Lees Creek, Crawford Co AR d 1991-06-25 Fresno CA
5. ROSCOE DANNER 1905-02-26 Lees Creek, Crawford Co AR d 1974-11-14 Mulberry AR



Etta Rigsbee 1875-04-xx KY d 1905-02-26 Blackburn, Washington Co AR
+ 1889-03-xx John Robert Danner 1870-02-13 Davis Co MO d 1943-05-19 Jackson, El Dorado Co CA

1 Mose Danner 1895-12-11 Lee Creek, Crawford Co AR d 1976-06-22 Susanville, Lassen Co CA

genforum message 113


Mose Rigsbee married a Viola Poor. He is a great-uncle of mine. His
sister Etta married my great-grandfather John Danner. Her fathers name
was Thomas D. Rigsbee. I have been searching for something on Etta for
a long time. Mose has a granddaughter name of Daisy Skaggs. married
to a William.



2.4 James Lawson SPENCER, b. __ Sep 1896 AR. m. Mina RIGSBEE

James s/o John H Spencer + Nora Serattie


3.7 Luvina I. Serattie, *1918- m. Logan RIGSBY, fg479

Luvina d/o William Serattie + Minerva Elizabeth Lane



John Marion Rigsbee, 86, died Sunday, March 18, at the Stilwell Memorial Hospital in
Stilwell, Okla. He was born Nov. 3, 1914, in Crawford County, Ark., to Lilly Mae and Jona
Rigsbee. He was a member of the Summers Missionary Baptist Church where he served as
a deacon. He was preceded in death by his wife Ruby Rigsbee and one brother Noble
Rigsbee. Survivors include two sons, Michael E. Rigsbee, of Stilwell, Okla., and Dwain E.
Rigsbee, of Summers, Ark.; one stepson, Bobby J. Phillips, of Summers; three daughters,
Joanne Bowman, of Klamath Falls, Ore., Mary Ann Luond, of Standish, Calif., and Peggy
Mankins, of Susanville, Calif.; 13 grandchildren and numerous great-grandchildren.
Services were held at 10 a.m. Friday, March 23, at the Ganderville Cemetery in Summers,



Canada Risgby Sr. married Mary Polly Lewis Feb 9th 1809 in Carter Co. TN

Canada was born 1780/90 and died sometime between 1848 & 1850.
Mary was born 1785/90 and died sometimes between the 1850 & 1860
census. Canada Rigsby Sr. and Mary Polly Lewis had at least nine
children as follows.

William Rigsby(1810-?) married c1833 Lucinda Glenn
Thomas Rigsby(1814-?) married Sidney McDowell
a daughter (1816-?)
Russell Rigsby(1818-?) married Sarah Hutchings
Canada Rigsby Jr. (1821-?) married Lavinia Maynard
Mary Rigsby (1825-?) married Benjamin Pinegar
James Rigsby (1827-?) married Tamilia Cantrell
Samuel Rigsby(1830-?) married Delila Lewis



The Indians took a young daughter of WILLIAM LEWIS, who was later ransomed for a rifle and some powder. This was recorded in
the Knoxville Gazette, 23 Nov 1793, Vol.2 No.25,pg 3, col.1-2, and in 2 Jan 1794, Vol.3 No. 2, pg 2, col.1-2 . WILLIAM LEWIS'
house and barn were burned down by the Indians during the attack and were located on the south end of Indian Creek . There is
a Creek named "GRANNY LEWIS", where his farm was supposedly located, that runs into Indian Creek. The 1799 taxables list
WILLIAM LEWIS SR and WILLIAM LEWIS JR. This is the only reference to the son who escaped and reported the massacre. I don�t
know the name of MRS LEWIS or any of the children that were killed. The daughter who was ransomed was supposedly MARY 'POLLY'
LEWIS born ca 1790. MARY LEWIS married CANADY Rigsby (WRIGSBY) in Carter Co. in 1809. WILLAIM LEWIS SR , as was tradition,
remarried very soon after the incident. His second wife name was SARAH 'SALLIE'_________. They started a second family that
produced three more daughters and three more sons. WILLIAM LEWIS, by his first marriage, had WILLIAM LEWIS JR (b ca 1778) and
MARY"POLLY"LEWIS (b ca1790). The first child born of his second wife is uncertain, but I think it was LOUCRETIA LEWIS (b ca
1794-95) -This is totally unsubstantiated! =20


Franklin B. Rigsby [R14.]
John M. Rigsby June 29, 1835 d May 13, 1889 [R14.5.1.2]
Sarah Edna Rigsby 1895 [R14.]

LDS site


James Louis Rigsby + Elizabeth Atchley

1 Raymond R 1860-06-26 Pikeville, Bledsoe Co TN d 1942-01-22

Library of Congress, subject "Tennessee--genealogy".


88-116114: Rigsby, Homer J., 1902- The Rigsbys of Bledsoe County,
Pikeville, Tennessee. Safety Harbor, Fla. : Grey Goose Press, c1984.
viii, 56 leaves : ill. ; 29 cm.
LC CALL NUMBER: CS71.R5685 1984

genforum message 525


I saw your message of 04 Mar. 2001 on John Rigsby. The Rigsby Cemetery in Bledsoe
Co. Tenn. lists:
John M. Rigsby
b. 29 Jun. 1835
d. 13 May 1889
Ann Rigsby
b. 05 Jun. 1839
d. 22 Jun. 1911 wife of John M. Rigsby

It would not be John W. Rigsby and wife Ann Miller of
Allen Co. Ky., they were much older.

Bledsoe Co TN maillist


Martha Elvira Mills b. 1854 Ga married Pleasant Rigsby
children: Charlotte, Alfred, Nettie, Homer, Altha,
Alfred married Emma ????
Homer married Willie Mae McCloud d/o Isaac F. & Josie McCoud


[R14., I think]

Husband: Jeff Martin

LDS site


James D Rigsby 9KRK-PS 1861-05-xx TN
+ Caroline Neal 9KR6-JF 1864-02-xx d/o Marion Francis Neal + Sarah Norton

1 Sarah A Rigsby 1886-03-xx TN
2 James Adolphus Rigsby 1887-07-xx Chattanooga, Hamilton Co TN
3 Charles M Rigsby 1890-06-xx Chattanooga, Hamilton Co TN
4 Minnie E Rigsby 1893-04-xx Chattanooga, Hamilton Co TN

Bledsoe Co TN queries


Searching for Gertrude Ann Rigsby daugher of J.D. and Annie
Rigsby that married James A. PARTAIN (PARTIN) before 1873. Her family
was supposedly from Bledsoe Co, TN. They had 4 children.

genforum message 243


J.D. was for James Daniel. He was married to Carolyn Neal, nicknamed
Carrie. Gertrude was Sara Ann Gertrude, born March 1886 (from the
1900 Rhea Co.Tenn. Census Ed 87-sh1a, Ln.11). She died in Whitfield,
Dalton Co., GA. Her children (all with Jim Partain (or Partin)) were
Louise born 1908, Adolphus born 1911, Jamie born 1914 and Paul born
1919 (all this from the 1920 Hamilton Co.Tenn. Census

genforum message 74


I am looking for information on my great grandfather, Samuel Jarrett
Rigsby. His father was Glenn Rigsby and his mother was Nancy ?, who
was first married to ? Swofford. Samuel was married to Mary Alice (or
Alice Mary) Bean. The only child I know of is my grandmother Effie
Dessierin Rigsby.



Lonnie Burb Rigsbee 1876-04-08 Sumner Co TN d 1941-10-10 Cedar Hills TN
+ 1901-07-25 Alice Witt 1880-03-22 Robertson Co TN d 1940-07-19 Adams TN d/o James Witt + Emma Bird

1. Annie Louise Rigsbee b: 23 MAR 1903
2. Myrtice Kathleen Rigsbee b: 4 AUG 1904
3. Ladye Mae Rigsbee b: 26 SEP 1905
4. Bessie Lorene Rigsbee b: 17 NOV 1909 in Allenville, Kentucky d 1960-02-15 Portland TN



Leslie Lavern WISEMAN b: 2-20-1909, Cottontown, TN, occupation Farmer, d: 12-21-1984, St. Thomas Hosp., Nashville, TN, buried: Maple Hill Cem., Portland, TN.
+(1) Bessie Lorene RIGGSBEE b: 11-17-1909, Allensville, KY, m: 3-18-1933, in Franklin, KY d: 2-15-1960, Highland Hosp., Portland, TN, buried: Maple Hill Cem., Portland, TN Parents: Lonnie Burb RIGGSBEE & Alice WITT

"Jennifer and Cory's family tree" (

[R14., I think]

Maggie O Rigsby 1883-07-24 d 1949-09-18 Bledsoe Co TN
+ J R Edmonson



Rigsby, Sarah Jane
Birth : 19 DEC 1839 Johnson Co., Tn.
Death : 8 JAN 1905 Rhea Co., Graysville, Tn.

Marriage: 8 MAY 1859

Card, Abraham Byrd
Birth : 21 DEC 1834 Bledsoe Co., Tn.
Death : 20 OCT 1887 Bledsoe Co.,Tn.

Father: Card, Zemri [Zemriah]
Mother: Shomith, Catherine [Thomas]


Card, Aleuisa Almira Samanthy
Card, Lucinda Catherine
Card, Tennesse Byrd
Card, Atta Idora
Card, James Lawrence
Card, Etta Evalene
Card, Sarah Francis
Card, Jeanetta Arletha
Card, Miles Milo
Card, Caswell Royeston
Card, Mary Ida



Frank Rigsby 1843-06-xx TN d 1915-03-31 Rhea Co TN
+ 1870 Mary Jane Green 1828-10-04 d/o Joshua Summerfield Green + Anna Alexander

1 Sally Rigsby 1871-10-xx Rhea Co TN

1 Sally + 1902 John West

1.1 Hazel West.
1.2 Owen Franklin West 1906-10-30 Rhea Co TN d 1918-10-28 Morgan Co TN
1.3 James West
1.4 John West, Jr

LDS site [so dates are probably fabricated]


Thomas Rigsby
+ Sidney McDowell 1820

1 Luke L Rigsby 1833 TN
2 Francis L Rigsby 1835 TN
3 William Rigsby 1840 TN

DeKalb Co TN genforum message 136


I am researching the Rigsbys of Dekalb and Warren Tn. Francis
Melvine Rigsby was my ggggrandmother she mar. Frances Marion
Ferguson of Warren and Dekalb Co. They had four children Lorenzo
Dow Ferguson was my gggrandfather he was born in Warren Co.1852
and his brother was born in Dekalb Co. in 1860. They seem to go back
and forth .

I don't have access to the census that aren't on line right now and
thought you might have run into them. Thank You.

