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Burnley area 1841 census/Moorhouse
Posted by: Mark E. Moorhouse Date: July 14, 2000 at 05:03:24
In Reply to: Re: Rev James Moorhouse m Grace Riley by alan moorhouse of 307

Burnley, Lancashire area 1841 census.
Try downloading to .doc type file to regain format.

1841: June 6th 1841

A. Arranged by area:
Note that adult ages are rounded down to the nearest 5 yrs in many cases in 1841 census
X = on 1851 census
Entries show: Address
Name............Occupation...............Age......Whether born in county .. approx birth date

1. Altham Film# 306895

No Moorhouse entries

2. Burnley Film#306895

a. Pilling Field

James Moorhouse Carpenter J(ourneyman) 30 No c1807-11
Elisabeth Moorhouse 30 No c1807-11
Mary Moorhouse 7 No c 1834
Robert Moorhouse 6 No c 1835
Ann Moorhouse 4 No c1837
Henry Moorhouse 1 Yes c1840*1
Harriott Moorhouse 1 month Yes Apr/May 1841*
Ann Ilingsby Independent 54 No c 1787

b. Pilling Field

John Moorhouse Labourer 27 Yes c 1814
Ann Moorhouse 20 Yes c 1817-21
Rosannah Moorhouse 8 months Yes Sep/Oct 1840

c. Yorkshire Street

Robert Moorhouse Carpenter 30 No Bingley Yks c1807-11
Martha Moorhouse 25 No c1812-16

d. James Street

William Low Grocer 25
Ann Low 20
Henry Moorhouse Grocer's apprentice 14 No c 1827

e. Calders Street

William Moorhouse Potter 25 Yes c1812-16
Ellin Moorhouse 25 Yes c1812-16
John Moorhouse 5 Yes c1836
Dinah Moorhouse 3 Yes c1838
Alice Moorhouse 1 Yes c1840
Moorhouse (illegible surname possibly Smith or N...sth) Hatter 25

f. Right Green

Jn. Morehouse Taylor 35 Yes c 1802-06
Alice Morehouse Wife 35 Yes c 1802-06
Dorithy Morehouse Weaver 15 Yes c1822-26
William Morehouse Weaver 12 Yes c1829
Elizabeth Morehouse 5 Yes c 1836

3. Colne

4.Habergham Eaves Film#306897

a. New Town

Alice Moorhouse 65 Yes 1772-76
Richard Moorhouse Calico printer 30 Yes 1807-11
James Moorhouse 20 Yes 1817-21
Ormerod Moorhouse 20 Yes 1817-21

b. Meadows

William and Beatrice Bradley and family
Beatrice Moorehouse 35 Yes 1802-06
Robert Moorehouse 11 Yes c1830
Rebecca Moorehouse Cotton weaver 20 Yes c1821

c. Walters Rinnel House

John Eastwood and Family
Mary Moorehouse F S (? family servant?) 64 Yes c1777

d. Rose Grove

Robert Moorhouse Cotton weaver 25 Yes 1812-16
Ann Moorhouse Cotton rover 25 Yes 1812-16

e. Lower House

John Moorhouse Watchman 45 Yes 1792-96
Rachael Moorhouse 20 Yes 1817-21
Elizabeth Moorhouse Cotton Drawer 20 Yes 1817-21
Moses Moorhouse 14 Yes c1827
Sarah Moorhouse 10 Yes c1831

James Moorhouse 25 Yes 1812-1816
Catherine Moorhouse 20 Yes 1817-21

f. Cheapside

George Moorhouse Cotton Mill 59 yes c1782
Alice Moorhouse 59 yes c1782
George Moorhouse Cotton Mill 22 yes c1819
William Moorhouse Cotton Mill 16 yes c1825

g. Lane Side

Joseph Moorhouse Ag Labourer 52 yes c1789
Sophia Moorhouse 47 yes c1794
Mary Moorhouse Cotton piecer 15 yes 1822-26
John Moorhouse Engraver apprentice 15 yes 1822-26
William Moorhouse Print works 13 yes c1828
James Moorhouse 11 yes c1830

h. The Barracks

Thomas Moorhouse? Army 20 Ireland c1821

5. Hapton Film#306897

a. Top of Barlow

Roger Moorhouse Agric. labourer 45 Yes 1792-96
Ann Moorhouse 40 Yes 1797-1801
John Moorhouse 5 Yes c1836
Richard Moorhouse 2 Yes c1839
Ann Moorhouse 9 months yes c Sep 1840

b. Higher Shuttlworth

William Moorhouse Agric. labourer 30 Yes 1807-11
Elizabeth Moorhouse 25 Yes 1812-16
Mary Moorhouse 4 Yes c 1837
Robert Moorhouse 1 Yes c1840

c. Bentley Wood Green Nook

Thomas Moorhouse Agric. labourer 55 yes 1782-86
Ann Moorhouse 50 yes 1787-91X
Sarah Moorhouse 25 yes 1812-16
Robert Moorhouse 20 yes 1817-21
William Moorhouse 20 yes 1817-21
Thomas Moorhouse 15 yes 1822-26

d. Wilkinson Fold

William Moorhouse Cotton weaver 55 yes 1782-86
Mary Moorhouse 55 yes 1782-86
Mary Moorhouse 30 yes 1807-11
Betty Moorhouse 15 yes 1822-26
John Moorhouse 15 yes 1822-26
James Moorhouse 2 yes c1839

