Posted By:Cynthia Elledge Snider
Post Date:November 18, 2000 at 07:24:40
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Thanks for reminding me!I am just now getting back into the Thornburgh work and haven't added anything for over a year while I finished the Elledge book. I will have to reorient myself to just which Thornburghs I do have in my data base. Somewhere in my downstairs, now not used, computer, I have the original data that I put there on the Thornburghs, but still do not have many of them in the computer. When my cousin, Frank Ford, gets back Monday, I will have him dig into my "hidden" data in the old computer and see what I come up with on the Thornburghs. I have made three trips to England to research my various lines including Thornburgh. From there I brought back many pages from many of their collections and have not even looked at them since, but will do so beginning the day after Thanksgiving when I am having guests for dinner! Where do you live? Are you anywhere near Maryland? I have two legal size file drawers full of Thornburgh data plus the entire contents of Dr. Fahy's research and just have to get at getting it all put in computer so I can print it out. Dr. Fahy, as I think I mentioned, gave me his research when he knew he was going to die, and die he did a few weeks later. I suppose that if I had your snail mail address, I could mail you a copy of what I have from him. Would that be a start to help? In the meantime, I have to wait for my computer literate son or cousin to dig my Thornburgh data out of the old computer and put it into the new that can be printed. More later. Cynthia