Father of Francis Rigsby is Thomas Rigsby of Dekalb Co.,TN.

genforum message 524


I am looking for information on Russell Rigsby son of Canada
Rigsby. Russell's son was Daniel Moses Rigsby


above site:

Our Rigsby line can be traced back to Thomas Rigsby, born around 1750. He had two
sons, William Canada and John. Our family line came through William Canada Rigsby, born
about 1788 in North Carolina. He married Mary Polly Lewis and they had nine children.
Their son, Russell, was born in 1828 in North Carolina. He married Sarah Ann Hutchings and
they had nine children. Their son, Daniel Moses Rigsby, was born between 1849 and 1850 in
Tennessee. He met and married Rebekah Albert. From this union came eight children. Their
son, William Henry, was born April 24 1870 in Smith County, Tennessee. He met and
Married Sarah Helen Pruitt on October 6, 1895 in Smith County, Tennessee. They had 8
children, one of which was William Mose Rigsby. Mose was born January 12, 1897 in
Tennessee. When Mose came of age, he moved to Texas, looking for better farming land. He
met and married Fairrel May Dicken. They had nine children, eight of which lived to



Russell Rigsby 1818 TN s/o Canada
+ 1838-10-12 Sarah A Hutchings 1818 White Co TN d/o John Hutchings + Elizabeth Lewis

1. John P. RIGSBY 1841
2. Stacy A. RIGSBY 1842
3. William Henry RIGSBY 1843 TN
4. Pallas S. RIGSBY (m) 1845
5. Daniel Moses RIGSBY 1847
6. David J. RIGSBY 1850 Dekalb Co TN
7. Foster Finley RIGSBY 1853
8. Louisa RIGSBY 1855
9. Andrew P. RIGSBY 1858 Dekalb Co TN
10. Rebecca RIGSBY 1862

3 William + 1869-10-03 Martha Jane Adcock 1848 TN d/o Henry Adcock + Mary P Jones

3.1. William R. RIGSBY 1866
3.2. Sarah E. RIGSBY 1870-08-xx Dekalb Co TN
3.3. Russell RIGSBY 1872 Dekalb Co TN
3.4. Esquire Pierce RIGSBY 1874-03-08 White Co TN d 1945-12-13 Warren Co TN
3.5. Calidonia RIGSBY 1878

3.2 Sarah + 1889-06-20 John Luther Young 1868 DeKalb Co TN s/o Weldon Peter Young + Sarah Driver

3.2.1. Mary T. YOUNG
3.2.2. William Ervin YOUNG 1890 TN
3.2.3. Edgar P. YOUNG
3.2.4. Fannie YOUNG

3.3 Russell + 1890-10-16 Alice West [1876 DeKalb Co TN]

3.3.1. Bartow RIGSBY[1892]
3.3.2. Agnes RIGSBY [1894]
3.3.3. Charles RIGSBY [1896]

[I think that's wrong]

3.4 Esquire + 1901-06-01 Ida A Pearson 1884-11-12 White Co TN d 1941-01-12 Rock Island, Warren Co TN d/o John Milton Pearson + Amanda Elizabeth Fisher

3.4.1. William E. RIGSBY b: 1904-11-07 White Co TN d 1964-01-25
3.4.2. Bulah M. RIGSBY b: 1907-07-31 White Co TN d 1981-12-03
3.4.3. Lula J. RIGSBY b: 1909
3.4.4. Elbert RIGSBY
3.4.5. Elmer RIGSBY
3.4.6. John RIGSBY
3.4.7. Thomas Alvin RIGSBY b: 5 NOV 1921 in Warren County,Tennessee

6 David + 1870-12-04 Louisa Pinegar 1854 DeKalb Co TN d/o Levi Pinegar + Jane Adcock

6.1. Jane RIGSBY 1872
6.2. Sarah RIGSBY 1873
6.3. John RIGSBY 1875
6.4. Oma RIGSBY 1878
6.5. William Thomas RIGSBY 1890-10-01 White Co TN d 1969-10-05 Madison Co AL
6.6. Levi RIGSBY

9 Andrew + 1878-07-14 Caldonia Dildine 1859-12-xx DeKalb Co TN d 1929-07-03 DeKalb Co TN

9.1. Osa S. RIGSBY 1880
9.2. Haskel F. RIGSBY 1882
9.3. Henry B. RIGSBY 1884
9.4. Wade W RIGSBY 1886-01-xx
9.5. Mattie B. RIGSBY 1890
9.6. Harrison RIGSBY 1893
9.7. Era M. RIGSBY 1899

Young genforum message 10408


Looking for information on John Lutheran Young of Smithville,
DeKalb County, TN. John married Sarah E. Rigsby in 1889. Children
William Ervin and Edgar.

Upper Cumberland TN maillist


John Milton Pearson + Amanda Elizabeth Fisher

ii. IDA A. PEARSON, b. November 12, 1884, White Co. Tn.; d. January 12,
1941, Rock Island Warren County Tennessee; m. ESQUIRE PIERCE RIGSBY, June
01, 1901, White County Tennessee; b. March 08, 1874, White County,
Tennessee; d. December 13, 1945, Warren County, Tennessee.

-- board message 254

[R14.5.4.5 Daniel Moses]

I am looking for info on D.M. and Rebecca Riggsby. D.M. was listed on the 1850
census as a whiskey distiller in Smith, Tennessee with his wife and four children.
It said his father was born in North Carolina and his mother was born in
Tennessee. Rebecca's parents were both born in Tennessee. I don't know her
maiden name.

[should be 1880 census]



Daniel Rigsby + 1968-09-06 Rebecca Allbert c1845 White Co TN d/o James Allbert + Martha Batey

1. William H. RIGSBY b: ABT 1869 in Dekalb Co, TN
2. Ava RIGSBY b: ABT 1871 in Dekalb Co, TN
3. John R. RIGSBY b: ABT 1873 in Dekalb Co, TN
4. Florence RIGSBY b: ABT 1877 in Dekalb Co, TN

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[R14. and R14.]

died Aft. 1936. He married METTIE RIGSBY Abt. 1915. She was born August 06, 1898 in in
Cheatam County,TN., and died March 1984 in in Cheatam County,TN. More About HARVEY
GANNON and METTIE RIGSBY: Marriage: Abt. 1915.

7. JENNY ETHEL3 GANNON (CYNTHIA2 THROWER, ANDREW1) was born June 18, 1901,
and died June 18, 1988. She married MARCUS KEYE RIGSBY November 13, 1921. He was
born September 03, 1902, and died January 17, 1973. More About JENNY ETHEL GANNON:
Burial: Cothron Cemetery,Bedford County,TN. More About MARCUS RIGSBY and JENNY
GANNON: Marriage: November 13, 1921.
i. ETHEL KEYE4 RIGSBY, b. December 01, 1922; m. MAURICE PARDUE, October 23, 1944;
b. September 08, 1918; d. December 27, 1967. More About MAURICE PARDUE and ETHEL
RIGSBY: Marriage: October 23, 1944.
ii. JACOB WILLIAM RIGSBY, b. June 20, 1924; d. July 18, 1986; m. MARGARET LORENE
RUSSELL, September 17, 1948; b. November 11, 1929. More About JACOB RIGSBY and
MARGARET RUSSELL: Marriage: September 17, 1948.
iii. JESSE CLAYBORN RIGSBY, b. May 03, 1926; m. (1) MARY GRACE JEWELL, August 18,
1944; b. March 14, 1926, August 18, 1944. More About JESSE RIGSBY and MARY JEWELL:
Marriage: August 18, 1944.
iv. MERKLE RIGSBY, b. October 28, 1934; m. (1) BETTY JUNE HOLDER, August 08, 1953; b.
March 14, 1935, August 08, 1953. More About MERKLE RIGSBY and BETTY HOLDER:
Marriage: August 08, 195

[Harvey and Jenny children of William Jacob Gannon + Cynthia Thrower]

Macon Co TN maillist


ii. HERBERT HESSON, b. August 10, 1881; d. August 10, 1907; m. JENNIE
RIGSBY, August 17, 1900, Smith County Tennessee.

[Herbert s/o William Hesson + Clara Claiborne]



Benjamin3 Harrison GREEN b. Oct 9, 1888, Smith Co, TN, wed. Sep 2, 1911, in Smith Co, TN .
Jennie RIGSBY, b. May 12, 1883 White Co, TN, d. Dec 18, 1971, Nashville, Davidson Co., TN, buried: Dec 19, 1971,
Williams Cem, White Bluff, Dickson Co TN. Benjamin Nov 9, 1969, Nashville, TN, buried: Nov 10, 1969, Williams Cem,
Bluff, Dickson Co TN.
[Ben s/o William Joseph Green + Martha Jane Harriett Vaden]


1.Cassie F. , (Living).
2.Henry T.
3.Ethel A. (Living).
4.Ersey H.
6.More to be entered.



David J Rigsby 1850 DeKalb Co TN
+ 1870-12-04 Louisa Pinegar 1854 DeKalb Co TN d/o Levi Pinegar + Jane Adcock

1. Jane Rigsby 1872
2. Sarah Rigsby 1873
3. John Rigsby 1875
4. Oma Rigsby 1878

Southern Standard McMinnville, Warren County, Tennessee


John Henry Rigsby, 69, of the fourth district of White county, died at
8:30 o'clock Monday morning at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Effie
Brown, 120 Havron street in McMinnville. The funeral and burial were at 2
o'clock Tuesdaay afternoon at the Spring Hill cemetery in White county.
The services were conducted by John W. High of McMinnville.
Born in DeKalb county June 9, 1876, he was a son of David Rigsby and Lou
Pinegar Rigsby. Besides his widow, Mrs. Sarah Chisam Rigsby, he is
survived by three daughters, Mrs. Effie Brown, Mrs. Dee Drake and Mrs.
Bill Drake, all of McMinnville; three sons, Taylor Rigsby, Erby Rigsby
and Sercy D. Rigsby, all of White county; two brothers, Levy Rigsby of
Taft and Tom Rigsby of Huntsville, Alabama; and a sister, Mrs. Martha
Bell of Huntsville.
Arrangements by the High Funeral company.
April 5, 1946

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Deceased Name: Charles Cleveland Brown
Date of Birth: 10 Feb 1885
Place of Birth: White County
Date of Death: 13 Mar 1941
Father: Ceel Brown
Place of Birth: White County
Mother: May Smith
Place of Birth: White County
Spouse: Effie Rigsby
Cemetery: Highland
Certificate Number: 28511

[1910 to 1930 censuses have his wife as Hattie c1887 TN, married c1902.]
[Effie must be a second wife.]

genforum message 298


My grand father was William Thomas Rigsby
his father was David J Rigsby and his father was Russell Rigsby abd his
father was canada Rigsby



Foster F Rigsby 1852-02-05 DeKalb Co TN d 1926-03-05 DeKalb Co TN
+ 1875-02-26 Catherine Pinegar 1843-07-06 DeKalb Co TN d 1912-03-21 DeKalb Co TN d/o Levi Pinegar + Jane Adcock

1.+Sarah Jane Rigsby 1875-12-xx DeKalb Co TN
2. L. S. Rigsby 1876-01-31 DeKalb Co TN d 1950-05-28 DeKalb Co TN
3. Osiah S. Rigsby 1879

1 Sarah + 1894-11-01 William Chesley Hutchings 1864-05-xx DeKalb Co TN

1.1.+Austin H. HUTCHINGS 1895-07-28 DeKalb Co TN d 1945-09-22 DeKalb Co TN
1.2. Nolie Lourenie HUTCHINGS 1897-11-xx
1.3. Ova Florence HUTCHINGS 1899-09-xx
1.4. Ida HUTCHINGS 1902 DeKalb Co TN
1.5. Arthur HUTCHINGS 1904
1.6. Midie HUTCHINGS 1906
1.8. Foster F. HUTCHINGS 1910-09-04 DeKalb Co TN d 1920-04-22 DeKalb Co TN
[others living]

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Source: Tennessee Public Health Vital Records: Deaths, 1928 White County

Certificate: #27521
Deceased: Lance Hutchings
Birth: 5 Nov 1891
Birth Place: TN
Death: 1 Nov 1928
Father: W. C. Hutchings [William Chesley]
Father's Birth Place: TN
Mother: Sarah Rigsby
Mother's Birth Place: TN
Cemetery: Taylors Providence

DeKalb Co TN genforum message 287

[R14.5.4.9 Andrew]

Mary DILDINE 1860 census Sligo PO Dist 14 DeKalb Co. I am looking for info on
Mary age 37 and her children George W age 17, Rachel age 13, Aaron age 12 and
Caladonia age 1.
I think Caldonia m. A P Rigsby in 1878 in DeKalb Co.



HENRY BLAINE RIGSBY 1884-10-10 DeKalb Co TN d 1958-08-03 Colin Co TX
+ 1906-08-25 EUNA JOSEPHINE REEVES b: 15 FEB 1890 in MANTUA TX d 1976-03-09 Celisa TX d/o Sylvester Absalom Reeves + Margaret Ann Thompson

Monroe Co KY maillist


JOHNSON, Leta RIGSBY, 90, of Sherman, died Jan 1, 2003 at home. She was b.
Oct 6, 1912 in Weston, TX to Henry and Euna REEVES Rigsby. She m. Luther
B. Johnson Oct 4, 1931 in Weston. She was a Baptist and loved to write.
Burial in Cottage Hill Cemetery.

Chatham Co NC genforum message 54

[R14.5.5 Canada II]

I am working on my line of Maynards.My 4th Grandpa was named Gibson b. 1770. He
married a Nancy A. b. 1775. They married about 1797. They had the following
children: Burrell 1800: Andrew (my 3rd grandpa) 1805 : Moses b. 1806: Drury b. 1808:
Micajah b. ? : Lavina E. (married a Rigsby): Gibson may have been born in Chatham
County N.C. and was in the 1820 census. Gibson and family came to Tennessee
sometime after 1820-1830. He died 1850-60. I do not know who his parents or siblings
were. Does the above information fit into any of your lines. Bill Maynard, Baxter, TN



Lavina 'Callie' Maynard, born Abt. 1822; married Kennedy Canada
'Kant' Rigsby 14 Dec 1841 in White Co., TN; born Abt. 1821 in
Tennessee; died Bef. 1870 in Dekalb Co., TN.
[Lavina d/o Gibson Maynard + Nancy (unknown)]

Eastern KY maillist


I have an Elizabeth Chambers in my husbands family. She married Lewis P.
Rigsby [1843 Chatanooga TN]. They lived in Marion, KY.
Do you know if she was in your family? They had 4 sons. Henry 1884,
Ben 1889, Blaine 1890, and Raymond 1895.
They were all born in Marion,Ky. but eventually moved to Shawneetown,
Illinois across the Ohio River.

