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Subject:Emiline(maiden?)/Russell Shoemaker Buncombe, NC & Cocke, TN
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Fellow researchers in Buncombe (& Madison) County, NC of these families:


Sandy Mush was on the county line of Buncombe/Madison Co.s, NC (after Madison Co was formed from part of Buncombe Co in 1851), and some members of these families were listed in censuses of Buncombe Co from 1800 (and some in Sandy Mush P.O. of Madison Co begining in 1860). Since the earliest records of Buncombe Co were destroyed by fire, the censuses are one of the very few official documents of this area, and the information I have been searching for many years for will likely have to come from surviving family records.

PLEASE HELP ME GIVE MISS EMILINE HER FULL NAME, probably of one of the surnames listed above. Also, as anyone who has been doing family history research for very long knows, there is always that one person in your family tree that eludes every possible attempt to find even their full name. Emeline (???), Mrs. Russell SHOEMAKER is the only 3rd grt grandparent of our children that I have, so far, been unable to identify by full name, including maiden names.

Her dau, named Sarah Sentha Lorena SHOEMAKER was b 1851 (near Asheville?/fam recs) in Buncombe Co, NC to Russell SHOEMAKER & Emiline (???). By 1860, she had moved with her parents to Dist 8, Cocke Co, TN. She md 1872/73 in Cocke Co, TN (early records there were also destroyed by fire) to James Alexander Keesling, by whom she had four sons. She d 1887 in Harned's Chapel area of Cocke Co, TN, and Mr Keesling md (2) Lavina Rader, who gave birth to four more sons, & they all moved to Rader, Webster, MO.

Although the identity of the Keeslings is not the main concern of this post, for some reason Mr Keesling had a son named William Samuel "Sam" by Sarah S L, and a son named William Franklin "Bill" by Lavina. "Sam" had a son Billy Wayne "Bill" ( my father-in-law), and "Bill" had a son, also named William and called "Bill".

1850 FC of Buncombe Co, NC: p240; FRISBIE, Joseph H 31 NC, Nancy (Estepp?) 30 NC, Salina 8, Abner 7, Leander 5, Lorenzo 3 & Martha 1 (ch b NC).

Same page: FRISBIE, Rachel (???, widow of John) 51 NC, LEDFORD, Mary (FRISBIE?) 32 NC, FRISBIE, Elizabeth 26, Rachel A 21, John A 18 & Andrew J 11 (ch b NC).

Same page: FRISBIE, Thomas 25 NC, Mary A (Jackson?) 29 NC, Zach T 1 NC & Jackson, N 23 NC.

p241-625; SHOEMAKER, Russell 50 NC, Emiline (???) 24 NC, ORRA (Ora) M 12, DAVID 11, ROBERT 10 (3 ch b NC to previous marriage[s] of Russell), WILLIAM H 3 NC & ZACHARIAH 1 NC. Russell was b in Iredell Co, NC, son of Thomas & Sarah (???) SHOEMAKER, and grson of John & Sarah (JARRETT) SHOEMAKER.

Same page-628: SEARATT (SURRETT), John (Sr?) 68 SC.

Same page-630: FRISBY, Sam (Samuel) 30 NC, Nancy (???) 33 NC, ORRA (Ora) 12, MALINDA 10, SOLOMON 8, ERWIN S 5 & RUSSELL 2 (ch b NC). Note ch of Sam FRISBY: one ORRA same as RUSSELL SHOEMAKER's and one named RUSSELL. Samuel was b in Buncombe Co, son of Josiah FRISBY, Sr & Elizabeth Embler.

p242-632: LEDFORD, Samuel 28 NC, Nancy (Miller?, dau of David MILLER II & Catherine WORLEY, grdau of Francis S WORLEY & wife, wife's name unknown?) 28 NC, Josiah J 6, Mary C 3 & James (N/W?) 1 (ch b NC) & LEDFORD, Mary 18 NC.

Same page: 633: WORLEY, N(athan?) R 34 NC, Cate (Catherine MILLER?, dau of David MILLER II & Catherine WORLEY, grdau of Francis S WORLEY & wife, wife's name unknown ?) 33 NC, George 14, Philip 12, Wm 9, Althia M 7, Benj F 2 (ch b NC) & LEDFORD, Obediah 25 NC. Nathan R WORLEY, son of Joseph WORLEY & wife, wife's name unknown, grson of Francis S WORLEY & wife, wife's name unknown?.

Same page: 634: LEDFORD, Wm R 30 NC, Margaret (???) 27 NC, Elizabeth 7, Nancy 6, Priscilla 4 & Obediah 6/12 (ch b NC).

Same page: LEDFORD, Enoch 21 NC, listed with another family.

There are many more FRISBY families listed on pages 199, 222, 223, 266 & 271, including p222 FRISBY, Josiah 80 SC, Elizabeth (Embler?) 70 NC, Cecilia 51 NC & FREEMAN, Matilda 22 NC. There was also, on p254, a LEDFORD, Daniel 32 NC, Rachel E (???) 25 NC, James J 7 NC & WILLIAM H 3 NC. Note ch of Daniel: one Wm H same as Russell SHOEMAKER's.

p275: LEDFORD, Isaac 51 NC, Babara (Pless?) 51 NC, ERWIN (Lee) 27, Elizabeth 21, SOLOMON 19, Mary 17, Noah 13 & Barabara A 11 (ch b NC). Note ch of Isaac: two ERWIN & SOLOMON same as Samuel FRISBY's.

Same page: LEDFORD, John 28 NC, Nancy (???) 26 NC, Wm M 9, Samuel E 6, M J Elizabeth 4, Green (B?) 2 & Daniel 1 (ch b NC).

p278: LEDFORD, Solomon 19 NC, listed with another family.

Same page-1106: SERATT (SURRETT), John, Jr (Jonathan?) 38 NC, Cazia (Kizziah WORLEY, dau of Nathan WORLEY, grdau of Francis S WORLEY & wife, wife's name unknown?) 37 NC, Margaret E 20, James 19, Henry E 18, NATHAN F 16, JOHN M 12, Harriet L 9, Esther L, DAVID 4, LORENA 2 & EMILINE 1 (ch b NC). Note ch of John/Jonathan: one Nathan same as NATHAN WORLEY; one JOHN M same as a couple of JOHN M LEDFORDs, including one JOHN M LEDFORD b 1836 NC who md Nancy E JARRETT, dau of (???) JARRETT & Elizabeth (???), and of unknown relationship to Sarah JARRETT the grmother of Russell SHOEMAKER; one DAVID same as one of Russell SHOEMKER's; one LORENA same as in Sarah Sentha LORENA SHOEMAKER (dau of Russell & EMILINE (???) SHOEMAKER) & one EMILINE same as EMILINE (???), Mrs. Russell SHOEMAKER.

There was a court case in Cocke Co, TN that involved Russell Shoemaker, and C C JONES was supposed to testify, but he had "returned to NC". Several of Francis S WORLEY's grch md members of the JONES family & at least one md a member of the CLARK family. There were CLARKs & LEDFORDs in Cocke Co, TN also, including an Obediah LEDFORD who is said to have been a son of John LEDFORD & Nancy FRISBY.

I have more on these families, but could only post an outline in hopes that someone has some of the names, including maiden names, of some of the wives whose names are shown as unknown, to me at least. Hopefully, someone out there knows. Any help will be greatly appreciated, as I have searched everywhere I know of to search, for years, and still do not have any idea what Emiline, Mrs Russell SHOEMAKER's maiden name is/was. Happy holidays, more later, Richard & Joyce (Keesling) Lawson of Niangua, MO.