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Greetings to our Shapton family from one of your relatives in Oklahoma via Michigan, USA. My name is Sue Ann (Schrouder) Vasquez, formerly of Traverse City, Michigan. My mother's maiden name is Evelyn Janice Shapton, the daughter of the late Louis William Shapton and Dorothy Elizabeth(Beattie) Shapton of Charlevoix, Michigan. My late father was Harold Dallas Schrouder, son of R.D. and Nellie Mae (Upton) Schrouder of Traverse City, MI. When my mother's father, Louis William Shapton, died and her mother, Dorothy Elizabeth (Beattie) Shapton, was moved to a nursing home in Charlevoix, MI., my mother and her two sisters, Helen and Sara (nicknamed "Sally"), and their older brother Ralph, were cleaning out their parent's attic, when they discovered a handwritten journal of their Great Grandfather Captain William E. Hulme of Charlevoix, MI., USA, their ancestor who'd brought their mother's family to America from Dunkinfield, a small village near Manchester, England in 1862. Captain Hulme was born in Duckinfield in 1834, the son of John Hulme and Mary (Harrop) Hulme who were married July 6, 1828 at Stockport, St. Marys, Cheshire, England. William E. Hulme was an English seaman nicknamed "Bill", and he kept a journal of his voyages in the 1800s which my mother has transcribed, illustrated, and published under the title "Autobiographical Sketches From A Salior's Life," by Captain William Hulme of Charlevoix, Michigan, U.S.A., pen name "Ben Backstay". He told of many asking him to recall for them his "voyages up to the time I made my last voyage across the Western Ocean when I went across for his wife, to plant her in the wild woods of what is now Leelanaw County, Michigan, but at that time unorganized terrirotry and only known as the Grand Traverse Region; and there, on the south-east quarter of Section Four, in the present township of Kasson, one and a half miles west of Maple City, for 25 years made my home. I started to chop out a fram from the virgin forests of Northern Michigan taking up 160 acres of land under the Pre-emption Act, March 17, 1862; afterwards throwing up those papers into the Land Office at Traverse City and retaking the same piece of land under the Homestead Act of l863. On that farm my boys grew up, myself sailing more or less every summer from Chicago or Milwaukee; sometimes sailing and sometimes farming, but all the time improving the farm..." His journal was "compiled from voyages made by him between the years 1852 and 1865 in British, Australian and American vessels, on both the fresh and salt water, and navigation of the two latter countries, assisting in fitting out the Steamer Leichhardt in Adelaide, South Australia, taking her to the River Murray where it empties into Encounter Bay, passing through the network of quicksand bars at the mouth and for miles up the river. The first vessel of any kind larger than a whale boat that ever corssed the Murray Rivert Bar." Hulme married his childhood sweetheart Easther Ann Mayall, who was born in 1834 in England to William Mayall and Hannah Lilley, and christened May 8, 1834 at Mossley, Mehodist Chapel, Lancashire, England. William and Esther Ann, when they both were 29 years old, were
married at Ashton Under Lyne in 1863 by the Reverand Mr. Green of Ryecroft Congregational Chapel. Shortly after their marriage ceremony the couple crossed the ocean sailing from Liverpool to New York, "so that by the time we arrived in the United States, naviagtion would be open on the Great Lakes and I could reach Glen Arbor where I had built a cabin where my mother and sister were staying while I'd sailed," William later wrote in his journal. Captain Hulme spent 36 years traveling in vessels of all rigs and nationalities and enjoyed 43 years with his childhood sweetheart Mary Ann before he died in 1906. William and Mary Ann had two sons, William and Herbert, and two daughters, Elizabeth (Hulme) Beattie and Mary(Hulme)Chew. Elizabeth Hulme was born May 14, 1866 and died March 24, 1947. She married Arthur Beattie April 8, 1885. He was born March 6, 1857 and died May 14, 1918. Arthur and Elizabeth were the parents of the following children: Clifford Beattie, born March 8, 1887 and died Februry 28, 1958; Leslie W. Beattie, born July 14, 1887 and died November 4, 1970; Esther V. Beattie born May 16, 1889 and died June 19, 1966; Orville R. Beattie born December 15, 1890; Royal E. Beattie, born April 12, 1894 and died August 18, 1983; Dorothy Elizabeth Beattie, born February 20, 1901 and died August 31, 1985; and Forrest A. Beattie, born Setpember 18,1906 and died February 18, 1989. On November 20, 1917 in Petoskey, Michigan, Dorothy Elizabeth Beattie, granddaughter of Esther Ann and William E. Hulme, married Louis William Shapton, grandson of Sarah (Sargent) Shapton and John Shapton. Sarah Sargent was born in Cornwall, England on November 18, 1826, and John Shapton was born in Pyworthy Parish, Devon, England on May 5, 1822. John was 26 and Sarah was 22 when they married March 22, 1848 in the Parish of North Tamerton, Cornwall. Two months later they crossed the ocean and settled in Perth, Ontario, where they resided until the fall of 1879 when they moved to Charlevoix County, Michigan, "locating on the farm in Norwood Township, where they lived actively engaged in farming until age compelled him to turn the farm over to a son." John and his bride enjoyed a full 42 years together before Sarah's sudden death