I found some additional info. last night on Elizabeth Chambers Rigsby.
She died shortly after childbirth Apr. 29,1896 in Marion, Ky. Her parents
were: Henry Chambers & Mary Lou Winders. I don't know where the Chambers
come from.

-- board message 106


Looking for any info.on Louis(Lewis)P.Rigsby,
born 1843 in Chattanooga,Tn.He married Elizabeth Chambers.They lived in
Marion,Ky.and had 4 sons.Henry b-1884,d-1953,Blaine no
birthdate),d2/13/1953,Raymond b-9/15/1895-d-1971,Ben b-7/3/1989
All were born in Marion,Ky.Family moved to Shawneetown,Ill.Most of Ben's
family lives in Florida.Ray's in Tn.,Ill.,Fl.
Blaine's in Ill,Fl.Henry's in Ill,Fl.
Louis P.Rigsby also married a second time after the death of his 1st wife.I don't
know her name,she had a daughter by previous marriage by the name of
Elizabeth Whipple(maiden or married name unknown.)Louis P.and his 2nd wife
had a daughter Mrytle Pinkston who had a son David Pinkston.They lived in
Colorado.No other info.available.

[I didn't copy down where I got this from]



20. M. E.3 CHAMBERS (MARY2 WINDERS, GEORGE W/M?1) was born Abt. 1869 in ,Crittenden, Ky.. She married LOUIS?
RIGSBY. He was born Abt. 1868 in ,Crittenden, Ky..

Notes for M. E. CHAMBERS:

!She was called Lizzie. She and a child are on list of those buried

in cemetery but no dates or tombstones.

More About M. E. CHAMBERS:

Burial: Winders Cemt., Crittenden, Ky.

genforum message 333


Looking for anyone who knows any family of Benjamin Rigsby. He
was son of Lewis P. & Elizabeth Rigsby. Ben was born in
Marion, 1889. Ben married Clara Frances Clark. Children are:
Benjamin Louis,Charles Leonard and Ruth.

[I didn't copy down the source for this]


MARY J. HENLEY, b. Abt. 1845; m. ANDREW RIGSBY, June 25, 1869, Dekalb County, Tennessee.
Mary d/o Cassel Henley + Elizabeth (unknown)



Andrew M Rigsby 1846 d 1939 s/o Canada + Lavina
+ 1869-06-25 Mary J Henly 1848

1 John S. Rigsby
2 Owen Rigsby b: ABT 1870
3 William T. Rigsby b: 1878
4 Samuel T. Rigsby b: 1881

Bedford TN genforum message 469

[R14.5.5.3, I think]

Rigsby, Eliza Spouse : Troop, Leroy [sb Troup]
Marriage date : Sep 8, 1866
County : Bedford
Gender : Female
Source : County Court Records
Microfilm Number : 0476043 - 0476047



9. Benjamin Pinegar. s/o William Pinegar + Anna Redmon

He married Mary Rigsby. [c1826]
They had the following children:

11 i. John H. Pinegar [1855]
ii. Sarah Jane Pinegar;
iii. Susan Pinegar;
iv. William F. Pinegar;
v. Kizzie Pinegar;
vi. Mary E. Pinegar;



James Rigsby c1828 TN [James Meely s/o Canada]
+ 1852-07-27 Permelia Cantrell 1833-11-xx TN d DeKalb Co TN d/o Sampson Cantrell + Hannah (unknown)

1. Mary Jaresha Rigsby 1853-08 DeKalb Co, TN
2. Chesley Rigsby 1855-06 DeKalb Co, TN
3. Matilda Rigsby 1858-01 DeKalb Co, TN
4. Sarah Catherine Rigsby 1859-12-4 TN
5. Samuel L. Rigsby 1861 DeKalb Co, TN
6. John Lee Rigsby 1865-08-18 DeKalb Co, TN d 1943-03-13
7. Martha Rigsby c1867 DeKalb Co, TN
8. James Rigsby 1871-06 DeKalb Co, TN
9. Russell Rigsby c1873 DeKalb Co, TN
10. Eveline Rigsby c1875 DeKalb Co, TN

2 Chesley + 1876-09-04 Susan A Young 1855 DeKalb Co TN

2.1. Frances C. RIGSBY 1877-09
2.2. Minnie D. RIGSBY 1879
2.3. Annie E. RIGSBY 1885-08

6 John + 1891-04-02 Frances Louise West 1871-07-07 DeKalb Co TN d 1951-08-24 [d/o Andrew Jackson West + Adeline Evans]

6.1. Fred H. RIGSBY 1894
6.2. James Dibrell RIGSBY 1895-06-27 DeKalb Co TN d 1939-03-01
6.3. Martin Luther RIGSBY 1898
6.4.+Farmer C. RIGSBY 1901-04-04 DeKalb Co TN d 1957-11-02
6.5. Oliver Euin RIGSBY 1906
6.6. Elma Rossie RIGSBY 1909
6.7. Lillie RIGSBY 1913



James Rigsby c1828 TN
+ 1852-07-27 Permelia Cantrell c1832 TN d/o Sampson Cantrell + Hannah

1 Mary J. Rigsby b: AUG 1853 in DeKalb Co., TN
2 Chesley Rigsby b: ABT 1855 in DeKalb Co., TN
3 Matilda Rigsby b: JAN 1858 in DeKalb Co., TN
4 Sarah Catherine Rigsby b: 4 DEC 1859 in Tennessee d 1902-11-02
5 Samuel L. Rigsby b: 1861 in DeKalb Co., TN
6 John Rigsby b: ABT 1865 in DeKalb Co., TN + 1891-04-02 Frances L West 1870
DeKalb Co TN d/o Andrew Jackson West + Adaline Edens
7 Martha Rigsby b: ABT 1867 in DeKalb Co., TN
8 James Rigsby b: JUN 1871 in DeKalb Co., TN
9 Russell Rigsby b: ABT 1873 in DeKalb Co., TN + 1890-10-16 Mary Alice West
1875 DeKalb Co TN d/o Andrew Jackson West + Adaline Edens
10 Eveline Rigsby b: ABT 1875 in DeKalb Co., TN

4 Sarah + 1884-02-18 Franklin Pierce Knowles 1853-09-14 White Co TN d
1938-03-03 s/o John K Knowles + Ann Eliza Rascoe

4.1 Rachel Myrtle Knowles b: 17 APR 1886 in White Co., Tennessee d
4.2 Dovey L Knowles b: FEB 1888 in White Co., TN
4.3 John Davis Knowles b: 5 SEP 1889 in White Co., Tennessee d 1962-09-02
4.4 Sally P Knowles b: SEP 1889 in White Co., TN
4.5 Hally B Knowles (f) b: JUN 1893 in White Co., TN
4.6 James Clifton Knowles b: FEB 1895 in White Co., TN
4.7 Bessie E Knowles b: SEP 1896 in White Co., TN
4.8 Oma Knowles b: JUN 1899 in White Co., TN
4.9 Chester R. Knowles b: 2 NOV 1902 in White Co., Tennessee d 1992-04-14


27. Preston Franklin CANTRELL. Born on April 22, 1846 in Smithville, DeKalb, Tenn. Preston Franklin died in
Smithville, DeKalb, Tenn on March 9, 1933; he was 86. Buried in Smithville, DeKalb, Tenn.

On January 18, 1864 when Preston Franklin was 17, he first married Sarah Melvina REEDER, in Smithville,
DeKalb, Tenn. Born on April 17, 1844 in Smithville, DeKalb, Tenn. Sarah Melvina died in Magness Mills,
DeKalb, Tenn on September 10, 1882; she was 38. Buried in Jefferson, DeKalb, Tenn.

They had the following children:

vii. Ellen Arbell. Born on July 17, 1878 in Glasgow, Barren, Kntc. Ellen Arbell died on
November 24, 1958; she was 80.

Ellen Arbell married William H. RIGSBY.

On December 26, 1894 when Preston Franklin was 48, he third married Mary Jane RIGSBY, in Smithville,
DeKalb, Tenn. Born on August 4, 1855 in Warren, Tenn. Mary Jane died in Smithville, DeKalb, Tenn on March
31, 1942; she was 87

[Mary Jane is R14.5.7.1]
[I'm not sure who William is]

LDS site


Charles Rigsby TN8F-KR c1850
+ 1876-09-04 Susan Young TN8F-LX 1854 DeKalb Co TN d/o Isaac Young + Elizabeth Kennedy

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Deceased Name: Frank Pierce Knowles
Date of Birth: 14 Sep (Age: 84y)
Place of Birth: TN
Date of Death: 3 Mar 1938
Father: John Knowles
Place of Birth: TN
Mother: Eliza Rasco
Place of Birth: TN
Spouse: Sarah Rigsby
Cemetery: Pisgah
Certificate Number: 25634

Sumner Co TN maillist


Max Dennis married a Mary Edna
Rigsby, her parents were Sam Rigsby and MaryJane Green.



John Lee Rigsby 1865-08-18 DeKalb Co TN d 1943-03-13 DeKalb Co TN
+ 1891-04-02 Frances Louise West 1871-07-07 DeKalb Co TN d 1951-08-24 DeKalb Co TN d/o Andrew Jackson West + Adeline Edens

1. Fred H. Rigsby 1894
2. James Dibrell Rigsby 1895-06-27 DeKalb Co TN d 1939-03-01 DeKalb Co TN
3. Martin Luther Rigsby 1898
4.+Farmer C. Rigsby 1901-04-04 DeKalb Co TN d 1957-11-02 DeKalb Co TN
5. Oliver Euin Rigsby 1906
[others living]

White Co TN genforum message 40


I am looking for any information on my great grandfather, General Lafayette Neal. I
know they lived in White county in 1900 to 1910. He married Eveline Rigsby & had
several children. James, Winfield, William, John, Samantha & Dovie (my
grandmother) If anyone could help me, I would appreciate it.

Rigsby maillist


I am looking for information on Tillman Bartow Rigsby, he was born in middle
Tennessee in the late 1800's, he died in Chattanooga,Tn about 1950, he
married Maude Leona Patterson, I know of 2 son's they had, Grady Eugene
Rigsby, and Lonnie Rigsby. Grady Eugene Rigsby was born in 1925.



Im searching for Fate and Eveline Neal, or Eveline Rigsby, I know they had a
daughter named Dovie, and Bill and James that served in the military, im not
sure of how many other children they had, if you have any information please
help me. Dovie was born in 1903, or 1904.



Milton Rigsby
+ 1849-12-14 Mary Ann Clouse c1816 TN d/o John [Dillard] Clouse + Martha (unknown)

married in White Co



Rigsby, A. P. 1879 Unknown [R14. A Payton]
Rigsby, James K. P. 1862 Unknown November 18, 1877 [R14.5.8.3]
Rigsby, Leander Lafayette March 31, 1858 July 16, 1936 December 07, 1877 [R14.5.8.4]
Rigsby, W. T. 1878 Unknown [prob R14.]



Ruth Rigsby [c1858 TN]
+ [1875-10-17] Thomas Webb Stembridge 1851-12-22 d 1914-07-02 s/o James Stembridge + Mary Webb

1. Ocie STEMBRIDGE 1878
2. Jennie STEMBRIDGE 1879-12-20 d 1888-06-02
3.+James Houston STEMBRIDGE 1885-05-08 d 1981-03-20
4.+Effie Samantha STEMBRIDGE 1889-03-26 d 1977-04-22
5. Ida Lee STEMBRIDGE 1896-09-05 d 1969-07-08

Green genforum message 9059

[R14.5.8.3 James and R14.5.8.4 Leander]

vii. HENRIETTA GREEN, b. May 28, 1854, Warren Co, TN; d.
February 27, 1937, Lawrence Co, TN; m. L. RIGSBY, December 07,
1877, TN.
ix. NANCY GREEN, b. April 11, 1858, DeKalb Co, TN; d.
March 02, 1911, DeKalb Co, TN; m. J. RIGSBY, November 18, 1877,
Warren Co, TN.

