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16. John St. John, Lydiard Tregoze, b.1478-d. 1512. m. Joan Inwardby (Ewardy) b. c1483. Daughter and Heir to Sir John Ewarby, by Catherine his Wife, Daughter and Co-heir to Sir Hugh Annesley of Maple Durham. She held the estate of Purley Magna [near Reading] in 1514. She and her son John settled the reversion of the estate to Elizabeth Blount St. John for life with the remainder to John's son, Nicholas. They had two sons; John and Oliver [Lord Bollingbroke]

17. John St. John, Lydiard Tregoze, b. c 1502-5 d.1576 m. 1. Margaret Carew [of Bodington, Surrey] [Daughter of Sir Richard Carew of Bedington and Mary Oxenbridge]. b. c 1510 2. Elizabeth Whettle 1537. ch. Sir William of Lydiard Tregoze b.1523 and...

[Walter Blount = Sancha de Ayala
Thomas Blount = Margaret de Gresley
Thomas Blount = Margaret Clifton
Richard Blount = Dorothea de la Ford (or Delaford)
Richard Blount = Elizabeth Lister
Elizabeth Blount = Sir Nicholas St. John]

18. Nicholas St. John b. 1535 -d. 1589 -m. Elizabeth Blount d/o Richard Blount and Elizabeth Lyster of Mapledurham, Oxfordshire. Lived at Purley, which is across the Themes from Mapleduram.. ch. Sir John St. John of Lydiard Tregoze b.1558; Sir Oliver St. John, Viscoiunt Grandison. b. c.1560; RICHARD ST. JOHN, ELIZABETH ST. JOHN, CATHERINE ST. JOHN, ELEANOR ST. JOH N Elinor, who Married Sir William St. John of Highlight, Barry, Glamorgan, DOROTHEA ST. JOHN, and JANE ST. JOHN. married the dau. of Sir WALTER HUNGERFORD, Knt. and OLIVER and RICHARD were still unmarried in 1592.                                    

19. Richard St. John - b.1562 -d. after 1626(?). [unmarried in 1592? ] [married a Puritan or just converted?] He was apparently given the use of the Purley Manor while his nephews were minors.

20. 1600-1604? - Matthias Sension born [Wilts?]d.1669
16??James Sension born. m. Anne
1614 - Sarah Sension b.1614- d 1647?; m. 1637 John Gregory in CT.
1622-Elizabeth Sension b. 1622 Wiltshire, England [Wilts] m. Walter HOYT 1643
Nicolas Sension b. 1622 [Wilts] m. Isabel 6/12/1645
11/1/1627 - Matthias married Mary Tinker

21. 11/30/1628 - Matthias Sension,Jr. born[Matthias and Mary]

1628-1630 - Matthias and Mary move to St. Nicolas Cole Abbey
1631/10/24- Thomas Sension born [Matthias and Mary]
1633/6/10-Marke Sension born [Matthias and Mary]
1634 - Sensions go to Dorchester, MA.
May 1635-Nicolas Sension age 13 arrived in Boston on "THE ELIZABETH AND ANN"-midsummer-with William and Thomas Hubbard-35-went to Salem
1634/9/3 - MI {I} made freeman
1634-5/1/14 - MI granted 20 acres in Dorchester" at the bounds between Dorchester and Roxbury"
1637 - MI has 3 acres etc. in the neck at Dorchester and two acres etc. in the cow pasture.
1637 - Sarah marries John Gregory
1638 - Matthias has sold his house in Dorchester
1638 - MI moves to Windsor, CT
1639 - Thomas dies
1643- Elizabeth m. Walter Hoyt -Windsor CT.
1645/6/12 Nicholas m. Isabel- Windsor CT
1648 - MI to Wethersfield, CT
1650 - MI moves to Norwalk, CT
1669 - M1 dies in Norwalk, CT

I approached the question of the ancestry of Matthias St.John by listing the people I believe are his siblings. We have James, who stayed in London and apparently continued in the chandlery business. We have Sarah and we have Elizabeth and Nicolas who followed Matthias to Massachusetts. Elizabeth Married Walter Hoyt and Nicholas Married Isabel and was naughty... but we will not go into that. I assume that there were other children born who did not survive.

