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Subject:Steinberg and Knoller family of NYC
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I am a Mailhandler with the US Postal Service at the Jacksonville Bulk Mail Center and we need help in processing a package that was damaged in our equipment during handling.

The box that was shipped was apparently completely destroyed as it has not yet shown up. The original contents were picture albums and loose photos
(quite literally 100’s of photos). Many of the photos have a year written on the front (dated in the 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s), many have no date but are obiviously newer than the 50s and many that have no date are from late 1800s thru the 20s. NONE of these photos have any identifying names on them, all are blank on the back.

There were however five items (a Bar Mitzbah invitation, two marriage announcement cards, a New York University Dental Degree and a Midwood High School Principal’s Honor Roll card). These will be transcribed below.

If anyone knows this family and can contact them, please have them e-mail me at , I will forward them to their proper destination. I will hold the pictures as long as possible before having to shipp them off to the Atlanta dead letter office, a black hole from which they will never be recovered. These photos are old and very valuable to someone in the Knoller family, help me find them please.

The first of the five cards reads as follows:

Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Knoller
Request the pleasure of your presence
The Confirmation
Of their son
On Saturday morning, February 20th, 1926
At 9 o’clock
At the Cong. Tiferh Joseph, 80
Pitt Street
New York City
Recption on Sunday eve, Feb 21st, 1926
Washington’s Birthday Evening
7 o’clock
At the Hishinifzer Club Rooms, 196 E 7th Street
Residence, 274 E 7th Street, N.Y.C.

The back of this card has the same info in Hebrew

Second card reads:

Mr and Mrs Abraham Steinberg
Announce the engagement of their daughter
Dr. David H. Knoller
June twenty-fifth, nineteen hundred and thirty-nine

Third card reads:

Miss Harriet Steinberg
Dr. David H. Knoller
October, Nineteen hundred and thirty-nine
At home
2147 East 17th St
Brooklyn, N. Y.

The fourth item reads:

The Chancellor, Professors, and Council of
New York University
To all persons to whom writing may come
Be it known that we in recognition of the successful
Completion of the requisite course of study in our
College of Dentistry
By virtue of authority granted to us by charter of the State of New York
Do confer upon
David Herman Knoller
The degree of
Doctor of Dental Surgery
With all the rghts, privileges and immunity thereunto appertaining
In witness whereof we have caused this Diploma to be signed by the
Duly authorized officers of the
University and sealed with our corporate
Seal in the City of New
York, ?June, Nineteen hundred thirty five.

The fifth and last item read:

Midwood High School
Principal’s Honor Roll
Marjorie Knoller has been placed on the principal’s honor
Roll for scholastic achievement in the term
3rd term
Signed: Henry T. Hillson