[ds/o James Mooney Green + Sarah T Womack]



Leander Lafayette Rigsby 1858-03-31 Warren Co TN d 1936-07-16 Lawrenceburg, Lawrence Co TN
+ 1877-12-07 Henrietta Etta Green 1854-03-28 Warren Co TN d 1937-02-27 Lawrence Co TN d/o James Mooney Green + Sarah T Womack

1. William Tilden RIGSBY 1878-11-27 Warren Co TN d 1955-09-08 Lawrence Co TN
2. Samuel Turner RIGSBY 1881-05-08 TN d 1961-01-01
3. Sarah Ruthie RIGSBY 1884-02-11 TN d 1970-07-17 Lawrence Co TN
4. Ferdinand Alexander RIGSBY 1886-03-30 TN d 1962-02-18 Lawrence Co TN
5. Augustus Cleveland RIGSBY 1888-06-19 TN
6. Lena Lee Vinia RIGSBY 1890-02-09 TN d 1973-09-16 TN
7. Nannie Frances RIGSBY 1891-09-15 TN d 1970-07-25 TN
8. Lillie Maye RIGSBY 1893-03-18 TN d 1963-10-14
9. Jesse Furgerson RIGSBY 1895-03-02 TN d 1896-07-10 TN
10. George Seay RIGSBY 1901-03-22 TN d 1963-09-12 Campbellville KY

1 William + 1898-02-06 Roena Matilda Powell 1878-03-01 d 1938-06-24

1.1. BERTHA CLARA RIGSBY 1902-01-15 TN d 1954-07-06 Lawrence Co TN
1.2. RHETTA LEE RIGSBY 1903-12-07 d 1984-01-01 Lawrence Co TN
1.3. ANNIE BELL RIGSBY 1907-08-01 TN d 1984-02-14 Louisville KY
1.5. ETTA LUCILLE RIGSBY 1916-08-221 Lawrence Co TN d 1966-03-28 Lawrence Co TN

-- board message 119

[R14. William Tilden]

I had a Brown Rigsby (great uncle) who's fathers name
was William Teldon Rigsby, Brown had a sister named annabelle who was my
grandmother and i am trying to find the cherokee link,, would have been a lewis
married to a cherokee woman (william k or f lewis) way back in late 1700s william
died 1838. looking for cherokee records of his wife possibe *Sarah* ,,had a
daughter keziah from the eastern band cherokee in nc...keziah maried a john
rigsby , they had a son samuel who fathered Leander who was william teldon
rigsbys father.

message 123

I just spoke to my mother emily kathleen pigg vines. daughter of annabelle
rigsby pigg who was daughter of willian teldon rigsby who was son of leander L
she (my mother) said brown rigsby was her great uncle. brown and williwn teldon
were brothers and she said that naomi ruth rigsby evans is her 2nd cousin.

message 134

I assume your mother is the
daughter of William Tilden and 1st wife Roena Powell? I am desc from Leander's
sister Margaret "Betty" who married Timothy Dillard Tittle. Timothy and Betty
had a daughter Maggie who was William Tilden's second wife. My information is
that Leander and Margaret were children of Samuel T. Rigsby and Delilah "Puss"
Lewis. Samuel was, I believe, the son of John and Kizziah Lewis. I have seen posts
on this site putting Samuel as the son of Canada Rigsby and Mary "Polly" Lewis,
but no one can offer a source for this. I do believe that Canada and John were
brothers, and I know that Molly and Kizziah Lewis were sisters. They were the
daughters of William and Sarah Reid Lewis of Rowan County NC. Delilah "Puss"
Lewis was the daughter of Russell and Delilah Moore Lewis. Russell Lewis was
brother to Molly and Kizziah, so this seems to stenghten the tie. Delilah Moore
was the daughter of Jesse Galla Moore who came to Warren County from Virginia.
I don't have a Brown Rigsby as brother to Leander Lafayette. Is this a nickname? I
have children of Samuel and Delilah as: Jane Kizziah, Ruth, Leander, James Knox
Polk, Margeret Elizabeth, and Mary Martha. John K Rigsby and Kizziah Lewis
had: Samuel, John Doad, Benjamin F.,George W., James A., Kizziah, Hiram, and
Elizabeth, and possibly two more daughters. I agree with your statement that one
of Leander's grandmothers on the Rigsby side was also named Kizziah/Keziah; I
wish that the people who are claiming Samuel was the son of Canada Molly Lewis
would offer proof. So far I have found none. John was living next door to Samuel
in 1850 in Warren County TN, whereas Canada lived in White County from 1820
until before 1850. That is not proof I know, but it makes it seem more likely to me
that John is Samuel's father and not Canada, although I do believe several of the
Rigsby's in that area at that time were brothers, sons of Thomas Rigsby,
bc1760-1770. As for the Lewis's, there were quite a few in Rowan Co prior to 1800.
They're about as easy to trace as the Rigsby's in early TN.

message 137

I have the tree right in front of me and you are correct, samuel rigsby born 1830-31
was the son of John Rigsby and Keziah Lewis. keziah lewis was sister to Russel
lewis. their parents were william f. or k. Lewis ,,,the mothers name is blank on the
tree, typical of native recorded blood.... keziah and russel had children who
married,, cousins they were, they went on to have their children,samuel Rigsby
1830 and Delila Lewis 1832 marry,,,kissing cousins"""
and they were parents of leander lafayette Rigsby, who was father of william
teldon , who was my grandmothers father,, my grandmother was annabelle
Rigsby Pigg. canada must have been one of the brothers. he was not samuels

message 193

I have been pouring over my Rigsby book with fresh eyes, and I must say I have
to agree with you about Canada being Samuel's father. Samuel does not seem to
fit in with John's family. Also, Samuel being in the Dennis Julian household in
1850 seems to stengthen this; Samuel and Dennis would be 1st cousins.


Samuel Rigsby s/o Lee
+ Nancy Smith

1 Edgar Lee Rigsby d 1974-12-xx Frankfort KY

[Sam is R14.; father is Leander]



EUREKA! I have found Bettie RIGSBY,who m Timothy Dillard TITTLE
1881 Warren Co TN. Her full name was Margaret Elizabeth Rigsby & she was
b 8 Apr 1866 and d 5 May 1928 Lawrence Co. Her parents were Samuel
and Delilah "Puss" LEWIS RIGSBY.

[Timothy s/o Lorenzo Dow Tittle + Nancy J Goff]

Children were Maggie b May 1883, John H. b June 1884 m1904 Betty Ann
SHORT, Ruth b May 1887, Charles "Charlie" T. b Jul 1891 M10 Aug 1913
Mable Rhoden,sis of Fred, Jessie b Oct 1892 M 18 Nov 1914 Mary SMITH,
Lillie bAug 1895 m17 Nov 1912 William F. SHORT, Robert Taylor b1 Nov
1899,m4 Dec 1920 Clara MARTIN, Lizzie bc1903, & Dillard "Did" b15 Sept

genforum message 42

Looking for parents or family of Martha Rigsby who married William
Gibbs in Warren Co. on 9-11-1891. Also for an Emily Rigsby Born 1843,
and a Caroline Rigsby Born 1845.
Emily is listed as living with the Allen Mason family on the 1850 Warren
Co. Census, and Caroline is listed as living with the John Gibbs family
on the 1870 Census.

[Martha is R14.5.8.7, but I can't identify the others. They should
be related to Canada.]



Keziah Rigsby 1833 DeKalb Co TN d 1909 DeKalb Co TN
+ 1851-12-17 Elisha Lenox Luna 1825-11-05 DeKalb Co TN d 1889-06-19 DeKalb Co TN s/o Elisha Luna + Mary Ann Lenox

1 James Dykes Luna 1858-11-24 DeKalb Co TN d 1930-11-11 DeKalb Co TN

1 James + 1882-02-08 Lucinda Elizabeth Cantrell 1862-11-13 DeKalb Co TN d 1897-11-19 DeKalb Co TN

1.1 Lucinda Luna 1884-05-xx DeKalb Co TN



6 Elisha Lenox Luna 1825 - 1889
................ +Kiziah Ziggy Rigsby 1833 - 1909
................ 7 Elisha Luna 1855 -
................... +Rebecca J. Vaughn 1859 - 1934
................... 8 Frances Luna 1879 -
...................... +R. B. Rigsby Abt. 1879 -
................ 7 [382] James Dykes Luna 1858 - 1930
................... +Lucinda Elizabeth J. Cantrell 1862 - 1897
................... 8 Vinnie Luna 1889 - 1968
...................... +Issac Rigsby Abt. 1888 -
...................... 9 Infant Rigsby 1919 - 1919
...................... 9 Lonnie Allen Rigsby 1921 -

[and many more descendants of this couple]

[R B is R14. Russell]
[Isaac is R14.5.4.7]


1813 Wake Co NC
Polly HOLDERFIELD married Hillsmon RIGSBY 6 Jul 1813, Index to Marriage bonds,
NC State Archives. [Polly is often a nickname for Mary] [See 1819 below]

1819 Wake co NC
Polly HOLDERFIELD married Warren RIGSBY, 28 Aug 1819, Wake Co NC, Index
to Marriage Bonds, NC State Archives [Polly is often a nickname for Mary] [See 1813

[Warren is R14.6; I don't know about Hillsmon]

Holderfield genforum message 165

[Polly d/o Daniel Holifield + Elizabeth (unknown)]
[probably in Wake Co NC]

[wife of R14.6?]



(unknown) Rigsby [Warren]
+ Mary (unknown) 1807 NC [Overton Co TN 1850,60]

1. William RIGSBY b: 1828 in NC
2. Martha RIGSBY b: 1832 in TN
3. Alexander RIGSBY b: 1836 in TN
4. Margarett RIGSBY b: 1838 in TN
5. Almon RIGSBY b: 1840 in TN

[Alexander above]

1 William + Martha (unknown) 1832 TN d 1903-04-06 Prairieton, Christian Co IL
[Jackson Co TN 1850 Shelby Co IL 1870 Christian Co IL 1880]

1.1. Mary A RIGSBY b: 1852 in TN + 1880-09-30 George A Jones
1.2. Louisa J. RIGSBY b: 1855 in IL + 1874-12-24 William Robinson
1.3. Salina RIGSBY b: 1859 in IL
1.4. Lewis RIGSBY b: 5-1863 in IL
1.5. Thomas Alman RIGSBY b: 1867 in IL
1.6. Arminta RIGSBY b: 1869 in IL
1.7. Mattie RIGSBY b: 1873 in IL + 1891-09-11 Oscar Moore

1.4 Lewis + (unknown)

1.4.1. Jessie RIGSBY b: 5-1890 in IL
1.4.2. Gracie RIGSBY b: 6-1895 in IL


[maybe R14.6.2]

Martha "Patsy" RIGSBY 1826-01 White Co TN
+ 1846-12-02 William Grant 1824-03-xx White Co TN s/o Moses Grant + Margaret (unknown)

genforum message 125

[or maybe this is R14.6.2]

Martha Jane Rigsby born Jul 2,1828 [d 1885-03-18] married
Apr.26,1846 to Vincent Blanton



Etta Rigsby d 1887-02-19 Hastings, Adams Co NE
+ Thomas Calvin Workman 1854-01-17 Overton Co TN d 1930-12-26 El Campo TX s/o James Abraham Workman + Jemima Kitchen

1. James Abraham WORKMAN 1883 NE d 1948-11-20 Campo TX
2. Jesse WORKMAN d young
3. Earnest WORKMAN d young
4. Jemima Adeline WORKMAN 1884-07-09 IL

-- board message 76


I am looking for information on the family of Alexander and Isabel Nolen Rigsby.
My grandmother, Mary Catherine Rigsby, was their daughter. She m Thomas
Douglas Traughber in Illinois. I think the Rigsby's either came from KY or TN. I
know there were at least 2 sisters, Lucy, and Eliza.



