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Subject:Re: Steed's: John/Capt. John and Stede Hill, Kent
Post Date:February 10, 2002 at 22:31:47
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Thanks so much for this post Shelagh !
I so do agree with your posts on this issue
There have been a few that have attempted to confuse the Capt , with John born 1710-15 era.
As you and some know, our line comes from Peter{1} steed born 1720, father of Capt John Steed.
and there is no connection yet to any England connection.
There has also been some that has been altering info sent to gen sites, that link some 'other" Steed family form other location in states, to Capt John
Then confusion is due to several points, One i think
is one looking at John steed maried to Ann Hills records..
D.A.R has him listed as Cpl.... now that in itself is a far cry from Cpt {captain}
John steed/ann Hill is a total different line than from
John steed son of Peter.. and noted for his war service.
I seen some files some are sending listing our line with the other Steed line and then adding the Kent coat of arms
thus co combining two diffrent families, adding a link to England and posting as correct...
I say rubbish !
No documentation is present to claim any Steed links to England period.
Some of out family history historians have stopped posting these boards as you know because of the mis imformation being spread by a few...
Most of the problem is people taking internet "files" as fact, never bothering for hard copy from the right resource.
I commned your research on that side of the Pond highly.
And I hope those spreading the 3 seperate Steeds family info stops.. as they are combining into one with absolute no documentation..
If i had listened to one and his absolute rubbish, then i guess my grandmother was not born.. as she was not listed
in their file,, but "some of our others were"
As you know, im going to various places myself in person, documenting all i can, and believe me i have seen no evidence of a England tie..... yet....
nor have i seen one on any other Steed line. at present
that dont mean its not there....
But people modifying lines to add people of some noted fame for what ever it may be and then without cause or issue claiming "Kent" line and even sending out info as correct research with "Kent" coat of arms attached is utter nonsense
At my expense and time I had one file pulled from a popular server submission,, as the person submitting claimed it correct..So I had to disprove the submission in total
I hope new people researching family in Steed line, dont fall for every file they see on internet as correct...
Recently a new "family researcher" popped up on a different server.. young apparently only knowing of Steed line on their side,,, knowing what they listed was from the NC Steeds.. i watched... their second post was for family files for the Steeds of Kent and asking for someone to send them....
I hope one day the tie to England comes..
But waht i really hope is the correct family info being posted, with out "guessing and then adding as correct"
When or if the Steed/England tie is made i will come over myself and drink a Glen Finch with ya...
Until then still researching leads

and to others.. if you read something in book... cross check it.. alot of old researchers also got it wrong at times... and there were mis prints...and mis spellings
Sam of the NJ/PA line