6. Padiham Film#306898

a. Old Road, Padiham

John Moorhouse Innkeeper 33 Yes c1808
Elizabeth Moorhouse 32 Yes c1809
William Moorhouse 13 Yes c1828
George Moorhouse 11 Yes c1830
James Moorhouse 9 Yes c1832
Thomas Moorhouse 7 Yes c1834
Robert Moorhouse 5 Yes c1836
Martha Moorhouse 3 Yes c1838*
Henry Moorhouse 8 months Yes Oct/Nov 1840*

b. Parson Croft, Padiham

William Clarkson Cotton Spinner 60 Yes
Susanna Clarkson 60 Yes
Mary Clarkson 40 Yes
Maria Bolton 35 Yes
Admiral Moorhouse 8 Yes c1833X

c. Parson Croft, Padiham

James ? Law (possibly misread for Thos.) labourer 40 Yes
Mary Law (ex Moorhouse) 35 Yes
Nancy Law cotton weaver 23 Yes
Elizabeth Law cotton weaver 20 Yes
William Law 3 Yes
James Law 1 Yes
Elizabeth Moorhouse cotton worker 15 Yes c1826

d. Parson Croft, Padiham

Robert Moorhouse labourer 30 Yes 1807-11
Susanna Moorhouse 30 Yes 1807-11
William Moorhouse 12 Yes c1829
Nancy Moorhouse 4 Yes c1837
Susanna (Brotherton)Moorhouse 9 months Yes Aug/Sep 1840*

e. Parson Croft, Padiham

George Moorhouse warper 26 Yes c1815
Mary Moorhouse 24 Yes c1817
Rodger Moorhouse 2 Yes c1839*
James Moorhouse 6 months Yes Dec1840/Jan 1841*

f. John Street, Padiham

James Moorhouse Cotton Worker 71 Yes c1770
Sarah Moorhouse 66 Yes c1775
Mary Moorhouse 30 Yes 1806-11
Enoch Bailey (grandson) 7 Yes

g. School Lane, Padiham

James Moorehouse Power loom weaver 20 Yes 1816-21
Dinah Moorehouse 20 Yes 1816-21
Nancy Moorehouse 3 Yes c1838*
Theophilus Moorehouse 1 Yes c1840*

h. Old Chapel, Padiham

Roger Moorhouse Independent 70 Yes 1766-71
Mary Moorhouse 57 Yes
William (Howarth?) Cotton Warper 33
Alice (........rath?) Cotton Warper 14
Hannah Harrison? Cotton Warper 20?

i. Old Chapel, Padiham

William Moorhouse Weaver 50 Yes 1786-91
Nancy Moorhouse 50 Yes 1786-91
Alice Moorhouse 19 Yes c1822
Whitehead Moorhouse 14 Yes c1827
Sarah Moorhouse 12 Yes c1829

j. Northwood (nr Padiham)

Mary Moorhouse Farmer 68 Yes c1773
Abraham Moorhouse Ag. labourer 32 Yes c1809X
Ann Moorhouse 32 Yes c1809X
Sarah Moorhouse 30 Yes c1811
Henry Moorhouse Ag. labourer 28 Yes c1813
Jane Moorhouse 25 Yes c1816
James Moorhouse Ag. labourer 20 Yes c1821
William Forrest Ag. labourer 18 Yes

k. Cobstars (nr Padiham)

Lawrance Moorhouse farmer 35 Yes c1822-26
Ann Moorhouse 35 Yes c1822-26
Isable Moorhouse 8 Yes c1833
Maryann Moorhouse 5 Yes c1836
John Moorhouse 1 month Yes cMay 1841*
James Marsden Ag. labourer 15 Yes

l. Lightside (Padiham area)

Mary Moorhous farmer 40 Yes 1796-1801
Richard Moorhous farmer 20 Yes 1816-1821*
Edward Moorhous farmer 13 Yes c1828