Alexander Rigsby 1836 or 1841 TN d 1883 Christian Co IL [mother was Mary 1807 NC]
+ Amelia Isobella Nolan 1840-12-20 TN d 1943-01-07 Christian Co IL d/o Joseph Nolan + Lucy Harvel

1 Mary Catherine Rigsby 1862-06-01 d 1915-04-30 Stonington, Christian Co IL
1 Joseph W. Rigsby 1864 TN d 1933-09-21 Stonington, Christian Co IL + 1902-02-10 Mollie A Shaw 1868 MO
2 John Wesley Rigsby 1866 TN d 1934-05-13 Stonington, Christian Co IL + 1889-10-14 Ocie Bell Cooper
3 William H. Rigsby 1867 TN d 1946-11-23 Christian Co IL + Catherine Nolan 1886 TN
4 Lucy A Rigsby 1868 TN + 1891-07-03 Noah W Smith 1867 IL
5 Almand E Rigsby 1870 TN d 1919-02-10 Christian Co IL
6 Elizabeth Rigsby 1872 TN d 1934-02-28 TaYLORSVILLE, Christian Co IL + 1894-10-03 Leonard W Allen 1868 IL
7 Eliza Jane Rigsby 1876 Christian Co IL d 1944-01-07 Moweaqua, Christian Co IL + 1892-03-31 James P Myers 1870 IL
8 Edward Alexander Rigsby 1878-03-12 IL d 1941-04-08 Christian Co IL

1 Mary + 1879-10-12 Thomas Douglas Traughber 1858-09-27 Stonington, Christian Co IL d 1939-01-18 same s/o William Traughber + Susan Branon

1.1. Jesse Ray TRAUGHBER b: in Prairietown, Christian Co. IL
1.3. Ida TRAUGHBER b: in Prairietown, Christian Co. IL
1.5. unknown TRAUGHBER b: in Prairietown, Christian Co. IL
1.6. unknown TRAUGHBER b: in Stonington, Christian Co. IL
1.7. Thomas Alexander TRAUGHBER b: 7 Jan 1882 in Prairietown, Christian Co. IL d 1933-06-14 Taylorsville IL
1.8. William Earl TRAUGHBER b: 16 Feb 1884 in Prairietown, Christian Co. IL d 1959-12-10 Stonington
1.9. Elmer John TRAUGHBER b: 1 Jun 1886 in Prairietown, Christian Co. IL

8 + 1901-05-30 Elizabeth Anne Watson 1883 IL d 1954 Christian Co IL d/o Christopher Watson + Frances Patient

Otto Rigsby 1902 IL
8.1 Mary Ann Rigsby 1905-05-01 IL d 1992-07-31 Eureka CA + 1924 Allen T Ettinger
Gertrude Rigsby 1915 IL
Ester Rigsby 1919 IL
8.2 Arthur Leroy Rigsby 1924 IL d 1930-12-31 Taylorsville, Christain Co IL



William Henry Rigsby
+ Adah Isabella Vancuran c1840 d c1934

1. Almond H. RIGSBY c1871 d c1919
2. Ethel Alice RIGSBY 1894-10-17 Stonington IL d 1966-10-17 Decatur, Macon Co IL

[wrong; Almon is his brother, not son]



JAMES PETER4 MYERS (JAMES W.3, MICHAEL2, ABRAHAM1) was born May 12, 1869 in
Prairieton Township near Moweaqua, Christian Co., IL, and died December 05, 1945 in Stonington,
IL. He married ELIZA JANE Rigsby March 31, 1892 in Christian Co., IL41, daughter of ALEXANDER
Rigsby and AMELIA NOLAN. She was born January 03, 1876 in Prairieton Township near
Moweaqua, Christian Co., IL, and died December 20, 1944 in Stonington, IL.

Children of JAMES MYERS and ELIZA Rigsby are:

i. JAMES WILLIAM5 MYERS, b. Abt. 1893; d. Abt. 1901.
ii. MARTON M. MYERS, b. Abt. 1895; d. Abt. 1910.
iii. ROLLAND MYERS, b. Abt. 1897; d. Abt. 1906.
87. iv. WAYNE DEWEY MYERS, b. March 07, 1899; d. September 18, 1971.
88. v. EDWARD E. MYERS, b. January 17, 1901, Prairieton Township near
Moweaqua, Christian Co., IL; d. February 19, 1966.
89. vi. VERNON Rigsby MYERS, b. November 11, 1902, Prairieton Township
near Moweaqua, Christian Co., IL; d. March 19, 1984.
90. vii. VERA PEARL MYERS, b. February 14, 1905, Prairieton Township near
Moweaqua, Christian Co., IL; d. July 11, 1986.
91. viii. HERSCHEL VALENTINE MYERS, b. February 14, 1907, Prairieton
Township near Moweaqua, Christian Co., IL; d. March 23, 1982,
Stonington, IL.
92. ix. LOUELLA MAE MYERS, b. September 18, 1908, Prairieton Township near
Moweaqua, Christian Co., IL; d. August 03, 1996.
93. x. DOROTHY DORA MYERS, b. October 18, 1910, Prairieton Township near
Moweaqua, Christian Co., IL; d. August 19, 1981.
xi. ILLA RUTH MYERS, b. December 14, 1912, Prairieton Township near
Moweaqua, Christian Co., IL; d. December 04, 1995; m. JOHN RICHY
ASHINHURST, Private; b. Private.
xii. FLOYD E. MYERS, b. December 24, 1915, Prairieton Township near
Moweaqua, Christian Co., IL; d. January 22, 1940; m. RUBY NATION,
Private; b. Private.
xiii. GLEN PETER MYERS, b. July 11, 1921, Prairieton Township near
Moweaqua, Christian Co., IL; d. September 13, 1946, Stonington, IL.

genforum message 143


Almon Rigsby who was married to Emiline
(Emily?)according to the census of 1900. At that time they were living in
Pikeville, Tenn. ( Bledsoe Co.)
and had a ten year old son by name of Winston.

[son sb Winfield, not Winston]

genforum message 373


my grandfathers name was Sam Rigsby and he had a brother
named Charles Edward and Joe Rigsby and a sister named Bertha.
We don't know what happened to Charles or Bertha. My grandfather
was from Pikeville,Tn., or around Dunlap not real sure. I don't know
if your Charles could be the same one or not. I'm having a hard time
finding anything out. My grandfather was born in 1892-1959 in

-- board message 198


i am trying to find some information about my grandfathers family his name was
samuel rigsby at his death his lived in sardis,tn. he lived in dunlap at one time
and had a son named charles from a first marriage. he later married my
grandmother ethel ross rigsby and had a daughter. sam had one brother named
joesph we think he had a brother named charles edward, and a sister named
bertha. when their parents died they went different places i have very little
information on sam's family if you have any information let me know. samuel's
parents names were alvin and emaline rigsby i think.

[His father was Almon, not Alvin.]



Morris, Charlie E. Rigsby, Bertha Lee 18 Aug 1918 GA Walker



Cannon Co TN queries

Looking for info on Almon Rigsby and his wife Rebecca who are
listed as living in Cannon County in the 1850 Census. Their son
N.C. (Nelson Canada) was my great-grandfather.



Auman [should be Alman/Almond] Rigsby
+ Rebecca Hendrix c1822 Warren Co TN

1 James Alfred Rigsby 1837-03-15 Woodberry, Cannon Co TN d 1875-10-22 Yellville, Marion Co AR
2 Elizabeth Rigsby b: ABT. 1842
3 Rebecca Rigsby b: DEC 1844 in Cannon County, Tennessee d 1928-11-29 Warren Co TN + Jobe II Burkett 1849-01-29 Canon Co TN s/o Warren Burkett + Sarah Burgess
4 Allman Rigsby ,Jr. b: ABT. 1845
5 Sarah E. Rigsby b: ABT. 1849
6 Nelson Canada Rigsby b: 28 JUL 1850 in Cannon County, Tennessee d 1910-08-26 Warren Co TN
7 Mary Rigsby b: ABT. 1852
8 T.M. Rigsby b: ABT. 1857

1 James + Sarah Jane Tittle 1840-06-15 Woodberry, Cannon Co TN d 1917-02-17 Mesa, Maricopa Co AZ d/o Hyrum Young Tittle + Mary Polly Higgins

1.1 William H Rigsby 1859-09-12 Woodberry,Cannon Co TN d 1859-12-xx Woodberry, Cannon Co TN
1.2 Elizabeth Rigsby 1860-10-14 Woodberry,Cannon Co TN d 1943-05-29 Mesa, Maricopa Co AZ
1.3 Martha Leota Rigsby 1863-08-12 Woodberry, Cannon Co TN d 1943-05-28 Mesa, Maricopa Co AZ
1.4 Isac Rigsby 1866-10-12 Woodberry,Cannon Co TN d 1875-10-12 Woodberry, Cannon Co TN
1.5 Mary Rigsby 1868-09-06 Woodberry,Cannon Co TN d 1928-05-02 Coffeyville KS
1.6 Eliza Rigsby 1870-10-29 Woodberry,Cannon Co TN
1.7 Sarah Rigsby 1873-02-02 Yellville,Marion Co AR d 1962-05 Mesa, Maricopa Co AZ
1.8 Almon Rigsby 1875-09-10 Yellville, Marion Co AR d 1910-11-10

1.2 Elizabeth + 1886-10-21 William Lindsey Love 1857-04-20 IN d 1935-05-29 Chandler, Maricopa Co AZ s/o J B Love + Liddie Arnold

1.3 Martha + 1880-08-22 James Harrison Sizemore 1859-08-01 DeKalb Co AL d 1931-05-14 Mesa, Maricopa Co AZ s/o William Calvin Sizemore + Susan Jane Dockery

1.3.1 Octave Lellan SIZEMORE 1882-09-05 Neutral, Cherokee Co KS d 1885-09-06 Neutral, Cherokee Co KS
1.3.2 Willie SIZEMORE 1885-02-15 Neutral, Cherokee Co KS d 1985-02-25 Neutral, Cherokee Co KS
1.3.3 Grace May SIZEMORE 1886-05-11 Neutral, Cherokee Co KS d 1981-05-06 San Diego CA
1.3.4 James Harold SIZEMORE 1889-02-22 Neutral, Cherokee Co KS d 1961-05-24 Mesa, Maricopa Co AZ
1.3.5 Stacy Lee SIZEMORE 1891-09-09 Neutral, Cherokee Co KS d 1894-05-09 Neutral, Cherokee Co KS
1.3.6 Boy SIZEMORE 1894-05-13 Neutral, Cherokee Co KS d 1894-06-20 Neutral, Cherokee Co KS
1.3.7 Bulah SIZEMORE 1895-09-09 Neutral, Cherokee Co KS d 1898-12-14 Neutral, Cherokee Co KS
1.3.8 Harrie Almon SIZEMORE 1898-02-04 Neutral, Cherokee Co KS
1.3.9 Cecil Carl SIZEMORE 1900-10-31 Galena, Cherokee Co KS d 1901-09-08 Galena, Cherokee Co KS
1.3.10 Elvin Forrest SIZEMORE 1905-07-18 Galena, Cherokee Co KS
1.3.11 Gilbert Chester SIZEMORE 1911-09-23 in Mesa, Maricopa Co AZ

1.5 Mary + Thomas Monroe Persley d 1907-05-07 s/o Bluford Persley + Mary (unknown)

1.5.1 Homer PERSLEY b: in Carterville,Jasper,Mo
1.5.2 Lalia PERSLEY b: in Carterville,Jasper,Mo

1.6 Eliza + 1888-08-16 William McKenzie Stone 1869-12-20 Neutral, Cherokee Co KS s/o John William Stone + Mary Ann Burger

1.6.1 Goldie Beattrice STONE 1889-07-21
1.6.2 Elsie Bell STONE 1891-11-04 Baxter Springs, Cherokee Co KS
1.6.3 William Ray STONE 1894-05-27 Baxter Springs, Cherokee Co KS
1.6.4 Paul Otto STONE 1869-09-28 [1899?] Baxter Springs, Cherokee Co KS
1.6.5 Helen Miriam STONE 1903-05-16 Thayer,Labete Co KS

1.7 Sarah + 1892-11-28 Samuel Louis Williams 1863-12-22 Dayton OH d 1934-06-17 Mesa, Maricopa Co AZ s/o Elijah Williams + Elizabeth Hunt

1.7.1 Eulah WILLIAMS 1893-10-12 Joplin,Jasper Co MO
1.7.2 Talmage WILLIAMS 1895-06-24 Cheryvale,Montg Co KS d 1918-11-06 FRA
1.7.3 Lelab WILLIAMS 1897-10-27 Cheryvale,Montg Co KS
1.7.4 Adelta WILLIAMS 1900-01-19 Cheryvale,Montg Co KS
1.7.5 Abbie WILLIAMS 1903-02-08 Cheryvale,Montg.Co KS
1.7.6 Aleda WILLIAMS 1906-11-06 Cheryvale, Montg Co KS

