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Thats a good observation. On the 1789 Madison Tax list. It shows 4 George Teaters and 2 Samuels. I have tried to get a grip on this from the translater and a few Kentucky historians. was or were they taxed twice on the same list..

There was another family from the Dobbs NC also who was a George Tedder he had a brother named Thomas Tettor. Both of these brothers also had Sons named George and Thomas spelled Tettor Tedder. At least one of the Thomas Tettors was living in George Teater of Kentucky family group becuse he married there 1796 as Thomas Teater. Another one same another county went by Teterton.. . These Teaters were the line of George Tedder sr of Beaufort and Rowan county estimated as the sons of Samuel Teterton of Tyrrell who removed to Surry Virg with a son Jacob Teder appearing again in Rowan county as Teeder Teater. and with a Teeter jr.

The 3rd George Teater of Rowan Co would be the right age to have been a orphan of Capt Samuel Gibson Teater when he returned and is listed 1766 in Rowan co as Capt Teater..
During the siege of Boonesbourgh Daniel Boone wrote in his diary as my friend Capt Teater. I dont think Capt Teater sought out Boone during these troubles it was more likey Boone did not have experience in siege warfare and summoned someone tried and proved in succesfull siege warefare aginst the hostile tribes.
Since Samuel Gibson Teater did not produce children until his late 30s early 40s the 3rd George Teater in Rowan co could of been his orphan son looked after by the George Teater of Kentucky. This George Teater may have been the one who married a Esther Griffith in 1796..
I also noted in 1811 Samuel Gibson Teater signed his official signature as Teaterton but named his kids and self as Teater.

Then with a open mind consider there was a George Jeter who lived near to the Parris family 1744 he changed the spelling to Teator. His brother William Jeter also lived near to Peter Totton and Robert Parris John Porterfield who purchased George Teaters property in Washington co. Those men all lived in the old 96th SC. Yet william Jeter and brother George Jeter went for some time as Teter Teator Tetor. They are well documented in the manuscript the Jeter Mossiac as the sons of huegunot John Jeter from England. Mysterious enough as John Portefield took over the Teaters land same time another man named Jacob Jeter arrived same spot he later lived in Russell co as Jacob Teater.

The Tottons have to be completly redone the file is wrong. The Ezekiliel Totten and Benjamin Totten of West Virginia Also spelled and named themselves as Townsends as well.
Benjamin Totton was from nowhere near New York. That was another Benjamin Totton who where notorius torys deportetd to canada after the revolution. His daughter was born in the Nolichucky as was her brother Joseph Hicks Totten its a fact. They where not from New York. Its proven again another brother James was born in Ashville nc.
The Jonas Totten who lived alongside James Totten in Crawford Indiana was the from the Peter Totton line of SC and Georgia his records show he came from Georgia to Indiana not New York and there is not one document produced yet that shows he was from New York , Its merely made up myth.

George Teater sr was the bondman for John Totton and Jinney Reynolds in 1796 he was also the admistrator of John Tottons will at his death . Parris Teater and William Totton Were also named as bondmen for his orphan son John jr.
William was not listed on the POA. He was lsited as Tuton in Davidson Tenn and his sons affidavit also expained they were North Carolinians.. Also all the made up myths that Benjamin Totton was murdered 1796 is Incorrect becuse he was well and alive in 1799 Grainger Tenn and 1802 he was living right near to Jonas Griffith George Teaters in law Jackson Tenn. 1802.
Most of all the men in this line used 2 names Lockhart and Hicks. and many Portuguese names as well Gonzalva Fatima Buena Zulima ect for boys and girls..
The man named John Detter Teter ect fortunely left a will in Albemarle so there again we can write them as well as any German Alpine line out of the Samuel and George Teaters as ever being connected or named as Dieter. The point can be aurgued but there is no proof as yet either George or Samuel were of Alpine heritage and there is not one document that ever shows them as Dieter. This a fruitless thoery that some of my relatives continue to promote on this forum papers books ect. There is Biography of the Conners which George Teaters grandaughter stated her Teaters were Scotch Irish.,

I have also considered all of Samuels and George s inlaws where all Scotch Irish Mixed Indians Welsh or French Huguenots. Not one single german inlaw. Also take into consideration German Dieters did not slave oppossed to the Teaters of Kentucky being horrific slavers. Germans were not feuders whereas the Teaters of kentucky where involved some of the most noted dark and deadly feuds of Kentucky, started right in William Teaters tavern Teatersville. I lost 3 great Granparents and uncles in just one shootout.. If there were German fueding clans in Kentucky I have yet to find them.. .
Another habit of the Teaters of Kentucky is the freuquent in termixing with the Core melungeons Riddles Bolens Collins Goins Gibsons croatan Santees. The term Melungeon is not found in Kentucky as it was in Tenn yet they were the same family sometimes called the Kentucky Brown people or kentucky cherokee.. looking at the Dieters families I have not found this type of marraiges..
Robert Evans a Genealogist and Kentucky historian has noted last year that the the Teaters of kentucky in addition were social indenifable group of Dark Skinned people in additon to the Core Melungeon familes had consistant and frequent habit of inbreeding with the Rays Evans Benges Allegrees Mc querrys they were a violent people who preferred to settle matters out of court at the end of gunbarrell .Another feature is is some females had a extra fang like tooth that grew out of the gum above the extra large incisors.