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Subject:The Talbot Family in America -10th Earl of Shrewsbury
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I will give you what I have and then ask a question. Please note that during the Civil War, my ancestor had a cousin who became a horse thief. My ancestor therefore added the last "t" to show a difference, although I had relatives whom we called the "one t Talbots."

Matthew Talbot - Grandson of 10th Earl of Shrewsbury, born somewhere in Ireland, came to the Maryland Colony in 1720, May 5th or 6th. First wife - Mary Williston, 4 sons, Charles (1723-1779)- Charles was the only one born in Maryland, the rest were born in Virginia; Matthew II (1729-1812); James (1733-1777); John (1735-1795) delegate to Constitutional convention 1776, moved to Georgia.

Second wife Jane Clayton who gave him Isham (1738-1786) and Martha (1740- ? )

My family follows the line of the third born son James.
James married Elizabeth Smith in 1759. Their thildren wre Isham, James Smith, John, Williston, Nancy, Martha, Sarah, Rosa Talbot Knight, Mary, Phebe, Thomas and Matthew

My family follows the line of Williston T. Talbott (1775-1873 ?) Williston married Hester Van Mmoter Carpr 1795. They moved to east Tennessee and later moved to Kentucky. Their children were Jacob (7 children), James (11 children), Nettie (married Mr. Gillespie - 4 children), Sarah Mercee Mooreman (6 children), Mary Cooper-Thomas Zarnigin Lea (6 Children), Elizabeth - Nathaniel Cox (at least 1 child)

Our ancestor was Jacob who married Elizabeth Johnson. they had one child, Lafayette who married Molly Webb (2 children Elizabeth or Eliza and Ella) His second wife was Elizabeth Field and their children were Sallie (married Dr. Dilie Robinson), Lucy (married Wm. Ayers), Benjamine (married Susan Jewell), John (?), Murse (never married as far as we know), George (married first cousin Eliza, daughter of James)

Our ancestor was Benjamin who married Susan Jewell. Children: Harry Augustus, Jacob Christopher, Blanche Curren and Lucy who died at age 16.

My grandfather was Harry Augustus who married Nellie Jane Thomasson. Children: Susan Jewell, Sarah Louise, Evelyn, Harry Augustus II, Christopher Curren, Roblee Thomasson.

My father was Christopher Curren. born in Kentucky but his parents soon after moved to Colorado.

I'm sorry that's all I have. I do have the long toe, but I always thought that was normal. I was also born pigeon toed as was my daughter and grandson.

Now the question - I inherited the Talbot family tapestry which came from England. When the tapestry came to our family, I was told there was a story that went with it, but by the time I was old enough to ask the Aunts and Uncles didn't remember it. Does anyone know how I might find out if the tapestry is authentic and what the story is?