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I. Roger Saunders, Mariner and Gentleman of England and Accomac Co., Va.
Prob. born ca. 1595 in England and died about August 1633 in Va.
He was one of the Comissioners ( Justices) of Accomac Co. and was a
Burgess from Accomac to the Grand Assembly at Jamestown in 1633.
About 1628 he married Frances (nee Lake), the widow of John Blore of

14 Mar 1628: Roger Saunders, Mariner, leased 50 acs. on the Eastern Shore of the Bay, bordering southly on the land of John Blore, Dec'd, now in the possession of sd Roger. (Nugent, Cavaliers and Pioneers, Vol. I, p. 13)

18 Jun 1632: Roger Saunders, Gent. Pat. 300 acs at Accomac, commonly called the Indian Field. due by order of the court dtd 6 Oct 1631. His first development to be doubled. (Nugent, Ibid. p 15.)

16 Sep 1633: Deed of Gift to Frances Saunders and her children: It states that Wm. Burdett, Gent. will not molest the goods of Frances Saunders or her children. Sd. William promises to manage her crops and other affairs of her and her children. This is attached to the Will of Frances Burdett, dtd 23 Mar 1641 and recorded 5 Oct 1641, in which she lists bequests to her Lake brothers and sisters, including the 140 acre plantation that belonged to her deceased son, William Blower (Blore) and asks to be buried next to her deceased son, John Saunders. (Ames, Records of Accomacke=Northampton 1640-1645.pp124-125.). Note, her last husband, Wm. Burdett died in 1643. (Ames, ibid. p. xiii.)

20 Oct 1634: Nicholas Harwood, Cooper, 50 acs. Accomac, abutting on the land of William Blore, now in the possession of W. Burdett, which land was granted unto Roger Saunders, dec'd, for a 10 yr. lease dtd 14 Mar 1628.- 21 yr. lease. (Nugent, ibid. p. 20)

II. James Saunders, ca 1630 - 1707.
Roger and Frances Saunders apparently had three sons, John, who predeceased Frances, along with Robert and James Saunders, who were transported to Maryland by George Puddington, when Richard Beard transported him out of Northampton Co., Va."without License or Pass" in 1649"
( Nothampton Record Book Volume 3, 1645-1651, p. 375, Picton Press.)
He then claimed them as headrights in Md. (D.V. Russell, First Families of Anne Arundale Co., MD V2, The Headrights, p.123.)

Robert may have moved to the Eastern Shore, where the name appears in the Kent Co. Records, but he does not appear to have left any heirs.

James remained in A.A. Co., where, as the Hon. James Saunders, Esq., he was one of His Majesty's Council, an Asst. Justice to the Court of Chancery and heard requests for the rerecording of deeds after the fire of 1704. The name of his first wife is not known. She was the mother of his three children: James, Robert and Ann.

James, first son, b. ca 1670, but bapt. in 1702, d. 1716. He married Jane Gassaway, 23 Sep 1703. They had two children, Robert and Elizabeth. Both were baptised the same day, 12 Apr 1706.
Robert died by 14 Apr 1705 and Elizabeth by 26 Apr 1706.

III. Robert, second son, b ca 1675, died testate by 1755. He married Rebecca Groome, dau. of Moses Groome Sr.


William, b. 10 Sep 1699;
James and Ann, twins, bapt. 13 Aug 1701, (Ann d. by 4 Nov 1702);
Robert, b. 15 Mar 1702;
Ann, bapt. 3 Jun 1705, married Darby Lux;
Agnis, b. 1 Feb 1716;
Elizabeth, bapt. 18 Oct 1720.

Ann, the third child of the Hon. James Saunders, b. ca 1677, d. 1732,
married first Nicholas Gassaway, dsp; and second, Samuel Chambers.

( D.V. Russell, Ibid. pp. 122-126.)

IV. James Sanders, second son of the above Robert, bapt. 13 Aug 1701.
Married Elizabeth Brewer 21 Feb 1725. She was the dau. of John
Brewer III and Dinah Batee. They were the parents of ten children,
all born in Anne Arundale Co., Md.:

1. Mary Sanders, b. 9 Mar 1726.

2. James Sanders, b. 21 Jul 1729.

3. Ann Sanders, b. 11 Jun 1731.

4. Rebecca Sanders, b. 17 Feb 1733. Married Nelson Reed Sr.
(Nelson Reed (B. ca 1732 - D. 1798. Moved to Fairfax Co., VA in the 1760's. Died in Fairfax Co. VA
Married Rebecca Sanders / Saunders, dau. of James Sanders, Sr
Chidren: All born in All Hallows Parish, AA Co., MD
James, b.31 Jan 1752;
Nelson (Jr) b. 28 Nov 1753 (became a noted Methodist minister in Baltimore Co. MD)
Son (probably John) b. 8 Jan 1756
Elizabeth, b. 23 Dec 1757
Rebecca, b. 7 Oct 1759
Robert Sanders, b. 6 Jun 1761

Heirs of Nelson Reed, Sr., (living as of 17 Nov 1807)
Chancery Court (Chancery Papers)
1807/11/17 1992 Solomon Groves vs
Nelson Reed (Jr), To Balt. Co.
James Reed, To Balt Co.
William Reed,
Sanders Reed,
Isaac Reed,
John Reed; To Balt Co.
Richard Lloyd and Rebecca(Reed) Lloyd;
John Torrison and Anne (Reed) Torrison;
Joseph Dudley and Dinah (Reed) Dudley;
Mahlom Buley and Jane(Reed) Buley;
(Children of deceased dau. Elizabeth- wife of (David?) Marle)
Rebecca Marle, Hannah Marle, Elizabeth Marle and David Marle.

AA. Title to Clarks Inheritance. Recorded (Chancery Record 80, p. 118.
Accession No. 17.898-1992 MSA S512-2059 1/36/2/ )

5. Robert Sanders, b. 29 Dec 1735.

6. Sarah Sanders, b. 6 Jan 1737.

7. William Sanders, b. 30 Nov 1738.

8. Elizabeth Sanders, b. 2 Nov 1740.

9. Deborah Sanders, 3 Sep 1744.

10. Dinah Sanders, b. Aug 1751.

(Source: LDS International Genealogical Index)