They are all biblical names of the sort that were given to good Puritan children. Except that Nicholas and Elizabeth (the names of the twins) were the names of the parents of Richard St. John (brother of Sir John and Oliver [Viscount Grandison]).

Now we have references saying that a possible father to Matthias is Richard. Richard was the third son of Nicholas St. John. We have heard that Richard was still single in 1592. After that I have found no reference to him, except that he may been alive in 1626. Maybe he did something even worse than dying. Maybe he became a Puritan! It probably amounted to the same thing. His couson John was a loyalist who had 3 sons die fighting in the royalist side against the Puritans of Cromwell. His brothers never named their children with biblical names. They were Church of England royalists. Is it any wonder that the Puritan brother would be shunned?

Maybe Richard fell for a Puritan woman, or maybe he heard a persuasive preacher, or maybe he resented that his older brothers inherited all the property.

We have here a paradox. I can not prove that Matthias is the son of Richard but I cannot prove that he wasn't. We just do not know what happened to Richard. There was a rumor that he went to Ireland but I can find no evidence of that. The area where he lived was a hotbed of Puritanism and it provided a lot of Massachusetts residents. Please, someone find some record of Richard after 1592.

James and Matthias apparently arrived in the St. Nicholas Cole Abbey district of London and opened their chandlery business about 1629 or 1630 [after Matthias II was born]. This is the year the Puritans were preparing for The Great Migration. Did they set up to provision the Great Migration Fleet?

6 or 8 miles west of Swindon, is Lydiard Mansion[historic building], Lydiard Green[nearby a "Manor House[historic building], & Lydiard Milicent. [no Tregoze] They are all in Wiltshire.

About 4 miles from Reading[ 20 miles from Windsor] is Purley. It is in Berkshire. Inconclusive mention of a manor house and no Magna. It is about 40 miles from Lydiard. Incidently the only church I found on the town map of Windsor is St. John's Church. I read nothing into that but is that where Matthias and Mary were married?

I found several Richards with various birthdates within a 15 year period. No wife or offspring listed for them. But several offspring listed with Richard as father.

Oliver {b.1437] was from Glamorgan. Penmark is near Cardiff, Wales. It is where the Cardiff Airport is. I also did not find his parents. That doesn't mean they aren't there. I think I got sidetracked. Basing is a suburb of Basingstoke in Hampshire. Maybe 30 miles from Purley. Holmas , Suffolk is still unfound. Stanton is near Bury St. Edmunds in Suffolk.

4.2. Matthias the Chandler

The parish registers of St. Nicholas Cole Abbey, London, record the baptisms of children of Matthias Sension and his wife Mary and James Sension and his wife Anne. Both of these are
called chandlers - merchants of candles and other small wares and groceries.

Two entries for Matthias and Mary -- Sension appear: the baptisms of Thomas on 24 October 1631 and Marke on 10 June 1633. There are no further mention of this family in England and
shortly after the records in New England start. So, tentatively, this family can be identified as the immigrants.

Mentions of James Sension and his wife Anne occur from 1636 through 1652. These are baptisms and burials of children. So apparently this familyremained in England.

The information on the records of this parish are from Reference 5. In that source it is hypothesized that this Matthias and James Sension were brothers and that the former was the immigrant.

4.3. Mary Tinker, Wife of our Matthias

Recent research has been published which indicates that Matthias St. John's wife was Mary Tinker, a daughter of Robert Tinker and his second wife Mary Merwin. Mary Tinker was baptized 6 August 1606 at the parish of New Windsor, in the town of Windsor, Berkshire. She married Matthias Sention on 1 November 1627. And their first child, another Matthias, was baptized there on 30 November 1628. [Ref. 8, which in turn references only "Parish Registers of New Windsor, at Berkshire Record Office"]

Her parentage is given in the four generation parentage chart at the end of this article.

The Tinker, Merwin, and Sention families migrated together to New England, and it is no coincidence that their joint settlement was named Windsor (CT) in honor of their home city.

Obviously, further research into the Windsor and Berkshire records are warranted. Any results of such researches have not yet been reported.