7. Read Film#306898

a. Read

James Wade (and family)
Adam and James Ormerod
Samuel Moorhouse 5 Yes c1836

8. Sabden Film#306898

a. Long Row Sabden

Francis Moorhouse Machine man 55 Yes 1886-91
Mary Moorhouse 49 Yes c1792
Ann Moorhouse 25 Yes c1816
Richard Moorhouse Printer J(ourneyman) 22 Yes c1818
George Moorhouse Printer J " 20 Yes c1821
Samuel Moorhouse Printer J " 15 Yes c1826
John Moorhouse Fearer? possibly Teaser 12 Yes c1829
(Jonathan Ratcliff and family in same house)

b. Crab Tree Row Sabden

George Moorhouse Printer 40 Yes 1796-1801
Ann Moorhouse 40 Yes 1796-1801X
Alice Moorhouse Plater 17 Yes c1824X
Ann Moorhouse Fearer? possibly Teaser 15 Yes c1826X
Jane Moorhouse Fearer " " 10 Yes c1831
Marinda Moorhouse 7 Yes c1834
George Moorhouse 1 Yes c1840
Mary Moorhouse 3 Yes c1838
Elizabeth Moorhouse 3 Yes c1838
(Family at Wiswell 1851)

c. Crab Tree Row Sabden

James Moorhouse Printer J(ourneyman) 36 Yes c1805
Betty Moorhouse 33 Yes c1808X
Samuel Moorhouse Fearer? maybe Teaser 11 Yes c1830
William Moorhouse Fearer " " 10 Yes c1831
Margret Moorhouse 7 Yes c1834
Ann Moorhouse 3 Yes c1838X
Denis Moorhouse 11 months Yes cMay 1840

B. Alphabetic index:
Note that adult ages are rounded down to the nearest 5 yrs in many cases in 1841 census.

Name Age Place & Address ref.

