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Subject:Why People Quit Sroufe Research...
Post Date:September 03, 2002 at 08:53:08
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I have been tracking George W. Sroufe (1821-1891) for about 20 years now, more if you count the time I spent pestering my late grandmother about who he was, etc. I know he married once, dumped her, and either ran off or remarried a much younger woman, then had a bunch of children by her before abandoning them again after 1880 in Missouri.

I have been tracking down siblings of my great grandmother Sroufe, etc, grandchildren, and yesterday used to locate an 84 year old Sroufe cousin in Reno NV.

I called them last night, and the wife answered, subjected ME to a huge grilling on what I wanted, (that's OK, I can live with that esp. with so many con artists out there). When she told her husband that I wanted to talk about Sroufe genealogy I heard him bellow in the background: "Tell him to go to hell, and hang up!" She said "I guess you heard that, sorry..."

Do any of you people have NICE Sroufes in your line? Without a single exception, the Sroufes in my line have been like this guy. Here are a couple of quotes concerning my Sroufe ancestors by people who knew them:

"H*ll yes, I knew Grandma Sroufe! She was the meanest b**** God ever breathed life into. I never was so glad when anyone died in my life as I was when she died."...From a now deceased grandson, who was 97 at the time he told me this. Granny Sroufe had been dead for over 80 years.

"I HATED my grandmother Fox (maiden name Sroufe), and she hated me. I can't count the number of times she'd lie about me to mother and I'd get a whipping." My own mother, speaking about her grandma.

"Uncle Ben Sroufe was the meanest man I ever met. Us kids hated to see him coming because he always had a two or three day growth of rough beard, and he'd hold us down, especially the girls, and rub his face against ours until we bled, and he and mother (Ben Sroufe's sister) would just laugh. He settled arguments between his sons by throwing them out in the yard, and having them fistfight." My grandmother, talking about her Sroufe family.

"The only thing any Sroufe ever liked better than fighting was drinking." Grandmother again...

And I get told to go to hell by this old crust in Nevada last night. Looks like I'm on the right trail.

Anyone on this board knows I will do anything I can to further the cause of Sroufe research, but people like the guy in Reno NV do nothing but get in my way.
Excuse the rant.