MATTHIAS or MATTHEW ST. JOHN emigrated circa 1631[1634] to Massachusetts, and according to the "New England Historical and Genealogical Register", Vol. 54 p 342 RICHARD ST. JOHN, younger son of NICHOLAS and ELIZABETH ST. JOHN "was ancestor of the Irish ST. JOHNS, and I think, of our MATTHEW ST. JOHN, who by the way, lived in St. Botolph's Bishopsgate, in London before going to Connecticut." MATTHEW had a son MATTHIAS born circa 1630, possibly in England, and his mother's name was ELIZABETH. At the same time as MATTHEW was living in Massachusetts, a NICHOLAS ST. JOHN, and ELIZABETH ST. JOHN wife of SAMUEL WHITING were residing in New England. She has been identified as the daughter of Sir OLIVER ST. JOHN of Bletshoe and his wife SARAH.

There has been a great deal of work done on the ST. JOHN family - as you say J. H. Round's article early in this century seems to have sparked off interest in tracing the ancestry of OLIVER ST. JOHN and his collaterals. Recently "The Genealogist's Magazine" contained an article on the pedigree of OLIVER, by FRANK T. SMALLWOOD (Vol 16 no 3 pp 93-6, Sept 1969), and the Friends of Lydiard Tregoze published a similar article on the family and its collaterals in its 5 Reports, especially Report 5 (1972), by CHRISTOPHER HUSSEY. Mr. SMALLWOOD is the prime mover in this Society. Our local researcher contacted Mr. SMALLWOOD but he stated that he had never found a MATTHEW or MATTHIAS ST. JOHN among the collaterals he had succeeded in locating. In the 1970 Report no 3 says that a monumental inscription at Lydiard Tregoze recorded that NICHOLAS ST. JOHN and his wife ELIZABETH BLOUNT had 3 sons and 5 daughters, namely JOHN ST. JOHN, OLIVER ST. JOHN, RICHARD ST. JOHN, ELIZABETH ST. JOHN, CATHERINE ST. JOHN, ELEANOR ST. JOHN, DOROTHEA ST. JOHN, and JANE ST. JOHN. JOHN married the dau. of Sir WALTER HUNGERFORD, Knt. and OLIVER and RICHARD were still unmarried in 1592. In Purley church, Berks , there was a monumental inscription to JANE EWARBY which mentioned MICHAEL ST. JOHN and RICHARD ST. JOHN, sons of NICHOLAS ST. JOHN, and the monumental inscription was erected by Sir JOHN ST. JOHN Bt. The article suggests that RICHARD might have been given the use of the family manor of Purley, but questions what happened to MICHAEL, whose name does not appear on the earlier monumental inscription.

The 'Victoria County History of Berkshire,' Vol III, p. 419, details the holding of Purley Magna Manor. JOAN IWARDBY, formerly wife of Sir JOHN ST. JOHN of Lydiard Tregoze, held it in 1514. She and her son JOHN settled the reversion of the estate on ELIZABETH dau. of RICHARD BLOUNT of Mapledurham for life, with remainder to JOHN'S son NICHOLAS. NICHOLAS lived there after his marriage to ELIZABETH and died seized of it in 1589. From then on it passed by direct line to his grandson WALTER, who died under age in 1597 and was succeeded by his brother JOHN (created a baronet 22 May 1611), who as at Purley in 1627. His grandson succeed him in 1648, but when he died unmarried in 1657 his heir was found to be his uncle WALTER ST. JOHN. As you can see no reference was made to RICHARD ST. JOHN who may merely have held land at Purley of one of his relations. No Court Rolls of Purley Magna have been cataloged as surviving.

The 'Alumni Oxonienses' and 'Cantabridieneses' were searched between 1580 and 1714 for any mention of RICHARD or MATTHEW ST. JOHN and although there were numerous entries of the surname and such variants as SEINJOHN no reference occurred, nor was any mention made of London, other than in connexion with OLIVER ST. JOHN of Battersea.

I visited Purley in 1999 and spoke had tea with a woman who was pointed out to me as the town historian. She knew nothing about Richard. She said that Nicholas and Elizabeth were regulars at the cout of their cousin Henry VIII. Nicholas was Sheriff of Wiltshire. They lived mostly at Purley bMagna because Eklizabeth's parents lived across the Thames a Maple Duram.