6 Nelson + 1873-01-02 Mary Jane Herndon 1857-10-02 Warren Co TN d 1923-01-07 McMinnville, Warren Co TN d/o James Monroe Herndon + Sarah Elkins

6.1 Emma RIGSBY
6.2 John Robert RIGSBY b: 15 JUN 1886 in Warren County, Tennessee d 1957-11-13 Warren Co TN
6.3 Liza RIGSBY
6.4 Claude Allman RIGSBY b: 13 JUL 1881 in Center Town, Warren County,Tennessee d 1964-03-02 Warren Co TN
6.5 Della RIGSBY b: 13 MAR 1888
6.6 George Haskell RIGSBY b: 16 OCT 1890 in Warren County, Tennessee d 1960-01-07 Warren Co TN
6.7 Ernest Holliday RIGSBY b: 1893 d 1961-05-15


Martha Tittle married Bill Rigsby [R14.7.4]
[Martha d/o Hiram Tittle + Mary Higgins]

A Rigsby married another of the girls. [R14.7.7 James A]

The second wife of John Mathis was a Miss Rigsby.
[John s/o Nathan Mathis]

Billy Keaton married Fannie Rigsby.
[Billy s/o William Keaton + Lize Fuson]



John K Rigsby
+ Lucy Higdon

1 Hassie Rigsby 1887-03-27 d 1924-03-03 + (unknown) Pirtle



Mary E Rigsby
+ 1869-12-22 Robert L Higgins 1848 TN s/o James Higgins + Susan Duggan



Jane Rigsby
+ 1850-06-30 William II Preston c1827 s/o William B Preston + Mary Mears

Sarah PRESTON c1854
Mary PRESTON c1856
James PRESTON c1858
Tom PRESTON 1867-12-20 Cannon Co TN d 1916-06-18



William P Rigsby
+ 1849-11-29 Martha Tittle c1831 Smith Co TN d/o Hiram Young Tittle + Mary Higgins

1. George RIGSBY
2. Murphy RIGSBY


[widow of R14.7.4 William]

Martha T. Rigsby #43789

Martha married James R. Mullins, son of John W. Mullins and Hannah C. Sapp, on 17 October
1875 at Cannon Co., Tennessee.1



William Rigsby
+ Martha Tittle c1831 d/o Hyram Young Tittle + Mary Higgins

1 Murphy Rigsby
2 George Rigsby

John Murphy Rigsby
+ Cannon Co TN 1878-12-29 Mary Samantha "Mance" Bogle 1858-01-29 d 1934 d/o George Washington Bogle + Sarah Elizabeth Mullinax

1 John C Rigsby 1881-07-18

1 John + Beatrice Adams

1.1 Willie Mae Rigsby

genforum message 66


Seeking information on Elizabeth Ann Rigsby b. cir 1832 d. 1857-1860
Cannon Co., TN who married 5 Jan 1854 Cannon Co., TN to John (Jack)
GILLEY b. 1 Jan 1820 Cannon Co., TN d. ? Dewitt Co., TN. This was his
second wife. Elizabeth was the daughter of Thomas and Sally RIGSBY.
They had a daughter Rebecca GILLEY who may have married Rev.
George H. WADE and removed to Marion Co., AR

Gilley genforum message 756

I am sorry but I do not have much info on Elizabeth Ann Rigsby. All I
have is that she was a daughter of Thomas Rigsby and Sarah
(unknown). And married 5 Jan 1854 in Cannon Co. to John "Jack"
Gilley. I have one child listed for her, Rebecca Gilley born ca 1856 in
Tenn. Rebecca Gilley married George Wade, born ca 1859 in MO.
They had a son, John C. Wade. This is all I have on Elizabeth Ann

[I think they are wrong about her parents. There were two Elizabeth
Rigsbys born 1832 in Cannon Co TN. One was d/o Thomas + Sarah, and
the other was d/o Thomas' brother Almon + Rebecca. Almon's daughter
is shown as Elizabeth Ann, but Thomas' is not shown with a middle
name. The one who married John Gilley died before the 1860 census.
The other apparently didn't marry, but lived at least until 1900. On
all the censuses after 1860, she never is shown with a middle name.
Possibly Thomas' daughter did have a middle name of Ann and never
used it, but I think it more likely that Almon's daughter is the one
who married John Gilley.]



CANNON COUNTY, TN - WILLS - Eli Young Estate Inventory

An inventory of the Sale of the Property of Eli Young deceased by
Samuel Young Administrator on the 13th days of June 1862.

James Rigsby Fifty lbs of Bacon 6.50
James Rigsby Fifty lb of Bacon 6.50



Rebecca Caroline Rigsby 1844-10-xx TN d 1927-12-26 Cannon Co TN
+ 1872-08-22 Jobe M Burkett 1850 Cannon Co TN d 1900 Cannon Co TN s/o John Burkett + Paulina Markum

1. Almon Lee BURKETT 1875-07-22 Cannon Co TN d 1955-07-26 Huntsville AL

Underhill genforum message 560


Seeking parents and ancestors of George W. Underhill who married Malissa Laura
Rigsby on Feb. 26, 1873 in Cannon Co., TN. George W. died before 1900. His
widow and children lived in Warren Co., TN in 1900.

genforum message 445


searching for ancestors of Nelson Rigsby, father of George Haskel
Rigsby b. 1890 in Warren Co, TN According to 1900 Warren Co
Census George's siblings were Claude, John, Lizzie, Ernest and

-- board message 89


kennedy nelse rigsby was my gr. grandfather...but cant seem to find any info on
him. i know when he was born, but not where. i know where he died and when
and where he is buried.. i know his childrens names, some of the spouses, and
some of their childrens names... just cant seem to connect to any of everyone elses
trees without connecting to brothers, or sisters, or his parents... he was born in
1850, and married mary jane herndon...WAS HE JUST A BLACK SHEEP, THAT

message 163

I am trying to connect Nelson and his Father Allman to their parents.Nelson's son
Claude was married to my mothers sister. There is some people of this line still
living in Warren County, Tn.

message 180

im not sure that we are on the same track or not,, i cant find anything before my gr.
grandfather,, he is buried in grange hall cemetery, with his wife, mary jane
herdon. the tombstone was donated i believe by james dewey.. yes, he did have a
son named claude that lived in alabama.. but the tombstone for my grandfather,
says kennedy nelse rigsby... he also had another son, named john robert, called
john r. he is buried at centertown cemetery, on 70s and 387 i think is the road.

message 186

If you don't mind can you tell me when
Kennedy Nelson Rigsby died? I can check
for a death cert if it is after 1908. I
think his brother is John R. that had sons
named Paris and Audie.



1789. Delora 'Lora'9 Stubblefield (Martha8 Umberger, Samuel7, John6, Henry5,
Leonard4, Heinrich3, Rudolph2, Conrad1) was born 09 April 1890, and died 14 April 1978. She
married Claude Rigsby. He was born 13 July 1881, and died 02 March 1964.
[Delora d/o Robert Lee Stubblefield + Martha Umberger]

Children of Delora Stubblefield and Claude Rigsby are:

3759 i. George Orville10 Rigsby.
3760 ii. Hazel Laverne Rigsby. She married Craig.
3761 iii. Edgar Marlin Rigsby.
3762 iv. Martha Inez Rigsby, died in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
3763 v. Dewayne Rigsby. He married Florence.
+3764 vi. Robert Raymond Rigsby, born 14 July 1906; died 26 August 1976.



is where I got Rigsby49193.jpg

In this picture is George Haskell Rigsby, his wife Martha Edna Page,
and their son Haskell Rigsby.

Martha 1895-12-15 DeKalb Co TN d 1892-12-11 Warren Co TN d/o Alexander Page + Emmaline Robinson
married 1912-08-17


[R14.8? yep]

Paul Rigsby
Christening: Was from Irland 1 2 3 4 [no; from TN]
Burial: Married in North Carolina, Raleigh 1 2 3 4 [unlikely]
Baptism: Moved to Nashville Tenn 1820 to 1830 1 2 3 4
Fact 1: Settled what is now Davison Co on 160 acres 1 2 3 4
Fact 2: Deceided to move to West Tenn. and never 1 2 3 4
Occupation: received anything for the land 1 2 3 4
Titles: Moved to Clarktn Mo 1 2 3 4

+ Elizabeth Lett 1802/1805

1 James Allan Rigsby 1827

1 James + Mary Elizabeth Parker 1834 d/o Turner Parker + Martha Elizabeth

1.1 William Wiley Rigsby b. Wft Est. 1849-1876
1.2 James Turner Rigsby b. Wft Est. 1849-1876
1.3 John Wesley Rigsby b. 29 Jul 1855 d 1942-11-03 TN
1.4 Martha Jane Rigsby b. 1860
1.5 Eliga Lee Rigsby b. 1871

1.3 John Wesley + Susan Jane Brecheen 1855-09-02 d 1934-06-02 d/o Thomas
Green Brecheen + Sarah Smith

James Green Rigsby b. 16 Aug 1874
Sarah Josephine Rigsby b. 9 Mar 1876
Charles Hensley Rigsby b. 18 Nov 1877
Ursula Florence Rigsby b. 9 Apr 1880
Elizabeth Pearl Rigsby b. 15 Apr 1886
Media Louisa Rigsby b. 27 Jun 1889
Mrytle Anne Rigsby b. 15 Mar 1890 in Tennessee d 1978 Dexter MO + 1909
Milburn Turner Hall 1889-05-22 d 1941-12-25 s/o William A Hall + Mary C
Carrie Elnora Rigsby b. 29 Aug 1892
Willie Jessie Rigsby b. 27 Apr 1893
Mabel Clarice Rigsby b. 15 Nov 1895 + Jesse Gile Rush 1893-04-10

Brecheen genforum message 11
LDS site

[R14.8.1 James, not Joseph]

Joseph Rigsby 1826 TN
+ Mary (unknown) 1834 TN

1. John Wesley Rigsby 1855-07-29 TN d 1942-11-03
2. William Rigsby 1858
3. Martha Jane Rigsby 1860-11-22 Carroll Co TN d 1937-09-22 Carroll Co TN
4. James Turner Rigsby 1869

1 John + Carroll Co TN 1873-10-26 Susan J[ane] Brecheen 1855-09-02 TN d 1934-06-02 d/o Thomas Green Brecheen + Sarah [Smith]

1.1 James Green Rigsby [1874-08-16 d 1875-10-14]
1.2. Sarah J[osephine] Rigsby 1876[-03-09] Carroll Co TN [d 1942-11-28]
1.3. Charles H[ensley] Rigsby [1877-11-18] d 1935[-04-30]
1.4 [Ursula] Florence Rigsby [1880-04-09 d 1962-10-22]
1.5. Nora [Carrie Elnora] Rigsby 1882[-08-29] Carroll Co TN d 1968
1.6. [Pearl] Elizabeth Rigsby 1886-04-15 d 1969-02-24 + John Scott Pinkley 1883-03-16 d 1964-12-22 s/o Marcellus Pinkley + Mary E Fowler
1.7. Martha Rigsby 1888 Carroll Co TN
1.8. Media Louise Rigsby [1889-06-27 d 1960-02-02]
1.9. Myrtle Annie Rigsby [1890-03-15 d 1978]
1.10. [Willie] Jessie Rigsby 1893[-04-27] Carroll Co TN d 1981[-05-27]
1.11. Mable [Clarice] Rigsby 1895[-11-15] Carroll Co TN [d 1963-01-04]

1.6 Elizabeth
+ John Elihue Scott Pinckley 1883-03-16 d 1964-12-22 s/o Marcellus Pinckley + Mary E Fowler

77 i. Flavil Walton (1910-)
ii. Charles Rigsby.
78 iii. Jesse Brecheen

2 William + 1883-11-29 Jannette J Sellers 1856-02-xx TN d/o Francis M Sellers + Zilphia A Phillips

2.1. Leander Roscoe Rigsby 1884-12-05 d 1970-04-04
2.2. Fannie Rigsby 1886 d 1933 Carroll Co TN
2.3. Lillie A. Rigsby 1891-06-xx d 1976
2.4. Francis E. Rigsby 1894-10-xx