Abraham Moorhouse 32 Padiham 6j
Admiral Moorhouse 8 Padiham 6b
Alice Moorhouse 65 Habergham Eaves 4a
Alice Moorhouse 59 Habergham Eaves 4f
Alice Morehouse 35 Burnley 2f
Alice Moorhouse 19 Padiham 6i
Alice Moorhouse 17 Sabden 6b
Alice Moorhouse 1 Burnley 2e
Ann Moorhouse 50 Hapton 5c
Ann Moorhouse 40 Hapton 5a
Ann Moorhouse 40 Sabden 8b
Ann Moorhouse 35 Padiham 6k
Ann Moorhouse 32 Padiham 6j
Ann Moorhouse 25 Habergham Eaves 4d
Ann Moorhouse 25 Sabden 8a
Ann Moorhouse 20 Burnley 2b
Ann Moorhouse 15 Sabden 8b
Ann Moorhouse 4 Burnley 2b
Ann Moorhouse 3 Sabden 8c
Ann Moorhouse 9 mnths Hapton 5a
Beatrice Moorehouse 35 Habergham Eaves 4b
Betty Moorhouse 33 Sabden 8c
Betty Moorhouse 15 Hapton 5d
Catherine Moorhouse 20 Habergham eaves 4e
Denis Moorhouse 11 mnths Sabden 8c
Dinah Moorehouse 20 Padiham 6g
Dinah Moorhouse 3 Burnley 2e
Dorithy Morehouse 15 Burnley 2f
Edward Moorhous 13 Padiham 6l
Elisabeth Moorhouse 30 Burnley 2b
Elizabeth Moorhouse 32 Padiham 6a
Elizabeth Moorhouse 25 Hapton 5b
Elizabeth Moorhouse 20 Habergham Eaves 4e
Elizabeth Moorhouse 15 Padiham 6c
Elizabeth Morehouse 5 Burnley 2f
Elizabeth Moorhouse 3 Sabden 8b
Ellin Moorhouse 25 Burnley 2e
Francis Moorhouse 55 Sabden 8a
George Moorhouse 59 Habergham Eaves 4f
George Moorhouse 40 Sabden 8b
George Moorhouse 26 Padiham 6e
George Moorhouse 22 Habergham Eaves 4f
George Moorhouse 20 Sabden 8a
George Moorhouse 11 Padiham 6a
George Moorhouse 1 Sabden 8b
Harriot Moorhouse 1 mnth Burnley 2b
Henry Moorhouse 28 Padiham 6j
Henry Moorhouse 14 Burnley 2d
Henry Moorhouse 8 mnths Padiham 6a
Isable Moorhouse 8 Padiham 6k
James Moorhouse 71 Padiham 6f
James Moorhouse 36 Sabden 8c
James Moorhouse 30 Burnley 2a
James Moorhouse 25 Habergham Eaves 4e
James Moorhouse 20 Habergham Eaves 4a
James Moorehouse 20 Padiham 6g
James Moorhouse 20 Padiham 6j
James Moorhouse 11 Habergham Eaves 4g
James Moorhouse 9 Padiham 6a
James Moorhouse 2 Hapton 5d
James Moorhouse 6 mnths Padiham 6e
Jane Moorhouse 25 Padiham 6j
Jane Moorhouse 10 Sabden 8b
John Moorhouse 45 Habergham Eaves 4e
John Moorhouse 33 Padiham 6a
John Moorhouse 27 Burnley 2b
John Moorhouse 15 Habergham Eaves 4g
John Moorhouse 15 Hapton 5d
John Moorhouse 12 Sabden 8a
John Moorhouse 5 Burnley 2e
John Moorhouse 5 Hapton 5a
John Moorhouse 1 mnth Padiham 6k
Joseph Moorhouse 52 Habergham Eaves 4g
Jn Morehouse 35 Burnley 2f
Lawrance Moorhouse 35 Padiham 6k
Margret Moorhouse 7 Sabden 8c
Marinda Moorhouse 7 Sabden 8b
Martha Moorhouse 25 Burnley 2c
Martha Moorhouse 3 Padiham 6a
Mary Moorhouse 68 Padiham 6j
Mary Moorehouse 64 Habergham Eaves 4c
Mary Moorhouse 57 Padiham 6h
Mary Moorhouse 55 Hapton 5d
Mary Moorhouse 49 Sabden 8a
Mary Moorhous 40 Padiham 6l
Mary Moorhouse 30 Hapton 5d
Mary Moorhouse 30 Padiham 6f
Mary Moorhouse 24 Padiham 6e
Mary Moorhouse 15 Habergham Eaves 4g
Mary Moorhouse 7 Burnley 2b
Mary Moorhouse 4 Hapton 5b
Mary Moorhouse 3 Sabden 8b
Maryann Moorhouse 5 Padiham 6k
Moses Moorhouse 14 Habergham Eaves 4e
Nancy Moorhouse 50 Padiham 6i
Nancy Moorhouse 4 Padiham 6d
Nancy Moorehouse 3 Padiham 6g
Ormerod Moorhouse 20 Habergham Eaves 4a
Rachael Moorhouse 20 Habergham Eaves 4e
Rebecca Moorehouse 20 Habergham Eaves 4b
Richard Moorhouse 30 Habergham Eaves 4a
Richard Moorhouse 22 Sabden 8a
Richard Moorhous 20 Padiham 6l
Richard Moorhouse 2 Hapton 5a
Robert Moorhouse 30 Padiham 6d
Robert Moorhouse 30 Burnley 2c
Robert Moorhouse 25 Habergham Eaves 4d
Robert Moorhouse 20 Hapton 5c
Robert Moorehouse 11 Habergham Eaves 4b
Robert Moorhouse 6 Burnley 2b
Robert Moorhouse 5 Padiham 6a
Robert Moorhouse 1 Hapton 5b
Rodger Moorhouse 2 Padiham 6e
Roger Moorhouse 70 Padiham 6h
Roger Moorhouse 45 Hapton 5a
Rosannah Moorhouse 8 mnths Burnley 2b
Samuel Moorhouse 15 Sabden 8a
Samuel Moorhouse 11 Sabden 8c
Samuel Moorhouse 5 Read 7a
Sarah Moorhouse 66 Padiham 6f
Sarah Moorhouse 30 Padiham 6j
Sarah Moorhouse 12 Padiham 6i
Sarah Moorhouse 10 Habergham Eaves 4e
Sarah Moorhouse 25 Hapton 5c
Sophia Moorhouse 47 Habergham Eaves 4g
Susanna Moorhouse 30 Padiham 6d
Susanna Moorhouse 9 mnths Padiham 6d
Theophilus Moorehouse 1 Padiham 6g
Thomas Moorhouse 55 Hapton 5c
Thomas Moorhouse 20 Habergham Eaves 4h
Thomas Moorhouse 15 Hapton 5c
Thomas Moorhouse 7 Padiham 6a
Whitehead Moorhouse 14 Padiham 6i
William Moorhouse 55 Hapton 5d
William Moorhouse 50 Padiham 6i
William Moorhouse 30 Hapton 5b
William Moorhouse 25 Burnley 2e
William Moorhouse 20 Hapton 5c
William Moorhouse 16 Habergham Eaves 4f
William Moorhouse 13 Habergham Eaves 4g
William Moorhouse 13 Padiham 6a
William Morehouse 12 Burnley 2f
William Moorhouse 12 Padiham 6d
William Moorhouse 10 Sabden 8c

Hello Alan,
I find the 1841 census difficult to read also. To the best of my ability I have copied the Moorhouse entries and indexed them. Posted it here to assist other researchers. Thought you might like a copy.
I have 1851 for same area also ready to send. And am currently preparing 1861 or at least what I have of it on hand. Just say the word and I'll get them onto the forum page too. Cheers Mark


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