by a stroke as she entered her buggy when visiting their son William in July of 1890. They had five sons: Richard, William, John, Thomas and Edward; and one daughter, Sarah, who later became Mrs. George Anderson, fondly known as Aunt Sarah. Sara Shapton, daughter of Louis and Dorothy Shapton, born in 1933, was named for these Sarah's by her Grandfather William Shapton. My mother's father, Louis William Shapton (the grandson of Sarah and John Shapton), was 20 when he married his bride of 16 Dorothy Elizabeth Beattie (the granddaughter of Esther Ann and William E. Hulme). They would have 64 wonderful happy years together before Grandpa Louis' death on Sunday, January 3, 1982. Of this marriage there were four surviving children: one son Ralph Louis Shapton, born January 25, 1919; and three daughters Evelyn Janice (Shapton) Schrouder (my mother), born August 30,1920; Helen Dorothy (Shapton) Bogart, born November 14, 1923; and Sara Elizabeth (Shapton) Harris, born January 2, 1933. Louis' brother Lee wrote about their father William Shapton, sayiing: "Dad came from Canada. There was Dick, Ed, Tom and Dad on a farm over there with Grandpa. It was too much because they didn't have work enough for that many people. They had a bad year in 1879 or 1880. The farm was in Stratford, Ontario. Anyway, they decided they would come over here because they had heard about land that was going to be taken and homesteaded. Dad, Dick and Tom and brother-in-law George Anderson came over. They walked from Stratford and got to Sarnia or a little north, where Lake Huron was narrow. They heard of a guy that had a row-boat and somebody going back the other way would bring the boat back to him... And, yes, he did have a boat when they got there. So, they paid him something and they got in that boat and came over to the United States. When they got on the Michigan side, they each got a poke and put oatmeal in it. It was rolled oats, not like the oats we have now. It had hulls on it, too, just oats that had been put through a roller and rolled. He said that by the time they got to Charlevoix, the oats had scratched their throats so they could hardly talk. Anway, the first place they stayed was Earl Knight's down on the lake (Michigan). They were acquainted with the Knights before they came here. So, they stopped there, and Earl said we just have this little cabin and there's not much room for you guys, but if you want to put a lean-to on the side of it you can sleep in there. So they said "Okay!" They helped him build a barn to put some of his stock in. He had about 30 acres around there. Some of the acreage belonged to him and some belonged to the State, but it had been lumbered off and he had just gone in there and sowed some wheat among the stumps. So, they got a cradle, a scythe and a wooden rake and raked that up and flailed it out and threshed his gain for him... They did that and stayed there all winter. Early in the spring they went out hunting for someplace, and came up to Will Burns'. It wasn't Will's then, it was his dad's. They came down through there and decided this country was where they wanted to stay. That was Barnard. So, they took a piece of ground on Ferry Road and George Anderson took a piece of ground on Barnard Road. Uncle Tom Shapton built where Carlton Smith lives now. Back on the side of the hill by the creek he had a cheese factory. That's why it's called Cheese Factory Hill. Uncle Tom ran the cheese factory..." To continue with the rest of the Shapton family's history in Michigan, my mother, Evelyn Janice Shapton married my father Harold Dallas Schrouder in Traverse City, Michigan on June 24th, 1945. Evelyn and Harold have two children: John Dougals Schrouder born October 18, 1946, and Sue Ann (Schrouder) Vasquez. I'm Sue and I was born on November 23, 1947 in Traverse City, Michigan. John Schrouder married Pamela Jo Fox on February 26, 1966; and they have four children Thomas Christopher Schrouder born September 19, 1966; Karin Sue Schrouder born September 9, 1968; Todd Douglas Schrouder born April 18, 1970; and Janice Marie Schrouder, born April 16, 1980. September 7, 1990 John married his second wife Kathrin Grimm, and they have two sons Eric Douglas Schrouder born June 3, 1992 and Kevin Michael Schrouder born July 7, 1994. New Year's Eve December 31, 1975 in San Francisco, California, Sue Ann Schrouder married Robert Joseph Vasquez (son of the late Joseph "Lone Eagle" Cruz Vasquez, Native American urban Indian leader, and the late Rachel (Hernandez) Vasquez of Los Angeles, California and North Arlington, Virginia). New Year's Eve December 31, 2000 Robert and I renewed our wedding vows. We are the proud parents of two beautiful daughters born when we lived in Walnut Creek, California: Lee Shenandoah Vasquez born September 6, 1977, and Amanda Star Vasquez born June 16, 1979. Very soon, God willing, on August 14th we hope to be flying to Europe for a family vacation, at which time my husband and I are planning to spend our first week in England trying to visit some of the cities my ancestors lived in before immigrating to America so many, many years ago. If there are any Shapton family members that wish to meet with my husband and I, you may call us at 405-366-2812 or email us at: . I would greatly enjoy hearing from you. There is so much we have to share. May God bless you one and all and the peace of Jesus Christ that passes all understanding be yours today and always. Sincerely, Sue Ann Vasquez