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While I'm not doing research on either the Malsberger or Yahn families, I do have some information from a headstone reading a friend and I did of the older section of the Pottstown Cemetery. Here are the Malsbergers we found there and some additional information [in brackets] that we've found on the burials. There are likely more Malsbergers in the newer section of the Pottstown Cemetery, that I have no information on.

Malsbergers at Pottstown Cemetery East (Old Section), Pottstown, PA

MALSBERGER, Jacob (d.1883)
MALSBERGER, Mary Ann (d.1917) M.A.M
[Montgomery Ledger-Oct. 16, 1883 Obituary, Jacob Malsberger, no age given]

STORB Monument - M.E.S.
(1) STORB, Mary E. (1860-1863)
(2) STORB, Albert (1826-1910)
(3) STORB, Anna E. w/o Albert STORB (1829-1907) [Pottstown Daily News April 15, 1907, Anna E. Storb wife of Albert Storb for 57 years, daughter of John and Mary Malsberger, age 77 years 4 months 3 days.]
(4) STORB, Grace (1853-1936)

M., Ruth [balance unreadable]
MALSBERGER, Martha H. d/o Henry & Mary MALSBERFER (b.1-29-1849 d.10-19-1856)
[Unreadable] Harry M. [balance unreadable, possible child stone]
[Unreadable], Edgar [balance unreadable, possible child stone]

MALSBERGER, Henry (b.6-9-1825 d.1-20-1895)
MALSBERGER, Mary w/o Henry MALSBERGER (b.3-6-1823 d.3-3-1892)

MALSBERGER, Belle J. (b.9-13-1854 d.12-16-1911)
MALSBERGER, Edgar H. s/o ? & Belle J. MALSBERGER (b.4-7-1882 d.9-28-1888) age 6-5-21 [There is a stone laying face down in front of this stone]

MALSBERGER, Horace G. s/o Joseph & Elizabeth A. MALSBERGER (b.7-27-1865 d.5-28-1885) age 19-10-1

MALSBERGER, Charles G. (b.?-?-?? d. 3-5-1861) [LDS (MALSBERGER, Charles G. (b.1-30-1881 d. 3-5-1881)
MALSBERGER, Lilly M. [balance unreadable] [LDS MALSBERGER, Lilly M. (b.7---1874 d. no date given)] [Montgomery Ledger January 18, 1876 Deaths, Lillie May Malsberger, on the 13th, d/o Charleds and Rebecca Malsberger, age 3 months 12 days]
MALSBERGER, Emma G. [balance unreadable] [Latter Day Saints Burial List b. 6-1-1872 d. 11-12-1873]

MALSBERGER, Joseph D. (b.9-12-1836 d.12-13-1914) [LDS s/o Joseph & Judith MALSBERGER, h/o Elizabreth MALSBERGER]
MALSBERGER, Elizabeth A. (b.11-24-1845 d.6-7-1919) [LDS w/o Joseph D. MALSBERGER]
MALSBERGER, Joseph (b.8-15-1809 d.5-2-1875) age 65-9-16 [LDS h/o Judtih MALSBERGER]
MALSBERGER, Judith w/o Joseph MALSBERGER (b.10-6-1814 d.9-8-1879) age 65-11-2

MALSBERGER, Charles (b.5-12-1835 d.12-11-1884) age 49-6-29 [military, flag, with Civil War marker] [DVA-Norristown, MALSBERGER, Charles (b.5-12-1835 d.12-11-1884) PL 24, Lot 4, Civil War veteran, enlistment and discharge unknown, Co. L 6 PA Cav., Pvt. Bates Vol. 2, p. 781]
MALSBERGER, Rebecca (b.7-20-1845 d. 8-11-1907) [LDS w/o Charles MALSBERGER]
MALSBERGER, Howard (b.12-2-1876 d.5-14-1898) age 21-5-2 [military, 2 flags with 2 markers, United Navy/Army USA 1888-1902 and a green four leaf clover, 1876-1898, Howard MALSBERGER, private Co. A. 6 Reg. 1898 P.V.I.] [DVA-Norristown, MALSBERGER, Howard (b.12-2-1876 d.5-14-1898) PL 24, Lot 4, SPAM veteran, enlisted 5-12-1898 died two days later 5-14-1898, Co. A 6 Regt. PA, Pvt.] [LDS s/o Charles & Rebecca MALSBERGER]

Betty Burdan