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This is a "mystery" family that I have never tracked down fully. There is a problem with the prevalent name JOHN in N AL records. The stories of Indian blood are rife, but I can tell you with certainty that it is not possible for a Slaton male to be "full-blooded" Cherokee, unless he merely took up the name, which is doubtful. Any Indian blood would have to have been transmitted through a female line, so half is the most he could be.

Despite the divergence of birth for these Johns, I suspect that this is a possible line for this John H, who is probably the father of your Corbet. I have discussed this family with a descendant named Hoyt Slaton, as well as with his son (of the same name). You should visit the Wesley's Chapel Cemetery (near Bryant AL) to see some suspected relatives graves. A John Slaton married Ara Ashberry and both are buried at Wesley's. This is almost certainly the man in the 1920 census, but he cannot be conclusively connected to the earlier records by me as yet.
There are Ashberrys in this yard (John H's wife) and I suspect that he is there in a (now unmarked) grave.

Slaton       Sara C              1880       AL       Cen       Marshall       248 2        AL 1850 w John R fGA mGA
Slaton       John R              1880       GA       Cen       Marshall       248 2       AL 1852 h Sarah fGA mGA
Slaton       William J       1880       AL       Cen       Marshall       248 2       AL 1873 s John R
Slaton       John Henry       1880       AL       Cen       Marshall       248 2       AL 1878 ? nr

Slayton       Sarah C widow 8ch 6       1900       GA       Cen DeKalb 67 03 AL 1850-07 mother fGA mGA
Slayton       Thomas                     1900       AL       Cen DeKalb 67 03 Lebanon AL 1877-02 s Sarah C
Slayton       John                     1900       TN       Cen DeKalb 67 03        AL 1879-03 s Sarah C
Slayton       Edward                     1900       AL       Cen DeKalb 67 03       AL 1882-10 s Sarah C
Slayton       Virgil                     1900       AL       Cen DeKalb 67 03       AL 1886-11 s Sarah C
Slayton       Lizzie                     1900       AL       Cen DeKalb 67 03       AL 1888-07 d Sarah C
Slayton       Charlie                     1900       AL       Cen DeKalb 67 03       AL 1891-12 s Sarah C

ASHBERRY Palastine       1920 AL       Cen DeKalb 78 21              AL 1852        w Robert fSC mAL       
ASHBERRY Robert       1920 AL       Cen DeKalb 78 21              AL 1854        h Palastine fAL mTN       
Slaton       John H              1920 AL       Cen DeKalb 78 21              AL 1870       s-i-l Robt Ashberry       
Slaton       Laura              1920 AL       Cen DeKalb 78 21              AL 1896       gd Robt Ashberry       
Slaton       Corbet              1920 AL       Cen DeKalb 78 21              AL 1909        gs Robt Ashbery       

Slaton       Jennie (ss Charlie C)CEMG       DeKalb       Wesley's       WesleysChap       AL       1896-08-21              1949-04-12                     
Slaton       Charlie C       CEMG       DeKalb       Wesley's       WesleysChap       AL       1890-12-14              1956-10-14                     
Slaton       Virgil(ss Nancy)CEMG       DeKalb       Wesley's       WesleysChap       AL       1886              1940              beside Nancy       
Slaton       Nancy(ss Virgil)CEMG       DeKalb       Wesley's       WesleysChap       AL       1884              1928       
Slaton       Arra              CEMG       DeKalb       Wesley's       WesleysChap       AL       1879              1914-01-14              wife of J H       
Slaton       Susan J (ss A W)CEMG       DeKalb       Wesley's       Whitehall       AL       1827-03-04              1887-05-12