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Yes its been pass the buck genealogy for the George Teater of Kentucky. This whole Dieter line was mixed up by a manuscript wiritten many yrs ago by Joseph Kellog.

Actually there was a George Jeter. A french Hueguenot son of John Jeter. This family used Teator Teter Teter as thier sur name.. George Jeter became George Teator of Fredrick co by 1744.. He had 2 brothers William and Joseph Jeter of Brunswick. William Jeter moved to the old 96thSC became William Teter. Joseph became Teater.. this is very ducumented in the Jeter Mossiac. There was also a Dieter who live at the Opequon region. He moved back to Penn and is buried there with his son John George Teter and his son John George Teter.
The sons of William Jeter Teter. Cornelios and James went thru the revolution as Tetor..
Samuel Teterton of Tyrrell married Mary Evans. He removed to Surry Virg with Benjamin and John Evans. He became Samuel Teder. His sons were Benjamin Tedder George Tedder Jacob Teder. they settled in 2 groups Rowan county and Beaufort.
By 1759 they regrouped with Benjamin Evans and Thomas Evans in Rowan co as Teater Teeder Teeter.. 2 of George Tedders sons were Thomas Tettor and George Tedder Jr settled in Dobbs with exteneded family of the Tetertons..

This the most likey the correct Teater line of George and Samuel Teater.. I noticed in 1811 Samuel Gibson Teater signed his signature as Teaterton or Teaterson.. Samuel Teater 1766 rowan co ----------- teeter, 2nd remark Capt Teeter. a Granville deed witness 1753 Samuel Teeder.
Reinstalled as Capt of the Ohio Virg rank Capt 1777.
There was A Lt Teter Fort Laurens relief mission.
There was a indentured Joshua Tetter Glass maker from Scotland 1720in Penn, They morphed into Tidder. Elizabeth Jeeter Teeter Teder Somerset MD 1660..

George Teater and Samuel Teater appear together in the Regiment with Capt Richard Pearis and his brother George Parris FT Cumberland French Indian war. George Teater is noted in Col byrds Regimant the Cherokee war. It appears he left his wife Sarah with the Pearis family between Dunkards bottom, and the Hattons area on the Crab Creek Tract.
He shows to have recived a land grant in Georgia 1764. Then appears in the South Irish colony with the Burks Shells Ingles Hattons Parris ect Crab Creeek tract 1768.
Theres also 3 Tetard familes as well. John Peter Tetard from Scotland in the Mohawk valley and Jean Pierre Tedard Huguenot Charleston. And Rev Dom John Tetard Charleston and Penn.
The Tetard line of Benjamin Tetard surgoen of Georgia. This line settled in Oho . One of them migrated with the Teaters and Tottens of KY to Obion Tenn James L Tetard - Teater..
After 40 yrs of research no one till now can show one document that either George Teater buried in Garrard KY or Samuel Gibson Teater buried on the Mcdonald farm Ohio ever spelled or signed thier name Dieter Deiter Detter ect.
Both of them had no German inlaws German scripts or any German personalities attched to thier notes.
We do have the statement of George Teaters grandaughter that the Kentucky Teaters were Scotch Irish..
The George Teter mentined by Jeff carr signed his will in German script. the George Teater of Kentucky has the Elizabethan script of [YE] on his headstone..
90% of George Teaters inlaws cmae from Rowan co NC to Virg ky all were, English Welsh French Huguenot 4 th genration Low Dutch Melungeons..
Samuel Teaters inlaws were all English and Scotch Irish. Hes noted history of the English Scotch Irish settlement of Buffalo Creek as one of the military commanders of several of the Forts there..
In 1783 there appeared a Jaob Jeter on the Bakers tract in Washington co Virg. same place where the George Teater of Kentucky formerly lived. later he is known as Jacob Teater in Russell co.
There was also a John Teeter related to the funkhausers intermarried to a french speaking family the Tuneys.notes
indicates they came down from the Shanadoah to Washington co settled in the region now known as Lee co. notes show they were French speaking Swiss..
Archor Worley noted as Indian trader 1st settler of Juanita River son Joseph worley was Samuel Teaters brother Inlaw. Archor Worley appears to had a Brother in Tyrrell NC Col John Worley a inlaw of William Teterton Elizabeth Gibson.. William Teterton left a will but noted he children, but not named. He was the younger brother of Samuel Teterton who begat the Rowan co Teaters and Dobbs co Tettors..

I know we hashed the Gov Campbell notes in the past but he said the German Teters came after 1783. he noted George Teater as Tutor a early Presbyterian. the German Dieters Teters were Lutherans..
DNA tests of the line of Thomas Teater of Madison Kentucky show I 1b haplogrpup type. DNA of Teter Dieter Hinkles is R1b1.
No relation by scientific eveidence.
The DNA results of George Teaters inlaws show Ray G2, Poe J2 Reynolds E3A Parris E3A Griffiths J2. These are all nothern African types Berber Moorish Medeterianian Sub Saharan. thru Iberia into Ireland Wales..
Jeff Carr implied the Teters of Frederick co migrated West implying this was the George Teater of Washington Co and KY.
This is incorrect. there was Dieter family of Loudon whos children were born after 1740. This line split to Albemarle and Meckenlunberg NC.. The edlest left a will in Albemarle again no relation to George Teater or Samuel Teater.