2.1 Leander Roscoe Rigsby
+ 1905-07-28 Elay Ora Lee Scott 1881-03-12 Carroll Co TN d 1955-06-02 same d/o Henry Clay Scott + Durotha Isabel Gulledge

2.1.1. Carl RIGSBY
2.1.2. Virgie RIGSBY
2.1.3. Eller RIGSBY
2.1.4. Chester RIGSBY
2.1.5. Caulie RIGSBY
2.1.6. Iona RIGSBY

2.2 Fannie Rigsby
+ 1905-11-19 Henry Clay II Scott 1882-08-13 Carroll Co TN d 1981-11-15 s/o Henry Clay Scott + Durotha Isabel Gulledge

2.2.1. Lester SCOTT
2.2.2. Iler SCOTT
2.2.3. Vadie SCOTT
2.2.4. Vera SCOTT
2.2.5. Ruth SCOTT
2.2.6. Lois SCOTT

3 Martha + 1884-08-27 James Steven Pendergrass 1860-01-10 Carroll Co TN d 1943-10-17 Carroll Co TN s/o Augdon Quincy Pendergrass + Clarka Ann Grant

3.1. Florence L. PENDERGRASS 1884-12-10 Carroll Co TN d 1986-11-29 Carroll Co TN
3.2. J. Priestly PENDERGRASS 1890 Carroll Co TN d 1970-12-04 Madison Co TN
3.3. Lewis Augdon PENDERGRASS 1894-04-xx Carroll Co TN d 1978-07-27 Atwood TN
3.4. Flora PENDERGRASS 1897 Carroll Co TN
3.5. Ava Clarence PENDERGRASS 1900-04-05 Clarksburg, Carroll Co TN d 1983-04-04 Carroll Co TN
3.6. Virgie PENDERGRASS (f) 1904 Carroll Co TN d 1942 Carroll Co TN

4 James + Deilla Hattie McAdoo

4.1. LeRoy RIGSBY
4.2. Halley RIGSBY
4.3. Priest RIGSBY
4.4. Lexie RIGSBY
4.5. Joe RIGSBY



2131. Charles Ellsworth Bolen b. 2 Aug 1874 Yuma, Carroll Co., TN, d. 29 Oct 1948; m. (1)
Loretta Traywick; m. (2) Media Rigsby b. 1889, d. 1960, buried at New Hope Cemetery,
TN; they had no children

Charles s/o John Wiley Bolin + Hannah E Jean



MARY ELLIS, b. November 18, 1883; m. BILL RIGSBY.
[Mary d/o John Ellis + Eveline Terry; probably born Scott Co TN]



Scott, Henry Clay [Male] b. 13 AUG 1882 Carroll County TN - d. 15 NOV 1981 Carroll County TN
+ Rigsby, Fannie [Female] b. ABT 1886 - Marriage: 19 NOV 1905 Carroll County TN

[Henry s/o Henry Clay Scott + Durotha Isabelle Gulledge]



James Steven PENDERGRASS. Born on 10 Jan 1860 in Carroll County,
Tennessee. Buried in Oct 1943 in New Liberty Baptist Church Cemetery, Carroll County,
Tennessee. At the age of 83, James Steven died in Carroll County, Tennessee on 17 Oct
1943. [s/o Augdon Quincy Pendergrass + Clarka Ann Grant]

On 27 Aug 1884 when James Steven was 24, he married Martha Jane RIGSBY, daughter
of Lafayette RIGSBY (1844-) & Sarah A. ? (1842-), in Carroll County, Tennessee. Born on
22 Nov 1860 in Carroll County, Tennessee. At the age of 76, Martha Jane died in Carroll
County, Tennessee on 22 Sep 1937. Buried in Sep 1937 in New Liberty Baptist Church
Cemetery, Carroll County, Tennessee. Resided in District 13, Carroll County, Tennessee
in 1880. Resided in District 13, Carroll County, Tennessee in 1930. Occupation:
Homemaker and midwife.

They had the following children:
57 i. Florence L. (1884-1986)
58 ii. J. Priestly (1890-1970)
59 iii. Lewis Augdon (1894-1978)
60 iv. Flora (1897-)
61 v. Ava Clarence (1900-1983)
62 vi. Virgie (1904-1942)

[Lafayette did not have a daughter Martha. He did not have a 10-year-
old daughter on the 1870 census.]
[Martha is actually d/o James Allen Rigsby + Mary Stone]



Elija Lee Rigsby 1871-12-26 d 1898-09-06
+ 1895-09-29 Mary Caroline Ledsinger 1877-10-23 Carroll Co TN d 1963-08-27 d/o William Thomas Ledsinger + Salina Elizabeth Collins

1 Georgia Vera Ella RIGSBY 1896 d 1971



Wiley Andrew Jackson Hampton b 1835 m Ponta RIGSBY
Carroll Co. [TN] 1856

[she is Paralee on the 1850 census]



Moses Mattthew Rigsby 1836-05-03 TN d 1895 buried Ephesus cemetery
+ Hannah Rebecca Phelps 1843-03-06 TN d 1908 d/o Ozias Phelps + Mary Smith

1 John Rigsby 1863 TN
2 Mary Rigsby 1864 TN
3 Thomas Rigsby 1868 TN
4 Tolbert Andrew Rigsby 1873-12-24



Moses M Rigsby
+ Carroll Co TN 1862-08-12 Hannah R Phelps

1 John William Rigsby 1864 TN d 1885-07-19 [death date wrong; sb 1928]
2 Mary C Rigsby 1866 TN
3 Thomas Granville Rigsby 1869-06-xx TN d 1947
4 Andrew T Rigsby 1874 TN
5 Elbert Lasson Rigsby 1876-12-26 Paris, Henry Co TN d 1955-03-11 Paris, Henry Co TN

1 John + Carroll Co TN 1885-07-19 J E Moore

4 Andrew + Etta (unknown)

4.1 Loy Rigsby 1896

5 Elbert + Vale, Carroll Co TN 1899-10-08 Alice Isadore Grissom 1885-01-24 Hollow Rock, Carroll Co TN d 1962-12-23 Banning, Riverside Co CA

5.1 Mary Deane Rigsby 12 Jul 1902 Piggott, Clay County, Arkansas 30 Jul 1952 Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama
5.2 Linnie Alice Rigsby 4 Jul 1905 Henry, Henry County, Tennessee F
5.3 Elbert Larry Rigsby 31 Mar 1908 Arkansas 18 Dec 1958 Paris, Henry County, Tennessee



Seeking info about the Elbert Lawson Rigsby family who lived in Hollow Rock,
Carroll Co. TN in the post civil war era. Some moved to Missouri and Arkansas. Almost
all of the family were from Carroll Co. and the neighbouring counties. Would love to
trade info. Thanks!

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Elbert Lasson RIGSBY [Parents] was born on 26 Dec 1876 in Paris, Henry County, Tennessee. He
died on 11 Mar 1955 in Paris, Henry County, Tennessee. He was buried in Paris, Henry County,
Tennessee. He married Pearl BRISANDINE on 21 Mar 1926 in Henry County, Tennessee.

Other marriages:

GRISSOM, Alice Isadore

Pearl BRISANDINE died on 8 Mar 1966 in Paris, Henry County, Tennessee. She married Elbert
Lasson RIGSBY on 21 Mar 1926 in Henry County, Tennessee.

Moses M. RIGSBY [Parents] was born about 1835 in Tennessee. He died in 1895. He was buried
in 1895 in Vale, Carroll County, Tennessee. He married Hannah R. PHELPS on 12 Aug 1862 in Carroll
County, Tennessee.

Hannah R. PHELPS [Parents] was born about 1843 in Sullivan County, Tennessee. She died in
1910. She married Moses M. RIGSBY on 12 Aug 1862 in Carroll County, Tennessee.

They had the following children:

M i John William RIGSBY was born in 1864. He died on 19 Jul 1885.
F ii Mary C. RIGSBY was born in 1866 in Tennessee.
M iii Thomas Granville RIGSBY was born in Jun 1869. He died in 1947.
M iv Andrew T. RIGSBY was born in 1874.
M v Elbert Lasson RIGSBY was born on 26 Dec 1876. He died on 11 Mar 1955.

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Descendants of William Brizendine

Children of Drury Brisendine and Sarah Rose are:

66 ii. Pearl Brisendine, born Sep 17, 1884 in Henry Co, Tn;
died Mar 7, 1966 in Henry County Medical Center,
Henry Co, Tn. She md Elbert Lawson Rigsby; born
Dec 26, 1876 in Henry Co, Paris, Tn; died Mar 11, 1955
in Henry Co, Paris, Tn. Both are buried in Maplewood
Cem, Henry Co, Paris, Tn



Lafayette Rigsby c1844 TN
+ Sarah A (unknown) 1842 TN

1. Martha Jane RIGSBY b: 22 NOV 1860 in Carroll County, Tennessee d 1937-09-22 Carroll CO TN
2. William Dudley RIGSBY b: 1869 in Carroll County, Tennessee d 1955

[Wrong. Martha was d/o Lafayette's older brother R14.8.1 James. Lafayette
had a daughter Margaret.]

1 Martha + 1884-08-27 James Steven Pendergrass 1860-01-10 Carroll Co TN d 1943-10-17 Carroll Co TN s/o Augdon Quincy Pendergrass + Clarka Ann Grant

1.1. Florence L. PENDERGRASS b: 10 DEC 1884 in Carroll County, Tennessee d 1986-11-29 Carroll Co TN
1.2. J. Priestly PENDERGRASS b: 1890 in Carroll County, Tennessee d 1970-12-04 Madison Co TN
1.3. Lewis Augdon PENDERGRASS b: APR 1894 in Carroll County, Tennessee d 1978-07-27 Atwood TN
1.4. Flora PENDERGRASS b: 1897 in Carroll County, Tennessee
1.5. Ava Clarence PENDERGRASS b: 5 APR 1900 in Clarksburg, 13th District,Carroll County, Tennessee d 1983-04-03 Huntingdon, Carroll Co TN
1.6. Virgie PENDERGRASS b: 1904 in Carroll County, Tennessee d 1942 Carroll Co TN

2 William + 1894-12-23 Dora Jarrett 1877 Carroll Co TN d 1963

2.1. Sarah RIGSBY b: 1898 in Carroll County, Tennessee
2.2. Elmer C. RIGSBY b: 7 JUL 1901 in Carroll County, Tennessee d 1970-10-24
2.3. Minnie Jane RIGSBY b: ABT 1906 in Carroll County, Tennessee

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Margaret Eliz Rigsby b.1873 Carroll Co TN-her father was Lafayette

[she married a Rush]

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My gr.grandmother Laura Mildred Bewley married first to a Humphries who was
killed near Searcy Arkansas in mid 1800's. Laura then married John H. Rigsby and
resided in Lonsdale, Garland County Arkansas until death in late 1880's. They had
two sons, Oscar Lee and Arthur Hiram.



The American McIlvail branch of Clan MacMillan

Martha Mill Lloyd, b. 1869 AL, m. Col. Jabez Benjamin Hiram Rigsby at Lonsdale, AR

[Martha d/o Thomas Jefferson Lloyd + Emily McInvale]



Eliza Rigsby
+ 1845-01-23 Thomas Preston 1820-08-04 TN d 1883-03-20 s/o John Preston + (unknown)



John Doad Rigsby
+ c1862 Mary Ann Tippett c1842 [dates fabricated]

1 James A Rigsby 1863-07-xx Cannon Co TN d 1941-11-23 DeKalb Co TN

1 James + c1884 Octavia Gannon 1861 Cannon Co TN

1.1. John D RIGSBY 1886-02-xx
1.2. Mary A Rigsby 1888-06-xx
1.3. Lockey Jane RIGSBY 1891-12-21 Warren Co TN d 1983-11-21 Warren Co TN
1.4. Maggie B Rigsby 1894



Isabelle Rigsby 1869-10-02 DeKalb Co TN d 1948-10-18 DeKalb Co TN
+ 1886-01-14 Anderson Young 1864-06-04 DeKalb Co TN d 1918-01-31 DeKalb Co TN s/o Pleasant Young + Polly Adcock

1.+Webb YOUNG 1886-04-xx DeKalb Co TN
2. John D. YOUNG 1893-03-02 DeKalb Co TN d 1954-05-12 DeKalb Co TN
3. Infant YOUNG 1898-12-27 DeKalb Co TN d 1898-12-30 DeKalb Co TN
4. Hortence YOUNG 1914-08-07 DeKalb Co TN d 1916-06-03 DeKalb Co TN
5.+Christopher C. YOUNG 1900-09-17 DeKalb Co TN d DeKalb Co TN


[R14.10.7 Ben]

James M Rigsby is a 1 yr old in the household of Benjamin Franklin Rigsby
and wife Dorcas Warford in the 1860 census, Phillips Twp, Hot Spring Cy.
James is an 11 yr old in the same household, same township, in the 1870
Only problem is that Dorcas was first married to Green Berry Langley
in 1854 (Hot Spring Cy Marriage Book I). I have found no record of her
marriage to Benjamin F Rigsby. So there is a chance - probably slim -
that the father of James M Rigsby was Green Berry.
I have a death date
of 1889 for James Rigsby, but I think that is based solely on the remarriage
of his wife in 1889.

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William Hiram Rigsby Sr. William Sr. Pa was
Issac Bejamine Rigsby, whos Pa was Bejamine Franklin Rigsby Whos Pa
was John Rigsby. John Rigsby was on one or more census as "RIGBY".
We have us as "RIGSBY". JOHN Rigsby had several sons. We belive
they read as: in the 1850 census in DeKalab Co. TN. AS: William (28)
John D.(18) Bejamine F. (16) George W. (14) James A. (12) Keziah (10) and
one "Nancy TIPPET" .JOHN Rigsby is listed as RIGBY in DeKalb. Also
in the 1850 census in Hot Springs Ark. this family was listed. John
Rigsby wifes name was "KEZIAH" (Lewis??) John Rigsby was listed as
"51" yrs. in 1850. In the 1860 census in Hot Springs Ark. The "Warford"
women show up with the Rigsbys. I have listed a Jane, Dorcus, Julia,
Sarah, I also have a "Issac Warford" listed as living next to the Rigsbys in
the Hot Springs area in this census. Issac Warford is listed as being
(56).MY LINE runs from : Bejamine Franklin Rigsby and Darcus
Warford people. I have pictures of some of these old folks. I hope that
some of this makes sence to you. Please let me know if we are on the
same track. Thanks for reading my note. Good luck in your search.
Sincerely Regina Rigsby



James Acey Rigsby
Birth: 14 February 1837 in Tennessee 1 2
Death: 12 November 1904 in Garland County, Arkansas 1 2
Sex: M
Father: John Rigsby b. 1799
Mother: Kezziah Lewis b. 1807

+ Julia Warford (Wife) b. 1834 in Tennessee
Marriage: 1 January 1860 in Hot Spring, County, Arkansas


1.George Madison Rigsby
2.Enos Robert Rigsby
3.Sarah Ella Rigsby
4.Eli Harvey Lee Rigsby
5.Benjamin Rigsby
6.James Robert Rigsby
7.William Hiram Rigsby
8.John Franklin Rigsby

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The info that I have on Thomas
Rigsby, father of Robert is that he was
married to a Sally. They both died between
1850 and 1860. I dont know Sally's maiden
name and I think that Thomas was the son
of Canada Rigsby but I havent been able
to confirm that yet

Robert Rigsby died in 1905 and is buried
at Sugartree Knob Church on Short Mountain
in Cannon County.

Roberts wife,
Rachel is Rachel Jones, daughter of Edmund
Jones and Sophia Morgan. Rachel died in

[Thomas is R14.11]


Cannon Co TN estates

Marcum, Micajah - Widows support approved Rec.15 Apr 1848;
Inventory No.1 of property sold 22 Apr 1848;Widow Mary;
Buyers: Mary Marcum; Isaac Marcum; Elisha B. Rose; Asa Smith;
Pauline Marcum; Jobe Marcum; Henry Powell; Luke Shirley;
Allen Jones; John W. Ware; Patience Marcum. Notes: Wm. Prim;
Asa Smith; John W. Ware; Thomas Rigsby; admin. Peter
Daniel;Job Marcum Rec. 1 May 1848, Reg. 11 Jul 1848, p. 7-8

[R14.11 or his son]

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I am also researching a Thomas Rigsby in
TN that was married to a Sally. He was born
about 1807. He died in 1858. Can't figure out
who his parents were. He had children named
Thomas Jr. Elizabeth, Mahala, Francis, Robert, Louisa,Hannah, and Balum.



Thomas II Rigsby 1827 TN
+ 1855-06-14 Margaret Jane Young 1831 Warren Co TN

1. Adaline RIGSBY b: 1856 in Cannon Co., TN
2. Martha RIGSBY b: 1858 in Cannon Co., TN
3. William RIGSBY b: 1860 in Cannon Co., TN
4. John M. RIGSBY b: 1861 in Cannon Co., TN



Jackson Nicholas Alexander Choate b. 1876 d. 1949
married Willa Rigsby b.1883 d. 1955
Francis, Mancel, Wallace, Erma, Audrey, Wayne, Ralph Eugene,
Edith(died at birth)



John Murphy Rigsby 1860 d 1945
+ 1878-12-29 Mary Samantha "Mance" Bogle 1861-01-31 d 1935-11-18 d/o George Washington Bogle + Sarah Elizabeth Mullinax

1 John C Rigsby 1881-07-18

1 John + Beatrice Adams 1885-12-04

1.1 Willie Mae Rigsby



Lewis Isaiah Parker, born 1838; died 1878 in Cannon County, Tennessee;
married Mahala A. Rigsby 03 February 1859 in Cannon County, Tennessee;
born 1832 in Tennessee; died Aft. 1878.
[Lewis s/o (unknown) Parker + Mary Collins]

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I have a Robert T. Rigsby who married Rachel Jones (My Line) Sept. 15,
1860 Cannon, Co., TN. He was born April 28, 1837. I have their line
forward if you would like it for your files. Children were: Mary L.
b.1861, Sarah B. b. 1863, Francis H. b. 11-14-1866, Joseph A. b. 12-22-1871,
George A. b. 1874, and Balam A. b. 9-23-1875. Also have their spouses
(most). My E-mail:

Rigsby maillist


I have Catherine Rigsby b. 7 July 1855 in TN d. 16 July 1940 in
Freestone Co. TX. She married Lewis Madison MEADOWS. In the 1860
census in Cannon Co. TN, in the household of Josiah MCCRANE, the census
Josiah McCRANE 53, Prudence 53, Elizabeth Rigsby 28, Mary Rigsby 8, and
Catherine Rigsby 5. I believe this may be my Catherine, with her mother
Elizabeth, and her sister Mary. Possible that Josiah and Prudence are
the parents of Elizabeth.

-- board message 75

[Robert T Rigsby + Rachel Jones]
They had a child B.A.(Baily) [Baalam] and he was my ggrandfather.
My grandfather was Floyd T.

[Baalam is R14.11.3.6]



EDMUND JONES b.ca1812 Nc. m.10Oct1831 SOPHIA MORGAN

C.Rachel Jones b.1841 m.15Sep1860 Robert T. Rigsby (28Apr1837-20Apr1905) at Cannon
Co,Tn. d.26Aug1908 [2],[3],[4],[19]

a.Mary Rigsby b.1861 Tn.
b.Sarah B.L. Rigsby b.1862 Tn.
c.Francis H. Rigsby b.14Nov1866
d.Joseph A. Rigsby b.22Dec1871
e.George A. Rigsby b.1873 Tn.
f.Balam A. Rigsby b.23Sep1875 [+ Ida Young]



Robert T Rigsby
+ Rachel Jones

1. Mary L. Rigsby b: 1861 in TN + 1885-02-21 Bill Deberry
2. Sarah B. Rigsby b: 1863 in TN + Joseph Campbell
3. Frances H. Rigsby b: 14 NOV 1866 in TN + 1886-04-05 John Taylor
4. Joseph A. Rigsby b: 22 DEC 1871 + 1893-01-03 Meoma Taylor
5. George A. Rigsby b: JUN 1873 in TN + 1895-04-21 Allie Wooten
6. Balam A. Rigsby b: 23 SEP 1875 + 1895-11-03 Ida Young

Derryberry genforum message 246


William N. Deberry born 27 Jan 1860, married (1) 20 Feb 1876, Sadie
Roberson, married (2) Mary Elizabeth Rigsby. William buried: Woodbury, Cannon
Co., TN.

William s/o Henry Elam Deberry + Annimay Freeman



Hershel Rigsby
+ Hannah Melton 1892-06-16 d 1913-11-xx d/o James B Melton + Leota Mason



.......... 5 Mary Gertrude Winnett [1909-04-20 Cannon Co TN d 1990-06-24 same] d/o Thomas Jasper Winnett + Hassie Leona Bailey
............. +Shelah Rigsby [1905-01-09 d 1965-02-17 Cannon Co TN]
............. 6 Infant Rigsby
............. 6 Dorothy (Dot) Rigsby [1925-10-29]
................ +Lynn Fall Bowden Jr
................ 7 Lynn Fall Bowden III
................... +Margaret (Maggie) Platt
................ 7 Barbara Lynette Bowden
................... +James Porter Hood
................... 8 Jami Hood
................... 8 James Porter Hood Jr
................... 8 Jeremy Hood
................ 7 James William (Bill) Bowden
................... +Lisa Laurence
................... 8 Joshua Gray Bowden
................... 8 Lynn Ryan Bowden
................... 8 Dustin Bowden
............. 6 William J (Billy Joe) Rigsby [1931-01-16 d 1980-03-08]
................ +Henrietta Merritt
................ 7 Joette Rigsby
................... +James Richard (Dick) Procter
................... 8 James Richard Procter Jr
................... 8 Amanda Procter
................ 7 William J Rigsby
................... +Shannon Tomlin
................... 8 Sheila Rigsby
............. 6 Wanda Haleen Rigsby [1939-10-28]
................ +AlanJasper Goldstein
................ 7 Michael David Goldstein
................ 7 Karen Goldstein

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Thank you, I have a lot, just do not have all my stuff organized and am in the process
of putting on pc now. My grandfather was Floyd Tilford Rigsby he was born April
30, l900, he died in Murfreesboro in February l960. Yes he had a sister Ida May
Rigsby Burchett and a brother Willie Rigsby. Ida lived in a community outside
Murfreesboro named Rucker, she had one daughter Margaret who married a
Moore. Margaret had 4 children Margie, David, Blake, and Deborah. Margaret
children are living but Margaret and her parents have passed. Willy was married to
Willie Mae(?) and lived in Georgia and Chattanooga, they had 2 sons, Olin and
Eddie. Eddie is still living and lives in Trenton, Ga.
My grandfather Floyd married Daisy Mae Womack and they had Edmond Tolbert,
Lucille(my mother), Catherine, Evelyn Christeen. Christeen has passed all others
living. My Mother however has alzeheimers. My great grandparents andmy
grandparents are buried at the same place., However there was never a permanent
marker put down for Bailey and Ida so noone knows where their graves are and the
office has no record.
By the way my grandfather went out on the Old Nashville Highway to feed his pigs
and had a heart attack and died down by the river that ran behind his barn. He was
getting water his water was frozen. I was ll years old.



28 Jul 1870, Dist. No. 7, Cannon Co., TN, p. 205, #94
SULLINS, Walter 28 M TN
[Son of Richmond, below. See 1850 Cannon Co. See 1880 Cannon Co.]
Louisa 27 F TN
[Maiden name RIGSBY.]
Billy[or Betty??] 6 F TN
James S. 3 M TN

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Looking for info on Baalam Rigsby and wife, Sarah Jane Givens. He was born in
1849 in Cannon County, TN and she in 1838. They were living in DeKalb county in
1870 one farm away from Merrit Givens, her father.

message 32

Baalam Rigsby was the brother of my husbands
gggrandfather, Robert Rigsby. Their father
was Thomas Rigsby. Mother was Sally. Don't
know maiden name. 1850 census shows family
together. 1860 census they are scattered and
neither parents shown. Court records show that Thomas Rigsby
died 1858. Hope this
helps. I don't know where Balaam and wife
are after 1870.



....... 7 Jordan Stokes George b: Jun 1866 d: Unknown
...................... +Florence Lea Rigsby b: 1872 d: Unknown
...................... 8 Ada L. George b: 1891 d: Unknown
...................... 8 Mattie D. George b: 1895 d: Unknown
...................... 8 Vera George b: 1897 d: Unknown
...................... 8 Fred George b: 1903 d: Unknown
...................... 8 Jessie George b: Private
[Jordan s/o Samuel L George + Sarah Elizabeth Jennings]